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  1. Not necessarily the case...Poole (Tower Park) Tesco doesn't even stock PC games & Bournemouth have said it wont be available until 0900 tomorrow... both are on the list...:confused:
  2. Sorry mate, not having a go, just thought I'd point it out.
  3. As per my post above, Bournemouth & Poole are both on that list but having contacted them neither will be selling it at 0001...
  4. If you are planning to go pick up from Tesco's tonight beware...I have just contacted to two local to me (Poole & Bournemouth, which are both on the list) and Poole told me they no longer stock PC games whilst Bournemouth said it won't be availble until 9am...
  5. I'm gonna stick with my Zavvi order as was only £17.99 and on release day I'll nip down to Sainsburys and buy a copy. Then when my Zavvi order arrives I'll wander back on down to sainsburys with it for a refund
  6. ...last year wonder if it will be on a sunday again this year!
  7. Blog no.14 - media part 1

    Don't want to be negative but I think you're probably right. I hope I'm wrong though!
  8. The 1 or 2 moaning about injuries, please think before you post. 4 injuries requiring substitutions in one match may not seem realistic but you have to remember there are thousands of seasons being played across the FM community everyday. Therefore every day there will be a seeming anomaly for at least some people. It's smple statistics. In the next few thousand football seasons you're going to get occasional freak groupings of injuries, results, sending offs... Wait until real trends show up before moaning.
  9. You might be able to pick up Michael Owen for that money with clauses.
  10. Southampton makes a great save.
  11. What I think would be great is if there was an option in 9.3 to start the game at the end of Jan, whereby you takeover at the club in their real life situation.
  12. Southampton. Makes a great game.
  13. I play LLM and have had no injury problems at all...
  14. I don't know about you mate but I sometimes wonder if these forums cause half the problems in the game! I'll think everything is good with the game, come on here then realise all the various issues with it which I may never have noticed otherwise!!
  15. I really don't understand how previous CM/FM games are better than this one! Sure, other versions may have been bigger jumps in quality in comparison to their predecessors, but each year builds on the previous. People bang on, with rose tinted glasses about how good cm2/3/4 FM '05... was but if it's that good then go back and play that old version you claim to love - and you'll realise see that, in fact, it was only amazing for it's time. FM '09 may not be the greatest leap forward in the series but it is definitely the best.