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  1. To add to this. This is the situation after 13 league games played in the league I manage in. 2 days before 14th league game I resigned my manager and this is what happens to key tackles after the next game played.
  2. I then removed "Last 5 Games" and seems to show everything
  3. Having the same problem. Things getting overlayed over one another. Happens when I autosize columns or add seperators
  4. No idea where these players are but just throwing out some names that spring to mind: Ché Nunnely Zakaria Bakkali Mammana Ould-Chikh Kuki Lucas Romero Thiago Maia
  5. Think Miles said they hadn't permission to put him in as he was under 16 before September
  6. I just feel the whole match day UI looks unfinished. The stats on the left hand side that takes up 1/3 of the space looks wrong. The way the UI doesn't show you when you make multiple substitutions at the one time clearly, the second substitution is truncated
  7. I'm not a fan on this at all. I understand what they are trying to do but nobody watches the full match and the instant analysis stuff lets you get a better picture. At the end of the day, its a game and I don't buy this reason for them removing it. If they really want realism then why isn't the only camera angle first person touchline view
  8. it's 10/11 (10+11 =21) and In the Air Tonight is 5:37 long so BETA drops at 5:37 today
  9. He said it unlikely to be tomorrow and if its not tomorrow it wont be the weekend. There is definitely some hope for tomorrow
  10. well isn't it good that it's evolved from the throw in simulator that you called it earlier
  11. Surprised Off The Ball hasn't been mentioned much 1. Work Rate 2. Decisions 3. Determination 4. Off The Ball 5. Bravery
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