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  1. Player requests "I want to move" ok: "I'll let you go in the next transfer window" Warning 3 months later from Assman: "Player x is worried that you've broken a promise to him" No i've not - I've said you can go, i've offered you to clubs, and offered mutual termination, and nobody wants you - you have an agent - sort it yourself, its not my problem pal!
  2. Does a green "Unh" appear next to her name whenever she writes it down?
  3. somewhere between 8 and 10 hours a season
  4. This ^ in my experience. They just send you players - any other player seems to be subject to the same constraints as normal
  5. Some of the oldies can be a right pain to shift. I've never managed anything successfully other than running the contract down. More annoying is how, even when you offer them out for £0, the best offer you receive back is a season long loan for 40% of the wages - I suppose its to be expected and is better than nothing
  6. Nice to see someone so positive about the game. Not quite sure I'm as positive, but I've already reached the stage with FM11 where i think, "well, 12 will be out in a few months so what's the point"
  7. Randomised journeyman save i reckon. Got OFK Botev (Vratsa) on FM11 so would like something similarly obscure, but maybe not Eastern Europe this time
  8. World map feature!

    Liked this last year, and still like it today. Why not utilise the co-ordinates and locations to apply geographical constraints to sides like Bolivia's x thousand ft above sea level advantage or Luch's ridiculous flights for away games...?
  9. I'm sure i've read somewhere that (at least in FM10 and earlier) certain factors were written into the game that meant certain nationalities didnt like moving to certain countries/continents. I seem to remember it being to stop AI in say Brazil, buying English players (or any nationality you want as an example), which very rarely, if ever happens, in real life - and this was the easiest way to replicate that. I don't know if in FM11, the DLR solves some of this further along the line.
  10. FM: realism vs fun

    This 100% I personally turn press conferences over to my AM and can't say that I've ever had one who causes me any sort of continuous trouble. The only negativity tends to arrive, much in the same way as with team talks, where a scrappy win, combined with a "you need to do better next time" (or something along those lines), causes a bit of dissention
  11. Really good ideas there. And asking us to generate questions, what a simple and effective method - can't believe that its not been thought of before! kudos
  12. Are You Enjoying FM2011?

    Loving the game as usual. The agents interactions are brilliant, especially when you manage to knock a massive chunk off their fee. The new TV view far surpasses any previous 3d or 2d view. Player interaction is much more realistic. A much better game than FM10, which it is safe to say I won't go back to playing.
  13. Need Financial Help...

    It's quite a usual in the lower leagues to lose money. I'm only turning a profit on my save because of transfer fees despite playing well and being very frugal with wages so it's just par for the course i'm afraid. Until you start reaching the big money competitions or getting massive attendances, you're going to be up against it. Try sell some players, arrange money spinning friendlies and keep your wages low - thats about all you can do