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  1. An ejoyable save...

    Play in Brazil just for fun. Santos has some sick youngsters.
  2. Best 14-year-old ever?

    I have a similar player that's a AMC/ST. I bought him when he was 15 and slapped him into my under 18 squad, even though the AI AssMan regularly uses him for the Reserve Games. He also plays for this nation's U19 team. I figured I can't start playing him in the first team just yet because he might not develop properly, but I am unsure if I am right. Should these players be allowed time to develop, or do we give them first team play right away? So far I had him tutored by Steven Gerrard and is learning from Dirk Kuyt currently, but at 16 and a half he hasn't made any first team apps.
  3. I get probably one every 5-10 matches. It's pretty obvious, and the "did that goal look a little dubious?" commentary confirms it.
  4. Getting a knock during the match.

    Man, Daniel Agger seems to pick these up every single game. I'm going to sell him next transfer window just for that.
  5. MorrisseyMuse's FM07 Update Thread

    Keep up the good work!
  6. Steven Gerrard!

    I signed him with West Ham on FM2009, in 2011 I think.
  7. AI has no problem convincing itself to sell players at exorbitant prices, but whenever I try to get comparable value for my players, no deal . Nowadays I seem to accept AI bids if I want to sell a player because I am afraid they'll withdraw their bid if I revise it up too much. Maybe the problem is how much I add to their offer.. What's a decent percentage extra to add to their offer price, without scaring them off?
  8. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Check out who scores the late equalizing goal for Liverpool in minute 90+4, before Liverpool go on to beat Man U. Eat your hearts out Manure fans! Sir Ferguson would have a heart-attack if this happened in real life.
  9. Romelu Lukaku needs higher CA/PA.
  10. None really, I try to avoid buying the same player.
  11. Glen got injured because he skipped out on practice because he was busy playing FM2010.
  12. That's really cool. He's the highest profile player I've heard playing FM.