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  1. Mo got 37 goals all comps in the first season for me, but he was on pens. Sadio got 16 all comps as a IFA and Bobby got 21 as a DLF on support for me. 37 wins 1 draw zero league defeats. 20 assists for Trent
  2. Has anyone tried to emulate Liverpool's current style? It's not gegenpress in it purest form but still takes on a lot of it characteristics.
  3. Hope this is the right place to post these issues. I've recently won the World Cup with France, with Dembele and Pogba finishing 1st and 2nd in the Golden boot and Pogba having the highest ave rating. So I was hoping for a three achievements in one go, but I haven't even had a competition review in game or any awards, so I've only got the Top of the World achievement, but no Golden boot, nor International Superstar. I've also on the same save won 5 Ligue 1 in a row and have yet to receive Domination achievement. Are there issues with these achievements and the World Cup Competition review??
  4. Rashid, have you given Salah any PI's or is he a straight Advanced Forward with no mods?
  5. Would a highly modified Defensive forward on support with all of creative elements added work? I'm going to try it tonight but wondered if anyone had tried it
  6. Ashley Barnes on loan. Got him playing in a two for Wolves. 17 goals in 13 league matches. Not the biggest or fanciest name but doing a good job
  7. How well does Firmino as a F9? does he get goal and assists?
  8. Hi could I have: Christian Pulisi Emer Mor Lucas Alario Ousmane Dembele Ben Woodburn Ovie Ejaria Please
  9. Do you still get that lovely £40 million present from Arsenal for Lallana in 16.3?
  10. Afternoon gents. In the second season and looking for either a left back or centre forward. Got 20 mil to play with. Any suggestions?
  11. Club:Boca Transfer Budget:1.5mil Wage Budget: Up to £20,000 Position:Left Wing With:Pace Other:Left footed Loyalty Bonus: Agent Bonus: Season:Start of the game. Deadline day
  12. Any chance for a ss for Suarez and Coutinho
  13. A lot of FM games in the past have had a side bias (the left side more time than not). For example two wingers both with the same attacking role and both with same level of ability, and the one on the left nearly always has the most assists, most goals and the higher average. So the stupid question is, In an Barca shape 433 which central midfielder and which side winger is more likely to create and score more (out of two box 2 box mids and two wingers attack)????
  14. Does anyone know if Mauro Icardi has had an upgrade? If so, any SS's
  15. Now this is more of a future plan rather than something that I’ve already actioned. I wanted to play a 4231 with 3 AMC’s all with attacking roles and two CMD’s, but my sensible side tells me that my team will be left far to open and full backs won’t track. What mix of roles would you suggest for the 3 AM’s who would be playing behind Cavani. The 3 are Dzagoev left AMC Hamsik Central AMC and Adryan Right AMC. Cheers
  16. Looking for a laptop that will run FM 13 and at least the next two versions My budget is 400, would any of you fine gentlemen be able to point me in the right direction?
  17. I'm trying to recreate the playing style, roles and positions of my favourite Liverpool side, the 1987/88 side. I'm a bit stuck on the Midfielders roles and duties and would like some advice. John Barnes will be a Winger, but your opinions what roles would Whelan, McMahon and Houghton have??
  18. Looking forward to trying this. Thanks rashidi1, I'll keep you posted on the results.
  19. I used that exact same lay out and almost the exact same roles on the last two FM’s as Juventus with Del Piero as my attacking IF and a CF attack instead of a DLF on support. It worked a treat. If I wanted to change things up, I’d put my CF attack into a AMC position on attack duty and these formations took me two 8 Serie A titles out of 8. I’m personally not keen on playing with a DLF, I’d rather use a CF on support duty as he will take players on and play through ball well.
  20. Hi rashidi1 What settings/roles would you give your CM’s to try and re-create a Vierra/Petit combination (the Double Pivot)? Do you think Two DLP’s would be aggressive enough to win the ball back as well as control the game??
  21. Club: Napoli (Top of Serie A) Budget: 10 Million Looking for: Left Wing Back With: Good Pace and Great Crossing Other: EU Resident Season: January Window 1st Season Loyalty Bonus: Not Sure Agent Fee: Not Sure
  22. May I have a Viktor Fischer Screenshot, as he is not in the Ajax Thread, Please
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