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  1. Competition time!

    "Please pick me! Please pick me!"
  2. Features - gone but not forgotten!

    Don't really understand why this was removed Recently I've had 3 games that have taken place during International weeks. When it first happened it was alright because the match wasn't that important. But then I had two in a row (an important cup match and a crucial Premier League match). Fortunately I won the games but IRL this never would have been allowed to happen and they would have been rescheduled if the button was still there.
  3. Uefa Cup 1st Knockout Round-2024, I think (the one that the 3rd place team in the group stage of the Champions league goes into anyway) Celtic 1-0 Tottenham Serge Kamara (84) Very happy, Tottenham always seem to have problems with me when I'm at home No doubt they'll spank me at WHL...
  4. I'm in October 2019 with Celtic and have 6 real players left: Darren O'Dea- want to get him the appearance record so he'll play nearly every game. Joe Mattock-The captain, but he wants out and is becoming second choice...he's gone then Owen Garvan-Used to be a regular but then better, younger players took his place Helder Barbosa- Gets better with age. 32 and still first choice left winger. He somehow hasn't gained a cap for Portugal yet... Keith Treacy- Barbosa's backup-half decent. Adam Lallana- Quality again but a bit part player and only plays when I'm using an AMC.
  5. Im lost

    My documents, Sports Interactive,FM09 , then add a new folder called Graphics. There you have it.
  6. The "I'm Terrible At FM" Club

    I have found my place! To be perfectly honest, I'm not that bad. But on 09 I have struggled to find a good tactic so I downloaded one for the first time ever (although modifications have been made). Where I fall down is in team selection really. In my current game I've moved from Plymouth to Aston Villa to Celtic and I think I've developed good,young and talented sides with each. But where I fail is when I pick my team every week, I'm too soft. I like to be a Benitez and rotate the squad so that players get games. Results come but I was forced to resign from Villa because they were too inconsistent. Couple that with anger issues and you've got a manager failing to reach potential in 09. I've also won 2/3 trophies in 12 seasons:(
  7. Football Manager Wiki

    Thanks. Yeah, it was only a start on the topic mostly from the stuff that I already knew about it. Feel free to chop and change.
  8. Football Manager Wiki

    I've added a page about FM handheld
  9. Football Manager Sayings Thread

    "It wasn't me that broke it!"- computer chairs, other things that get in the way of rage etc. A word beginning with W and ending in R and a hand gesture to an opposition player who just got sent off.
  10. clubs offering players

    I think it has something to do with players being on your shortlist? correct me if I'm wrong but pretty sure that's it...
  11. Lee Hughes

    21 goals in 41 games isn't bad imo... Oldham's top scorer this season.
  12. Lee Hughes

    Forgive and forget man besides, he's still a decent striker...
  13. changing 2d match ball

    there's an FAQ at the top of the page for these sorts of questions. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=37980 on this ball topic-I still don't think it works...anyway, good luck!
  14. Aston Villa 3- Werder Bremen 1 Sorry to name players but from what I can remember Lucas and David N'Gog scored 2 of the goals 2016-17 UEFA cup group stage. I'm unbeaten in Europe this season and the poor domestic season that i'm currently having means that this was probably one of the best results so far.
  15. This is happening to me at the moment. All of my players have very high morale and no one has fallen out. They are saying that we're underachieving but they'll see, they'll see...