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  1. Apologies if this has been asked already but how can you turn off the filter in the transfer market list for players and free agents like previous fms? Im only seeing the players i could afford and will join me etc and not EVERYONE who is listed. Thanks. Lee
  2. Yes just started the save but normally i can do it on previous fm's as like to do all my scouting before pressing the continue button. Thanks for the quick reply, ill give it a go :-)
  3. Hi, i have just started my save in league 2 as Stevenage. Whilst scouting for players, i like to check for free agents in the national teams around the world. My question is why i cant see any players at all in the national teams squads and even the u21's and u20's etc? I am on 8th July 2014 so are the squads added later or am i missing something really simple?? Thanks
  4. Hi, apologies if this is in the wrong thread but it is slightly related. I want to start off at Belarus side RGUOR Minsk who play in the Belarus 4th tier and try this challenge with them. I want this team specifically as they boast one of the best youth set-ups in the game and i want to complete the challenge using the youth set-up. Is there anyone who has loaded this team up in one of their saves and if so, could you up-load the save for me? Thanks in advance
  5. Sorry for being a bit thick, but wheres the link button? Just sorting through my squad at the minute and trying to bring players in etc but should start my season tomorrow when i have time. Really looking forward to it and will update on here asap. Thanks for the replies to my 'links' question
  6. http://i1372.photobucket.com/albums/ag358/eaglelee79/LeeFellows_OverviewProfile_zpsf9bbf9dd.jpg (manager profile) http://i1372.photobucket.com/albums/ag358/eaglelee79/Obolon-Brewer_InformationGeneral_zpsf00453bb.jpg (club overview)
  7. Im off to start my adventure in Ukraine and have been appointed manager of Ukraine first league side Obolon-Brewer Kyiv. The club recently formed in 2013 and manager Lee Fellows can hopefully give the fans a very successful future and bring trophies to the club. The club has a decent 5000 all seater stadium and boastgood training and great youth facilities. The manager will hope to tap into the youth potential at the club and unearth a few gems who will become the foundations at the club for many years. First impressions of the squad are that there are a couple of players to build the team around but am wanting to put my own stamp on the side if i can. Got a bit of wage budget to spend if needed but with a projected loss of nearly £500k over the season, a bit of balancing of the books may be required. Also my only staff member is a GK coach, so one of my main priorities is building up the backroom staff as having decent training facilities without any coaches is a bit pointless really. One postive is that i have Dynamo Kyiv as an affiliated club so may be able to get some of their decent fringe players on loan and use that avenue wisely. Have challenged the squad to aim for mid-table and with the media predicting a 10th place finish, only time will tell for the newly-promoted outfit. Will post my manager screenshot as soon as i can work out how to do it :confused:
  8. A quick question, ive worked out how to do screenshots but how do you convert the links into a single name? eg 'manager' first team' etc instead of a long URL link? Thanks
  9. Hi, everyone. Im going to attempt my first ever Gundo challenge. Have read all the stories from other players adventures abroad and has given me the appetite to give it a go myself. I have decided to go to Ukraine and will post my starting club very shortly... and once ive got to grips with posting screenshots and creating links! lol Hope people dont mind me joining too late but played my previous fm save to death and dominated with Bayern Munich, and want a fresh challenge until fm15 comes out
  10. Hi all, want to start this challenge in the Chinese league but can't seem to find the reset date at all? Thanks
  11. Just a quick update regarding the 'duplicate code' sent from shop.to, i have had a response back from them and they have given me a replacement code which works fine! Just downloading the beta as we speak...
  12. Ive had exactly the same problem. Ive emailed shop.to and sega explaining the problem but have not had a response from either. Im not happy about this as i pre-ordered in good faith and was really looking forward to playing this last night.
  13. Hi, yeah i go to 'games' then 'activate a product on steam'. Ive emailed both shop.to and the sega customer support with the problem. Thanks for the help Kriss
  14. Hi, I pre-ordered through shop.to and got my code to start the download but when i put the code in it says 'duplicate code'? Any ideas what im doing wrong. Many thanks
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