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  1. The Official FMRTE 2010 Thread

    i dont know if this problem has been posted before but i have the latest version but when i load it up it does not give me the option to choose version 3 steam, and even when i start a game on any of the other patches it says that it is not the correct version, is there anything i can do to fix this?
  2. The Official FMRTE 2010 Thread

    so should it be available tonight
  3. Steam Pre-Load

    oh yes i have two new eps of scrubs and the new simpsons recorded on v+ and that will more than tide me over yessss. 250 kbps tho :mad::mad:
  4. Just but two disks its not that expensive considering you both have laptops which can run the game in the first place!!!
  5. I really like what i am seeing on the new fm but do the stadia not look a bit boring in grey? Wouldnt it havebeen very easy just to have them in the teams colours??
  6. i have just pre-ordered fm10 on steam and i wondered whether i could install it at midnight on the friday it comes out?
  7. i usually have a hearts and ajax save running but i have never managed a premier league team until burnley in this demo since fm 2005. i usually start in eastern europe but the new editor will open a lot of exciting new avenues for african football.
  8. U.S state league

    all pointless and not big enough to have a decent football team, a population of 500000 was the cut off point
  9. PLayer Creation Guide?

    I would think of doing one, but there are many different types of player you can create. Eg you might want a holding mid with pace who can also strike the ball
  10. U.S state league

    Well yes kind of fantasy, i was going to leave out hawaii and alaska but have further decided to include them along with puerto rico and 9 canadian provinces. I apologise for the infrequency of the posts if anyone is following, my new laptop is coming tomorrow and i have been using iphone which is very time consuming.
  11. British Cup - A Few Questions

    This is a good idea, but i prefer a best of britain cup where the top four teams of all the gb top flights battle it out. Obviously i would have to make the seasons shorter first though, if i were you i would scrap all the league cups and make the competition a bit more exclusive.
  12. U.S state league

    Alex1985, the brazilian state championships were my inspiration. I have already decided which cities the teams will play in and stadium names etc..
  13. U.S state league

    I was thinking of creating an american league to run alongside the mls where each contiguous state is represented by a team without a shoddy noun on the end that means nothing. I was thinking of four divisions of 12 where each team plays each other twice, then have regional leagues with up to 5 teams in them based on the region playing during the summer for example, new england league, midwest league, pacific, mountain, dixie etc. All the teams will be given specific stadiums and similar budgets and reputations as their counterparts in their respective leagues. I am trying to make playing in the top division attractive to europe's elite and for the quality of the league to build up over the first couple of seasons. Rules: max squad size: 22 subs: 7 four relegated to keep it fresh 3 automatic promotion and two team playoffs possibly no transfer window?. I would consider releasing this after it is complete if anyone is interested and any hints would be great especially regarding the transfer window. i will be de-activating the mls and for those of you who make the ludicrous comparison between monaco and guam, american samoa, bermuda and usvi there are many reasons why i did not include these. the 30'000 population is for monaco proper and not its metropolitan area which is larger. monaco is an enclave within france and shares its neighbours culture. would anyone from american samoa realistically be able to travel from american samoa to mainland north america EVERY OTHER WEEK and vice versa. having a team from these us territories will upset the balance of international football as newgens will be created from these countries and will become better than their oceanic, caribbean counterparts. as for bermuda, you might as well say that the falkland islands and the british virgin islands should have teams in the english or scottish football pyramid.
  14. Custom team names needed.

    Why not go eastern european? CSKA durham Dinamo penrith Spartak newquay Rapid lancaster
  15. County Championship (FM10 EDITOR)

    I was wondering what you would do with regards to continental competition