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  1. Since last update, you give the end of match team chat, continue, goes to next screen where it scores the players, then returns to the end of match team chat
  2. Can't get out of full screen. Not sure if others are experiencing this
  3. No option in match play to turn off live scores from other matches, league table updates or constant advice pop ups
  4. Thanks. Quite bizarre that I can't import that onto my main view. But cheers for that
  5. Where is the Match Fitness column please? The first I knew of who was lacking match fitness was when my assistant asked what players to play in a reserve match.
  6. I have players expecting to be 'Impact Sub' or 'Back up' who are 'concerned', irrespective of the fact they are more than receiving the time they want / expect. To add to this, two regular starters were removed from the frits time & put on the bench for just the final friendly, of the six I played & they both became concerned. Doesn't seem to be working right folks
  7. Has anyone been able to start as unemployed? Each time I try it keeps telling me Liverpool can't be chosen?!?! I'm not trying to choose them or anyone
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