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  1. This is the setup I started with season 1 with The Blades. I did tinker alot during games but finished 2nd in the league an runner up in FA Cup
  2. Small one, but surely this should read "Player's Playing Style" V.1303377
  3. Just not a fan. Don't feel it offers much, he doesn't get forward enough without PPMs and doesn't defend properly and definitely shouldn't be used beside a mezzala IMO. Anytime I want something to do what I expect a BBM to do I used a segundo volante on attack
  4. What I'd do is remove the symmetry of attack. On the left side change to an IWB(S) and a Winger(S). The BBM isn't a great role, I'd change to CM(S) and tailor the role the way you like. After that i'd remove a couple of TI's such as play through middle, distribute quickly and much higher tempo. I'd play with much lower tempo for this setup
  5. In my opinion against Spurs it was a strikerless system, a 4-3-3. I'd have to try the formation in game but something like this would be my starting point DDG (GK-D) Young(WB-S) - Jones (CD-D) - Lindelof (CD-D) - Shaw (FB-S) Matic (DLP-D) Herrera (not sure maybe RPM) - Pogba (Mez) Rashford (IF-A) - Lingard (F9 or AM-A) - Martial (W-S) TI's Pass Into space, Play out of defense, Distribute to full backs Counter, counter press Get stuck in. Maybe a few more added when I see the match played out
  6. I raised it here if you want to move it. https://community.sigames.com/topic/461836-europa-league-u-20-players-unregistered/ Uploaded file TrevomacEuropaLeagueBug
  7. Downloaded the patch and now my U-20 players who I didn't need to register for the Europa League are all unavailable for Europa League
  8. Cheers for the feedback. What do you make of this as a cheaper alternative? looks good on paper https://www.amazon.co.uk/ASUS-FX504GE-DM176T-15-6-inch-i7-8750H-Dedicated/dp/B07C7F5P42/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8&coliid=IHEGZJBGUUI0E&colid=Z5OTWFLD44ZB
  9. Do you reckon its better than the Dell? I don't mind spending up to €1500. My only concern with that one is I'd rather a 256GB + 1TB hybrid option
  10. Looking at a new laptop myself Currently looking at a Dell G5 15 CPU: i7-8750H GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 16GB RAM Coming in around €1400 but just missed a Dell discount to get it with 12% so might hold off. Anything else better for similar money?
  11. Not an England fan or a Spurs fan but Kane is World Class. I don't even like to admit because iI was convinced he was a one season wonder. Centre forwards that I can think of that are better than him: Lewandowski, Aguero, Suarez and Higuain. On topic - transfer fees look fine!
  12. I just ordered with them thanks to @tomzo_2 and recieved the key in my account straight away. Worked out just over €32
  13. I like the idea but it would be hard to get the full benefit. Would be nice to have a half fit Zlatan on the bench away to Rochdale in the FA Cup trailing 1-0. Tell him to warm-up and instantly impose terror into the opposition
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