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  1. I've popped round a couple of clubs with a mate of mine. All cancelled & they won't be approaching my guys again ;-)
  2. Just wondering if you have to load a new game to pick up all new features or ok to continue with Beta save?
  3. Is it save-game compatible or do we need to start a new game to pick up all new updates? Thanks
  4. Sorry to be a pain but I can't seem to locate 'Handles Team Selection'. The nearest I can find is on Staff - Responsibilities - Tactics - Provides Team Selection Advice (Reserves). The only option for this is my Assistant Manager. Ideally, i'd like to be able to choose the team & the formation but let my Ass Man manage the actual match. Sorry to bother you again
  5. Hi Michael, very much appreciate that info, thank you
  6. Reserves / U18 have disappeared from there after a few games. (For info, i'm playing in the Norther Irish 3rd tier)
  7. Apparently unable to manage the reserves. Also unable to allow the reserves to play a different formation / different roles to the first team. For info, i'm playing as Distillery - Northern Ireland 3rd tier
  8. Please move to bugs forum if it is but I can't see any setting where the reserves can play a different formation to the first team as possible in previous editions. I've had a long look but can't see anything for this.
  9. If I don't get another chance to tell you: I loved you all. See you again on the other side
  10. Me neither....unless it really is suspended. Ps 16 mins to go
  11. 23 mins until the mods said this thread will be suspended
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