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  1. cimmi

    Custom start year

    There is a version of CM 01-02 modified by Tapani that allows you to set the starting year since 1970. Just look for
  2. I have the data related to the English first division 1970-71: date and place of birth, in which roles they have played with appearances and goals. I have a lot of data even in the other three English divisions and the major European teams, especially Germany, France, Spain. I have the full details of the Italian teams. I also have something of the Brazilian championships and, above all, Argentine
  3. cimmi

    Custom start year

    You can do it with CM01-02, but with a modified version. I do not know if we can talk about it here.
  4. Erimus I have a lot of data on the 1970-71 championship. I had gathered because I wanted to create a database for that year for Championship Manager 1997-98. I realized the files in excel where I collected data sampled English and Spanish and many important teams around the world. As far as Italy is concerned, since I am Italian I have all the Yearbooks from 1965 to today, so I can help you to make the perfect Italian league from series A to series C. Let me know.
  5. cimmi

    English 1970-1971 Database

    For the 1970-71 English league is worth taking a look at the following pages: http://ds.dial.pipex.com/bob.dunning/teams.htm http://www.neilbrown.newcastlefans.com/ and http://cards.littleoak.com.au/
  6. cimmi

    English 1970-1971 Database

    Eddie I have some time its intention to implement a downdate for the 1970-71 season for the main football leagues of Europe. I am Italian, and fortunately I have all the almanacs of Italian football from 1965 onwards. Why do not we do a joint project to build a downdate broadest possible? You could create the file, mostly to England, I can work on Italy, other friends might engage in other nations.
  7. cimmi

    FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    OK. How? He used the advanced editor or wrote the file with another software?
  8. cimmi

    FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    cr297 I'd like to know how the italy.xml file was created. In the comps folder there are no major Italian championships and so I do not know how to create them with the advanced editor: perhaps it was created with an editor for xml files?
  9. cimmi

    FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    If I understand correctly, using the advanced editor you can edit only the competitions that are located in the comps folder. If I want to change, for example, the number of teams in the Italian Serie A from 20 to 16, I have to create a national rule. Right?
  10. cimmi


    I can help you for Italian leagues. I have all "Almanacco Illustrato del Calcio" yearbooks from 1965 to 2011. But keep in mind that I can only work in their spare time because I'm busy with work.
  11. cimmi


    It's down. Some resources are on FM-Genesis.com
  12. cimmi

    The Advanced Panel Activation Guide & Teamspeak Thread

    I am very interested in this. I have written a Italian downdate for 1965-66 (Serie A e B teams) but I want play the old cups.
  13. cimmi

    Official: Editor Suggestions Thread

    I like to do the following things with the editor: 1) I'd like to change the starting year (e.g.1970) of the game because I want to make some downdates 2) So I want to recreate the international cups under the rules of the '70s 3) I would like to recreate the GDR, the USSR and Yugoslavia and remove from play the new European nations 4) Of course I wish I could also change the format of World Cup and European Cup for nations entering the old rules