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  1. I've hollidayed a season(with the latest "Moukoko" update) with Dortmund. On hollidaying i've set: After a full season holliday we played 34 bundesliga matches 3 things are weird. None of the bench players made a minute: - So there where no changes during a match - The first eleven don't have any injuries in a season?(Jadon Sancho was injured from 19-3; but played the matches during his injury and wasn't subbed during the match he got the injury) - Despite 4 players with yellow cards causing a total of one match ban, 1 player with total of 2 matches ban and 1 player with
  2. If there is a penalty check, the screen of the penalty check stays to long. The screen says penalty awarded, and behind the screen the penalty is already taken, and you can't see the penalty.
  3. If there is a goal check on offside, the goal is always dissallowed.. Not even once is the goal allowed. If you see the screen you know it will be dissallowed.
  4. I play with PSV Eindhoven.. Played 11 games in the Eredivisie. 9 win, 1 drew(NEC) and 1 loss(Heerenveen). Win against Feyenoord(2-0). Scored 19 goals and only conceded 4 goals. Number 2 AZ is 7 points behind me In Champions League i draw a poule with Manchester United, Olympique Marseille and Fiorentina. Started with a 1-0 win against Fiorentina. Loss 1-4 against ManU, 1-1 and 0-3 loss against Marseille. In Dutch Cup two easy games. 5-0 against the reserves of Ajax and 3-1 against first divisions FC Eindhoven
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