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  1. :-D Ok Pompeychap, sounds a reasonable request
  2. Miles is always a tease around this time of year. He makes me do unthinkables just so the Beta is released in a timely fashion. Oooooh, the dirty mare
  3. I reckon Thursday 16:00 BST. I'm willing to bet £20, two pairs of sheer 20 denier & a pack of fake nails
  4. Yumma yumma - you gotta invite. I'd die for those boots - they would go so well with my latex hotpants. Party starts tomorrow & we're gonna eat, drink & be Mary until the release........date
  5. Oooh you little temptress you. I best get that lobster out on Tuesday night then & start sitting in my window with the red light on - peering for the Beta download. Titillating.
  6. Time to start preparing for my Beta Release outfit. I'm thinking a satin top, short skirt, black stockings & 3 inch heel boots. I'll start defrosting the lobster on Wednesday night & get hold of a rather special cognac to quaff with it the day after. Lets all meet up on here Thursday eh & we can spend those final moments together. Stimulating.
  7. Then why were those posts removed Frazy T? I think we ALL know that thats EXACTLY where this post is heading. I've took a copy of this so I now permit you to remove / close this thread :-)
  8. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    Brindley Manor first 11. A right crop of good youngsters in the under 18's but a sad sack in the first team
  9. Just wondered what everyone is up to at this time ;-)
  10. Soccer Saturday is 20 mins away. I've got my pizza on order, 16 cans in the fridge & I'm demanding the BETA download. If not, i'm armed with a pea-shooter & a potato gun........I will NOT be responsible for my actions
  11. Yep, gotta say whilst it's a great introduction, I really hope it's a realistic introduction & not one that's going to overshadow the actual game
  12. Thank you both, very much appreciate your info
  13. Is the option to train a player in a new position still available? I can't see it. If it IS still available, how long does it usually take for that player to be able to play in that position?
  14. If I lose a game, I will only ever replay it twice before saving