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  1. 12 Serie As and 6 Champions leagues. Coming through with a more detailed report soon.
  2. Who is your best buy of FM11.3?

    My best real player is by far Paulo Henrique of Santos, he's since been replaced by regens but he gave me 10 seasons at double figures assists EVERY YEAR at Advanced playmaker. £17M seems like a steal now. My best ever is a regen striker called Nicolas Bonafede, got him for £5M and he's scored over 200 league goals at the age of 26.
  3. Ok, I guess I'll just overview the last eight. Can't really remember many details, nevertheless, here goes. Napoli Season 1: overview League: Transfers: Summary From what I can remember of this season, I was amazed at how well it went. To not lose a single game throughout the entire season, considering I had changed the squad a fair bit, was the biggest achievement in my eyes. I played a narrow 4-1-2-1-2, with the following roles: GK Defend: De Sanctis LB Fullback Auto: Taiwo CB Defend: Bassong CB Defend: Cannavaro RB Auto: Campagnaro DM Anchor man Defend: Blasi CM B2B Support: Hamsik CM Ball Winner Support: Yebda then Jucilei AM Advanced Playmaker: Ganso ST Trequartista: Lavezzi ST: Advanced forward: Cavani That's literally all I can remember of that season, apart from that it was one of my most rewarding.
  4. Finished 8 seasons of a Napoli save already. Worth updating?
  5. Mistake!!!

    It has been possible in previous iterations to offer a player a new contract with first team/key player status. This resulted in a work permit application being sent off again and usually being accepted.
  6. Game too easy

    Thread should be renamed to "massage my ego, I'm the king of FM" or "look at my achievements and whimper at your own inferiority". If it's too easy, pick a harder league, or challenge.
  7. GK: Adler £21.5M £14M LB: Théra (regen) £4M £4M CB: Zapata £17M £8M CB: Bassong £4M £7M RB: Beck £12M £12M DM: Khedira £5.5M £7M CM: Jucelei £14M £8M CM: Hamsik (here when I got here) £10M AM: Paulo Henrique £17M £17.75M ST: Cavani (here when I got here) £8M ST: Lavezzi (here when I got here) £7M S1: De Sanctis (here when I got here) £775k S2: Taiwo £4M £5M S3: José Sosa (here when I got here) £1.7M S4: Balotelli £8M £8M S5: Buonanotte £3M £4.7M S6: Canavarro (here when I got here) £1.2M S7: Abel Hernández £22.5M £22.5M Alternates a lot, this is my Napoli team, the groundwork was here when I got here, I won the league in my first season only buying Taiwo, Jucilei, Paulo Henrique and Buonanotte, playing 4-1-2-1-2 won the league and cup double. Next season got to the CL QF and went out to Lyon, but retained the league. Currently in my third season.
  8. FM 11 - Official Forum Links Thread

    http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/251589-FM11-Vaclav-Kadlec-Czech-him-out! Vaclav Kadlec.
  9. It looks like Kadlec has the ability to become one of the best strikers in the game in the latest iteration. Although his mentals could do with a boost, that will come with tutoring and I can see him earning a place in my team in future years. I normally play him on the left as an inside forward, though as you can see he has not exactly played too often...
  10. Miles Jacobson - O.B.E.

    Congratulations to O.B.E on their new signing and to Miles for gaining the contract!
  11. That's good to hear, nah I'm not taking the names, history or structure, I'm creating a different country etcetera. I may not even release it to the public, I plan on creating teams for 3 leagues (not an East-west structure either, just div 1 2 and 3). It'll be for my own amusement but if you give the go-ahead and I think it's good enough I may put it out.
  12. My documents>sports interactive>editor data save in there
  13. Few words, Wegason. First of all, this is a fantastic thread. All CSE threads looking to be creative should be linked directly here. Secondly, I unfortunately won't be downloading this fantastic-looking database. You have, however, inspired me to create my own "land of opportunity", if you will. I hope you don't mind you replicating your template, no place-names will be replicated, but I would like to do something very similar to this with a different background story and set up. Would that be okay? If you believe me to be copying you too closely I will abandon the idea, as I don't like the idea of thieving another's idea without first asking them.
  14. One aspect I think will come into play with Dynamic League Reputation is that European football will always be superior to anything in other continents. This is true to real life also, though, so I imagine it will only come into play with European football on a consistent basis for one (or more) teams in the league.
  15. TV deals will get negotiated with your club, including kit sponsors and more potential investors. League prize money is absolutely awful in Italy and their TV deals correct that accordingly.