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  1. So far I'm looking at: Pro Vercelli - the ultimate sleeping giant Fuenlabrada - Doing OK in LaLiga 2 IRL. Make them the greatest MAdrid side Le Havre - Good youth facilities Pompey - Think everyone had a crush on them at some point Also looking at some Dutch 2nd Division sides
  2. A feature I would like is if you had blank buttons on the top on screens that you could assign your custom views to. It would be nice to quickly flick between custom views without having to navigate through the drop down menus. The same would be nice for custom training schedules. Also if we could import more than 1 screen view / training schedule at a time.
  3. I'm more concerned about your 16 year old who looks 50!!
  4. Midway through Season 1 with Atalanta. I can't understand but we are performing exceptionally in the league, sitting top but terrible in Champions League!
  5. Excellent stuff. Did many of young young Italian newgens come through the academy or did you sign them from elsewhere? How fruitful has the academy been in general for you?
  6. yeah exactly. I actually had a weaker squad than in Serie D. I was definitely the only semi-pro in my group but not sure about the whole league. Could only get a load of Croatians in on loan
  7. Were you having laptop issues? Loving Kulusevski as the avatar. Hoping to bring him back to Atalanta
  8. That any better? It's been a long time since I've uploaded a picture here
  9. Only got to the end of pre season with Bologna but kinda want to re-start my Atalanta save. The previous one I had done was an academy challenge but I got bored because of the self - imposed restrictions. I think I will start with Atalanta again and do pre-season then decide which save to carry on with haha
  10. Yeah, I only turned Professional in Serie B. I got notification that it was going to happen in a years time when I was in Serie C
  11. Did you have professional status in Serie C? When I done a Palermo save we were still semi-pro and I could only dream of getting loans like that in. Players were choosing Serie D teams over me
  12. Long time lurker in this thread and my god it has exploded with activity recently so only catching up! Having already done an Atalanta and Palermo save and not being able to get into any other saves in other leagues, I have decided to start a save with Bologna!
  13. This is the setup I started with season 1 with The Blades. I did tinker alot during games but finished 2nd in the league an runner up in FA Cup
  14. Small one, but surely this should read "Player's Playing Style" V.1303377
  15. Just not a fan. Don't feel it offers much, he doesn't get forward enough without PPMs and doesn't defend properly and definitely shouldn't be used beside a mezzala IMO. Anytime I want something to do what I expect a BBM to do I used a segundo volante on attack
  16. What I'd do is remove the symmetry of attack. On the left side change to an IWB(S) and a Winger(S). The BBM isn't a great role, I'd change to CM(S) and tailor the role the way you like. After that i'd remove a couple of TI's such as play through middle, distribute quickly and much higher tempo. I'd play with much lower tempo for this setup
  17. In my opinion against Spurs it was a strikerless system, a 4-3-3. I'd have to try the formation in game but something like this would be my starting point DDG (GK-D) Young(WB-S) - Jones (CD-D) - Lindelof (CD-D) - Shaw (FB-S) Matic (DLP-D) Herrera (not sure maybe RPM) - Pogba (Mez) Rashford (IF-A) - Lingard (F9 or AM-A) - Martial (W-S) TI's Pass Into space, Play out of defense, Distribute to full backs Counter, counter press Get stuck in.
  18. I raised it here if you want to move it. https://community.sigames.com/topic/461836-europa-league-u-20-players-unregistered/ Uploaded file TrevomacEuropaLeagueBug
  19. Downloaded the patch and now my U-20 players who I didn't need to register for the Europa League are all unavailable for Europa League
  20. Cheers for the feedback. What do you make of this as a cheaper alternative? looks good on paper https://www.amazon.co.uk/ASUS-FX504GE-DM176T-15-6-inch-i7-8750H-Dedicated/dp/B07C7F5P42/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8&coliid=IHEGZJBGUUI0E&colid=Z5OTWFLD44ZB
  21. Do you reckon its better than the Dell? I don't mind spending up to €1500. My only concern with that one is I'd rather a 256GB + 1TB hybrid option
  22. Looking at a new laptop myself Currently looking at a Dell G5 15 CPU: i7-8750H GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 16GB RAM Coming in around €1400 but just missed a Dell discount to get it with 12% so might hold off. Anything else better for similar money?
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