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  1. When i try to schedule a Exhibition Tour the screen where you choose a country only shows the continent of the countries but not the country names.
  2. I've invited an club for an exhibition match and they accepted it. Get an news item the match is accepted, but there is no team name shown in the news message.
  3. Playing with this tactic at FC Andorra in the Regional Division in Spain. After 9 games i've got 13 points. Prediction is Champion. At home i've got 1 point so far. One draw and 4 lose. Away i've won al the 4 games. At home the problem is scoring the goals.
  4. Stadium capacity

    It is the Santa Coloma stadium in Andorra. The stadium is build in 2014, and i've asked for extension because the capacity was 3100 and there are only 794 seats. So in European matches(reached 2 times groupstage EL and 1 time groupstage CL) there are only place for 794 places. But after expansion there are 50 less capicity and the seats are the same as before the extension..
  5. What does: Capacity: 4765 (794 seated) (3058 capacity used in regular matches) exactelly means?
  6. Wonder Goals

    Nice shot for a player with 7 on Long Shots: [video=youtube;zBgbleFb2hs]
  7. I use this tactic at Annan in the Scottish Third Division. In the first 10 games of the season i've said to the players that they can win the match.. The results were average and Annan are around the predicted 8th position. After this i've said before each match "For the fans", the results get better and better. I've finished at the 3th position and won promotion after the play-offs. For the first season in the Second Divsion i've only bougth a new goalkeeper and loaned a striker. After 3 matches i'm number 1 with 9 points
  8. Surviving groupstage with Icelandic club FH in FM2010
  9. Using one of the 442 107points tactic in first season at Palmeiras. Won the Championship of Sao Paulo(first in competitie, beat Santos in semi's(3-2 loss and 6-1 win) and beat Sao Paulo in finals(1-1 and 3-2 wins)) and the Copa Libertadores(losing first finale game with 4-1 from River Plate, second game 4-1 after 90 minutes, 5-2 after 120 minutes, wins at penaltys). It's almost sure that i will finish 3rd in the Brazilian First Division(behind Internacional and Sao Paulo). Keirrison played 49 games scoring 53 goals and 8 assists. Nelson Cuevas played 53 games scoring 19 goals and 12 assists. Marquinhos played 51 games scoring 12 goals and 19 assists. Just played 73 games, 52 wins, 13 draws, 8 losses. 168 goals and 55 against. 4 games in first division to go and must play the World Club Championships.
  10. I'm playing with PSV with the 104points 41221 tactic. The problem is scoring goals.. In 5 games i've scored 6 goals, but only in the first and second match... Feyenoord 2-3(10 shots, 5 on goal) NEC 4-2(14, 6) Volendam 0-0(13,4) Celtic 0-2(18,5) Vitesse 0-1(19,5) Against Vitesse i've got the most of the chances but Vitesse the only goal.
  11. I play with PSV Eindhoven.. Played 11 games in the Eredivisie. 9 win, 1 drew(NEC) and 1 loss(Heerenveen). Win against Feyenoord(2-0). Scored 19 goals and only conceded 4 goals. Number 2 AZ is 7 points behind me In Champions League i draw a poule with Manchester United, Olympique Marseille and Fiorentina. Started with a 1-0 win against Fiorentina. Loss 1-4 against ManU, 1-1 and 0-3 loss against Marseille. In Dutch Cup two easy games. 5-0 against the reserves of Ajax and 3-1 against first divisions FC Eindhoven
  12. I'll give it a try with my FH(Iceland) game.. First game was a 1-2 away win against KR. I've scored the 1-2 in the last seconds of the injury time
  13. I'm in the second season noow and play the whole season all games with your 105Points C9 tactic(first tactic in first post). Played 26 games i guess and only lost to Twente en 7 draws. I'm second.. 1 point under Heerenveen. Feyenoord, Ajax and AZ are at least 7 points behind me. In the same game i manage Oxford City. In first season they promoted from non-league to Blue Square South. In the summer i take over when they have only 3 players and no coaching staff. I build up a squad, take some staff. The media prediction was 21st, the bookies said 14-1..(mid-table) I play this team also with the C9 tactic. After 34 matches i'm first with a gap of 13 points So Knap! Well done!
  14. After some good matches i'm back struggling.. After 6 wins and 1 draw in 7 games the following results: LDDLWWLWLL
  15. I played with the 105pt GK tactic against Vitesse with my PSV.. After 80 minutes we lead with 2-1. In minut 81 Culina scored with a 35 meter strike, in minute 85 Culina scored 4-1 with a 25 meter strike and in minute 90+4 Culina scored his third with a 25 meter strike. Three 25+ meter strikes from a player with long shots 12.. After that game i won with the 105PTSSUS!GK 1-0 agains Ajax, in the Amsterdam ArenA So the first results are good!