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  1. @Neil Brock Hi Neil, sorry to bother you. Could you or one of the monitors please help me with the above question? Thank you
  2. Can you make a double-deal offer to a team if you want two of their players in exchange for either cash or part cash & exchange player(s)? Thanks
  3. Less than two hours to go. I've got a lobster thermidor on a low heat, oysters & caviar going down nicely with a 1985 Dom Perignon washing it all down beautifully. I've slipped into my slinky bed outfit & am awaiting a certain release
  4. A tool to link FM17 to a chat show or version of Gillette Soccer Saturday would be incredible
  5. Maybe we could have managers interviewing managers....interviewing managers!
  6. Never mind about the new president, it's the new FM - far bigger news. Time for me to slip into my new release outfit; it's a little number I picked up from Karen Millen - a cheeky subtle ruffle number. I've poured a very large 1985 cognac & am lying seductively on my large settee awaiting release