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  1. It's ok, just found you had to select it in preferences. Thanks
  2. Hi, i'm running an Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400, and I don't get the 3D option. Is that right or something to do with the Beta version? I have looked for this topic in the thread but cannot locate anything. Thanks
  3. Thanks both - much appreciated
  4. Thanks Hunter, not the most pleasantest way to reply but thanks for pointing me in the right direction
  5. No, that just gives preferred foot. It doesn't tell you what they're like with their other foot e.g. weak, reasonable etc
  6. You used to be able to find out how well a player could play with his other foot under 'Overview - information', it seems to have gone. Has it moved elsewhere or been taken out? Thanks
  7. :-) It certainly was a joke. Maybe Chelsea players retrieving balls from ball boys might be an idea though :-)
  8. Are streakers on the pitch going to be introduced? I reckon on average, every 100th game should involve watching a streaker running round the pitch, with half a dozen cops chasing them. The streaker dodges the cops for half a minute or so, before being rugby tackled to the ground, then led off the pitch in a half-nelson, to applause from the crowd.
  9. Eventually found it. Please close thread, apologies
  10. Ah, I don't seem to be getting the screen where it says you can add real fixtures etc. Not sure why
  11. I'm really sorry for asking such a dumb question but I have been trying for over a hour to create a new game where all teams can be managed, instead of just the clubs without managers. I've done this dozens of times before but have forgot the option & just cannot find it. Sorry for this question
  12. My game keeps crashing too but I can't get a screenshot of the error message due to the freezing. I have two DMP dump files but they don't appear to open