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  1. I run the game on very High and frame rate automatic.. its runs perfect to be fair and with about 6 leagues running at the same time the game speed is incredible.. I never said the game wasn't running well or was it slow, or that i spent a lot of money.. i just said these are my specs surely the games 3d rating would be better.. Also On very high I'm pretty impressed with the ME.. its definitely stepped up a lot this series. Anyway been an interesting debate, in conclusion i think the ratings are flawed as previously stated and maybe is just a guidance as this mac is running everything at its absolute maximum with no problems at all while mirroring and streaming tv and playing music at the same time.. try that on a high end gaming windows laptop x
  2. These are the specs of my new Macbook Pro 2.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 Turbo Boost up to 3.7GHz 16GB 1600MHz memory 512GB PCIe-based flash storage Intel Iris Pro Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M with 2GB GDDR5 memory Surely This can't be right? albeit a slightly faster intel this is literally the highest spec apple are offering online... 2 & Half star rating?
  3. yer had to closed down my laptop, so lost a month!, was normally set to save weekly but as I've deleted preferences for other reasons recently ive forgot to check the setting..
  4. yes, i changed the preference back to standard fm dark skin, but nothing happened
  5. the games finished it says 90r as in result but for some reason i cant end match or continue, the only thing i can see is its also stuck on cancel pending changes. but they have been made the game thinks its still playing but wont play . please help
  6. I've had enough of crash dumps.... the game being slow, lagging jittery Match Engines, rubbish AI, and even settings not working.. because the game is so inconsistent the one thing i hate is going back which crash dumps etc cause, I have it set to save weekly so worse case scenario I go back a week which is kind of bearable albeit annoying especially when you've just had a really good win. or if u lost you do it again and win but just doesn't feel right, feels like cheating.. but now the last few times a crash has happened I've gone back nearly a month. now that a good couple of hours of game time wasted, is there any particular reason is hasn't saved? do i now need to manually save it weekly to be sure.. everything about the game is wasted time waiting loading and crashing and redoing stuff.. its a simulation game not call of duty or WOW so why is it soo hard to have a smooth match engine? I've been playing this game since i dunno Artari or whatever it was in 92 and it just gets worse every year always problems always on edge having to save all the time go back restart. what do i need to get a state of the art laptop to play one £30 simulation game? of which I'm unable to play properly, 1 league small database - just so its a decent speed! ARGGGGHHHHH, literally soo annoyed now cant be assed!! I have never had to post or browse these forums as much as I have for this game another waste of time just trying to find and fix problems! RANT OVER
  7. This is the only game, i play. It has also happened occasionally with watching tv online for example sky go..
  8. 15 minutes then it ended was that the correct one?
  9. ive download this tool, what exactly do u want me to do and what am i looking for? burn in score 431 pts ...?
  10. 1366 x 768 and I normally run the game on its own, only process should be what the computer is just running? I run the laptop on high performance as well Im not sure if this is relevant but this also generally happens with my laptop, I have a Toshiba satellite a500-17x. While playing games it would suddenly restart the laptop. I just want to point out something; my graphics card driver is up to date. My air vents are completely clear. The temperature is stable. I have put the power management to maximum. I play with a battery in and the laptop is plugged in. This has also happened from a cold start. During the restart i am given no advanced warning. The laptop just turns off (no beeps, no blue screen) and restarts.
  11. the whole league scored 191 corners.. is this normal seems very high, like I said in previous post, its seems every other goals is from a corner to the near post.. also this may be a bug but the young players of the year the top 3 players were 24 years old ?? i would post screen shots but this forum never lets me uploads pics
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