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  1. uploaded as: Frederik van Dam - Ludogorets - Norway.fmt
  2. I've got this guy on my payroll. But not in my selection Impossible to promote or demote from/to second team
  3. I play with FC Andorra and promoted to the primera. The rule is that u must have a stadium of 15.000, My "Camp d'Esports Prada de Moles" has 1.221 seats. You have 2 years to get a stadium 15.000 places. After 2 seasons of avoiding relegation i got the message that because of "Camp d'Esports Prada de Moles" does not meet the minimum requirements we're renting "Camp d'Esports Prada de Moles" with 1.221 seats. So i leave my stadium to rent my stadium, but still not meeting the requirements? Don't know if it's important but started the game in Beta.
  4. Uploaded as "Fridays - PSV.fmt" In 1st season RKC Waalwijk played 15 times on Friday. In season 2 TOP Oss plays 14 times on friday.
  5. Played Inter twice already? What were you results? Because results between teams is more important than goal difference.
  6. From Holland Ajax and PSV both reached group stage of the Champions League. They are the only 2 from Holland. This means in real life that one is in poule A to D and the other in E to H. In my game PSV is in group F and Ajax in G, meaning they play on the same day. The problems are with more countries. All 4 Italians are in A to D.
  7. The Eredivisie plays matches on friday. In my game(Touch) clubs like Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord, FC Utrecht and AZ did not play on friday in season 1. RKC Waalwijk will play 15!! matches on friday, Sparta, FC Emmen and VVV-Venlo had also more than 5 games on friday. I think it must be more spread.
  8. Playing PSV i got the message "Dumfries and Janssen set for Abe Lenstra stadion reunion" stating that "The wing-backplayed under Jansen for 11 months after he was brought to the club by the It Fean boss". Looking at the history of Johnny Jansen it says he was manager of sc Heerenveen from 21-10-2015 till now. But in real life he is manager since start of 2019-2020, and managed last five games of last season as Interim manager. Before that time he was the assistent manager. In the season of Dumfries Jurgen Streppel was the manager with Jansen as assistent. In game Johnny Jansen is born 25-
  9. When i try to schedule a Exhibition Tour the screen where you choose a country only shows the continent of the countries but not the country names.
  10. I've invited an club for an exhibition match and they accepted it. Get an news item the match is accepted, but there is no team name shown in the news message.
  11. Playing with this tactic at FC Andorra in the Regional Division in Spain. After 9 games i've got 13 points. Prediction is Champion. At home i've got 1 point so far. One draw and 4 lose. Away i've won al the 4 games. At home the problem is scoring the goals.
  12. I play with PSV Eindhoven.. Played 11 games in the Eredivisie. 9 win, 1 drew(NEC) and 1 loss(Heerenveen). Win against Feyenoord(2-0). Scored 19 goals and only conceded 4 goals. Number 2 AZ is 7 points behind me In Champions League i draw a poule with Manchester United, Olympique Marseille and Fiorentina. Started with a 1-0 win against Fiorentina. Loss 1-4 against ManU, 1-1 and 0-3 loss against Marseille. In Dutch Cup two easy games. 5-0 against the reserves of Ajax and 3-1 against first divisions FC Eindhoven
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