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  1. My game keeps crashing too but I can't get a screenshot of the error message due to the freezing. I have two DMP dump files but they don't appear to open
  2. Thanks for that Hunter. Could you tell me what button links me to those options please?
  3. My apologies for a dumb question but how can you request to speak with one of your players? The interaction button allows me to view conversation history but thats all. Thanks
  4. Many thanks Cougar
  5. I ask this in the fear that i'm going to be ushered to some link & the thread closed off. I really HAVE searched this site - and googled the issue before i came here, but is there a way that i can stop my players - preferably my entire team from doing long shots? The nearest i can see is to 'work ball into box' but looking at long-term stats, that doesn't seem to be helping. I AM sorry if this has been covered & i'm sure it has
  6. Ah, excellent. It is on full game - many thanks! :-)
  7. How can i tell if i still have the BETA? Steam doesn't appear to have downloaded anything & there is nothing to update manually. I have not been asked for any code. Thanks
  8. Ooooooh-dear......i feel like i'm 17 all over again - back in the Thursday night disco with the slow dances at the end....the Erection Section. Oh-good-god-it's-downloading....i feel an emotion explosion coming on. I've lit up a cigarette....i don't even smoke!
  9. If you're gonna tease me, just tickle my toes whilst you do it
  10. Time to slip into my little French number complete with 8 denier hold-ups....oooooh, Beta fevers got me burnin' up
  11. Ahem <cough> So....back to the Beta fever pitch