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  1. Hi Michael. Perfect example. I'm Oxford City manager, end of first season & more than 90% of my squad wanted a contract for wages from £26k - £36k. No way could offer anywhere near that, What happened next season? They nearly all ended up at other teams earning the wage they were on with me - or even less. This is a real problem Michael. When an average player who's had an average season demands a new contract of £26k plus, when he's been on £10k, it just doesn't work & kills the reality & enjoyment of the game. I really, REALLY hope this will be looked into & unless a player is a real star player, the most they request for a new contract is just a small percentage more than what they are on. Thank you
  2. In Staff-Responsibilities-Staff, under 'Coaching Courses' - 'Decide which staff should undertake course', the option to delegate is grayed out - which is fine because it has my name as the decider. However, I keep receiving messages that lots of my staff are going on courses & I am not having a say on this, so as for me supposedly making the decisions on this, it isn't working. Could anybody advise please if i'm missing something or should report it as a possible issue? Many thanks
  3. Hi, I have noticed this for many versions. I always manage lower league & when it comes to contract negotiations, my best players have asked for way over their current wage - sometimes over four times their current salary. Despite trying to negotiate down to a reasonable level, they won't accept. The next season, you find them at another club, earning less than they were originally on with you. It is the ONE thing in the game that I find extremely frustrating. Please, please, PLEASE, look into this for future versions
  4. Thanks for that. I can take control of touchline instructions, team talks & friendly matches but there doesn't seem to be an option to take control of the actual team.
  5. Please, where is the setting to allow your reserve / under 19's team to play however they like instead of following the first teams formation?
  6. Sorry if daft question but any setting I change doesn't seem to allow me to do this. Do I have to sack my under 19's manager instead of take over from him? I've tried doing that & still can't see how to take over. Many thanks for any assistance
  7. I've popped round a couple of clubs with a mate of mine. All cancelled & they won't be approaching my guys again ;-)
  8. Just wondering if you have to load a new game to pick up all new features or ok to continue with Beta save?
  9. Is it save-game compatible or do we need to start a new game to pick up all new updates? Thanks
  10. Please move to bugs forum if it is but I can't see any setting where the reserves can play a different formation to the first team as possible in previous editions. I've had a long look but can't see anything for this.
  11. If I don't get another chance to tell you: I loved you all. See you again on the other side
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