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  1. Hate to say it but anyone downloading tactics on this version of the game really shouldn't be playing FM XD. Nah, not really, each to his own but has anyone else found this version insanely easy compared to previous versions?
  2. Could someone please change this thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=139367 to: [FM08]Albert Foundry, the Northern Irish adventure. Damn you Linfield!! Cheers.
  3. When I came in and saw this it was a real shock to my system... I came into this thread about to post something exactly like this. My plan was to reverse absolutely every reputation, from the premiership to the Blue Square north/south, so that BSS/N had 20, BSP the next level etc. I was going to call it oh no, we got promoted! or something along those lines, but I don't mind if you want it. It was also going to be for FM10.
  4. Well that was... terrible. Just got absolutely spanked 1-0 by Barca, didn't have a shot the ENTIRE game and they had 25. Going to try the piranha as this clearly isn't the finished product yet.
  5. Playing with the Eagle as Bilbao, so far mixed results. Played 5, won 3, lost 2. I seem to get very few shots per match, but it's early days yet and the losses were to Villareal and Real Madrid. Barcelona up next.
  6. BTW, just noticed but there are two Chris Hughtons- the one at Spurs and the assistant at Newcastle.
  7. I think I might just randomise until I get a team I want. Playing as spurs has too many restrictions, I mean not enough cash to shape the squad to one of your liking.
  8. This tactic doesn't do too well away. Who are you playing as aleksiss?
  9. I must say I disagree- I think they have got the injuries spot on in this version of the patch. Take Tottenham as an example, at one point more than half of our first team was injured, whereas in 9.0.0-.0.2 it was like injuries were practically non-existent.
  10. 2-1 to portsmouth- had to say what the hell, they totally dominated me despite having a much weaker team.
  11. 3-0 against Hull- much what would be expected of me. Plenty of possession and chances, just failed to really capitalise. Pavlyuchenko scored two.
  12. 0-0 against chelsea- not a bad result, we deserved to win it really. Considering half the squad is still blending though, it's not bad against a top 4 team.
  13. Welcome to the forums aleksiss also doing well, scored an amazing 41 goals in the pre-season, although arguably against vastly inferior opposition. Also didn't concede any.
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