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  1. I restarted the game, began a new one and even reinstalled it but nothing helped. I was going to start a new save after release of the new patch but now I can't untill it's fixed.
  2. Is it good to go with the new patch?
  3. Everything is ticked, tried deleting and verifying cache, starting a new game but nothing worked. :confused: Any help will be very appreciated! Thanks!
  4. In my save The Chairmans Cup was played in May 2013 between winners of Evo-Stik League First Division North and First Division South (can't upload the image).
  5. Nice job with the Update! But I've found one mistake: 2012 Southern League Championship Match is between Brackley Town (the winner of Premier Division) and Lancaster City (???), and as I understand it shoud be Clevedon, the Red Insure Cup winner. In 2013 Southern League Championship Match it's again Lancaster City (although they were relegated from Northern League Division One North!) against a new Premier Division winner. How can I fix it? Shouldn't Evo-Stik League Chairman's Cup be extinct?
  6. Youth intake strangely old.

    It used to be before, in FM13 those are different days.
  7. Youth intake strangely old.

    Is it possible to edit youth intake dates?
  8. Changing Game Start Date

    Can anyone give me a tip how to change the Game Start Date for a Nation? Thanks!
  9. A new award added to DB

    Is there a reason for that?
  10. A new award added to DB

    Hi, everyone! I'm still trying to figure out how to add a new award that would be shown in the game, but with no luck. Maybe there should be some changes in screen panels? Can anyone give me a tip? Your help will be much appreciated! Thanks!!!
  11. Referee Mods

    I think the best combination for flowing games with less cards would be Allowing Flow 20 and Discipline 10, high Refereeing, Pressure and Important Matces also can be useful as referees will make less mistakes with them...
  12. Penalties instead of draws?

    In the league settings you can tick match rules and chose extra time and penalties what can do the job...
  13. I understand that but is it worth it? You spend more time waiting while the game proccessing fixtures than actually playing it.
  14. Terrible cheat! You should keep all your players back to avoid scoring from corners!
  15. I loaded only English leagues with small DB - the game speed was terribly slow!