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  1. I've never really had a good nomad career before, but my attempt at a crack of one comes with the top two divisions loaded from: Brazil, England, France, Italy and Spain. I find this version of FM a lot easier as you can succesfully transfer how you think your team should play into the game, rather than fumbling around with sliders and such. Anyone have any tips for a beginner traveller?
  2. Hate to say it but anyone downloading tactics on this version of the game really shouldn't be playing FM XD. Nah, not really, each to his own but has anyone else found this version insanely easy compared to previous versions?
  3. Would be an interesting challenge this year to see if the 08/09 season was just a slip up, or if France truly is wide open again. Saw Lyon play against Liverpoo, was a brilliant game and they thoroughly deserved the win. I would disagree with the original poster and say Pjanic is the key man, as he will develop into a real star (if the PA is the same from 09-10, which it should be).
  4. I find myself strange at times. When it first came out, 3d view was the dawgs baws to me. But now, since returning to my '08 save, I have regained my love for dots due to the ability to actually see tactical changes when you implement them. For instance, I changed everyone in my team to "run with ball-rarely" (which is very good for possession-based football, but only if you have every member of the team with passing at least 14+ as otherwise too many passes go missing) and just my strikers mixed/often. The changes were actually documented on the screen, you can't do that with 3d. So consider me in, if they could just add the 08 ME to '10 along with the 3d, it would make perfecting tactics on 2d easy, then translate it onto 3d where you can fully enjoy the experience of actually seeing the goals and passes, rather than "imagining" your dot doing a bicycle kick from the edge of the area, on 3d you actually see him do so so I'm all for 3d, but I prefer 2d to perfect tactics on. Therefore, you can called me a CAMRAD member if you wish
  5. Could someone please change this thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=139367 to: [FM08]Albert Foundry, the Northern Irish adventure. Damn you Linfield!! Cheers.
  6. When I came in and saw this it was a real shock to my system... I came into this thread about to post something exactly like this. My plan was to reverse absolutely every reputation, from the premiership to the Blue Square north/south, so that BSS/N had 20, BSP the next level etc. I was going to call it oh no, we got promoted! or something along those lines, but I don't mind if you want it. It was also going to be for FM10.
  7. Well that was... terrible. Just got absolutely spanked 1-0 by Barca, didn't have a shot the ENTIRE game and they had 25. Going to try the piranha as this clearly isn't the finished product yet.
  8. Playing with the Eagle as Bilbao, so far mixed results. Played 5, won 3, lost 2. I seem to get very few shots per match, but it's early days yet and the losses were to Villareal and Real Madrid. Barcelona up next.
  9. BTW, just noticed but there are two Chris Hughtons- the one at Spurs and the assistant at Newcastle.
  10. Just had a result and a half implementing this idea into my tactic (it is worth noting the rest is my design and that tactical ideas can be implemented to improve your tactic, not just to change it). I was expected to be destroyed by Mansfield. They had 7 shots: I got that many on target. ONE of their shots was on target. I won 2-0, including a missed penalty. DOMINATED them throughout the entire game. Was away as well. I had an incredible EIGHT clear cut chances. EIGHT. This is against an opponent expected to crush me, at their ground, and they got a single shot on target. Amazing result, just tinkering with the less than obvious things can yield very promising results. As a fellow tactician, I believe you have pioneered many good ideas in the game lam. KUTGW
  11. Also, direct or short passing? I'm playing direct due to the absolute state my pitch is in. It is working fairly well so far.
  12. I am actually testing this with a 4-4-2 wide diamond, 2 wingers (might need to draw them in soon, injury crisis on the right) and it is working well. The last match (3-2 to me against kettering) wasn't a great example as they scored 2 long shots (both 20+ yarders) and I scored 2 set pieces and an own goal. Still, it does work and retains possession well too.
  13. Also realised that if Time wasting works as it should on FM09, it might frustrate opponents into silly mistakes.
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