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  1. I suggest an interesting experiment for all the people who want to understand which are the real correlation between processor-memory and performance of FM 2011 in terms of speed. Let's do like this: we all begin a new career with 1 nation, 7 leagues and DDD all nations (total of 307000 players), we say the specs of our computers and we report how did it take to run 3 months of game, what do you think?
  2. It would be really nice to have the option for having not just Under 21, 20, 19 and 18 but also Under 17 squad for a team. IRL in Italy, for instance, there is not Reserve squad but there are Primavera (Under 20) and Allievi Nazionali (Under 17).
  3. I am speaking only about the speed of the game, i.e. the speed in the loading after press "continue", considering that my wish is to play with 10 leagues active and a ddt of all players in the world. - the HD affect the speed in the loading after the "continue"? the game on SSD would be faster? - using DDR3 is it possible to detect a difference of performance using 4GB and 8GB? - there is a difference in performance using Windows7 or Snow Leopard? Now about the graphics, what I need to play with full details and without any problems?
  4. You think that a SSD would improve performance of FM2011?
  5. I will buy really soon a PC, will use it for playing FM2011. I want to run 4-5 nations with a total of 20 leagues, using a DDT with all players of the world. As for the 3D I want to play it smoothly with maximum details. You think is enough this configuration? Intel Core i7 LGA1156 860 2,8GHz Box ASUS 1156 P7P55D-E EVO ATI HD6870 Sapphire 1GB GDDR5 CORSAIR 750W CMPSU-750TXEU Aerocool VX-9 Pro CORSAIR 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1600 XMS3 CL8 i5/i7 SAMSUNG 1TB HD103SJ 7200rpm 32MB Spinpoint F3
  6. These are 3 really good ideas and would be a great add to the game. To the first point I add one thing: now that there is the 3D match engine, it would be nice to notice some difference between a player more tall or big and another.
  7. A game mode where the manager has a total control of the budget: - the manager can decide to invest money of the team for building a new stadium or for improving the training facilieties and youth academy; - the board of the team can't sell a player that the manager wants to hold, even if the offers are really good; - the manager can decide how many coaches, physios, scouts etc. wants to hire, as long as he will respect the limit of the budget, even in lower leagues; - the manager can send the scouts wherever he wants, even if he's in a team in a lower league, as long as the budget is enough to sustain the expenses of scouts in another side of the world; Improvements to the game A game more fast, especially when are selected all the players of the world with DDT, this can be done using the new technologies at 100%: the Quad Core, the RAM that in new computers can be up to 16GB etc. A game more difficult: - an improved AI in the transfer market; - an improved AI in the managers-market, often is possible to see top teams hiring people unknown or that haven't been successful in the last season, while it would be better to see hired by top teams the managers that won something with other top teams or that have reached unexpected results managing squads with low reputation; - an improved AI in the tactical gesture of the match.
  8. Improvement of the Trainings and the Tactics: A new training mode, more similar to the everyday-job of a real manager, having the possibility of programming the week of trainings and to try new schemes (that should be as well implemented in the tactics, big miss now). I should be able to program every single day of work with the team, to prepare carefully the players during the pre-season, to try new tactics and schemes (both offensive and defensive), to adapt the players to the different situations that could appear during a match. I think that the tactical part and the trainings should be linked somehow, it should be possible to do something like that: http://www.soccerbible.net/Tactical/defending-attacking-third.asp I would like that my player will do what I teach them in every playing situation, of course they will be more confident with the tactics as long as I train them to particular movements. As manager I will also supervise the work of other coaches, for instance I could have chat with fitness coach about improving the fit of the team or with physios about the injuried players, preparing a program to make them recover fastly. The possibility to prepare schemes for free-kicks and corners. To have more movements available for a player: for instance if I play with 4-3-3 and I want that my TS will cut inside the box I should be able to do so and I should be able to tell to my MC to pass the ball after maximum 2-3 touches. I love FM but I think this aspect is a big miss in the game, in these forums I see that everyone would like to have a game as IRL and I agree with this, but before to do it taking care of marginal aspects I think this would be much more important. Fix the things that are not well tuned now: - the annoying interviews with media and the fact that they are too much important in the game; - the co-ownership for italian leagues, it needs to be improved and anyway it would be nice to have an option in the editor to disable this feature; - improved tutoring mechanism, more realistica and linked to mental attributes of the players (a professional 16yo player would hardly refuse to be tutored by a skilled and experienced player, such refusal could be done by a player with low professionism and high controversy); - an effective increase of the manager's reputation if the requested results are achieved; - a more realistic transfer market, especially for managers and staff; - an improved AI for the transfer market and for the tactics.
  9. Reading all the comments of this board, I think that the most requested features for the editor of FM 2011 are essentialy three: 1) possibility of mass editing 2) possibility of editing existing competions 3) possibility of creating international competitions Do you all agree with these features? I personally think that they would be a big improvement...
  10. I think that it should be balanced the impact of the press conferences, since it seems to me that it is way to important for the moral of the squad and the result of the following match.
  11. I fully agree with this, it could happen with players with high controversy, like Balotelli or Ibrahimovic, but not with many youngsters...
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