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  1. Pogba = maybe Soumare or Baro (not French) Griezmann = Gouiri
  2. Stengs at AZ would make a good Treq
  3. Yeah I know what you mean. I tried to go down the same route with French staff but it was too hard. Yeah Toure was a regular for me but sold him last season, he had good mark, tackling, positioning and decisions in mine. I pretty much promoted Ba, Meddah, Fofana, Toure, Sacko, Gomes immediately to the first team.
  4. So far Ba, Abdelli, Yahia Fofana and Ylan Gomes are are key regulars. Sacko is still there too as a backup. Meddah developed really well but sold for £40M after 3 or 4 seasons. Out of 30 players I have in or around my first team, 21 are academy graduates
  5. I'm in season 7 with Le Havre. It's a great save. Some of the starting players developed nicely and the facilities are class. I've upgraded them to the max in most cases and have had back to back golden generations come through. I'm only signing French or African players and it's a good challenge. Haven't finished higher than 4th yet
  6. I'm intrigued by whatever system you are using to assign nicknames?
  7. To add to this. This is the situation after 13 league games played in the league I manage in. 2 days before 14th league game I resigned my manager and this is what happens to key tackles after the next game played.
  8. I then removed "Last 5 Games" and seems to show everything
  9. Having the same problem. Things getting overlayed over one another. Happens when I autosize columns or add seperators
  10. No idea where these players are but just throwing out some names that spring to mind: Ché Nunnely Zakaria Bakkali Mammana Ould-Chikh Kuki Lucas Romero Thiago Maia
  11. Think Miles said they hadn't permission to put him in as he was under 16 before September
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