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  1. European Union Clan FM12 online game

    Gateshead have won the BSP for the 2017 season! After a tightly contested season, the winner of the league was decided on the final day of the season. Gateshead sealed their league title after Tranmere failed to win their final game against the mighty Cheltenham. Gateshead were expected to finish midtable, but Ed Kelley was able to lead them to league football. The team's leading scorer, David Butler, will have to return to Barnsly. It is up to Kelley to find someone who will be capable of scoring goals as that became a problem for Gateshead late in the season. Neil Davis, who had always doubted the skill of the Gateshead team, has never won a league. So Kelley made sure to note that in any press conference. Kelley has already made some key signings for next season as he prepares for League 2. His first major signing was Raul Meireles. The Portuguese midfielder will bring experience and skill to the International. Another veteran signing was former England international David Bently and Scottish midfielder Scott Robertson. It seems as though Kelley is looking more towards experience and leadership as his team prepares for the difficult challenge of League football. The prediction will certainly be for Gateshead to go down, but Kelley will do everything he can to prevent it. With the 2017-2018 season rapidly approaching, it will be interesting to see how far Kelley can carry his team in League 2 and if bigger things are on the horizon for the Tyneside club.
  2. European Union Clan FM12 online game

    Exclusive Interview with Manager Ed Kelley "Listen, I would like to see what you could do with a wage budget if 285 pound," said manager Ed Kelley when asked why his team still sat on the fringes of the playoffs after surviving a relegation scare last season. "This is the most difficult job I could imagine. Trying to win with the group I had would have been Mission Impossible, so I just let them all walk. The players here were terrible, pure garbage. I had to bring in players I trusted to get the job done, as the players who were here clearly could not cut it in the BSS. This is real football, hard tackling and route 1 passing. I know what I need to help bring this team to the heights where they belong. I just wish I had a board that agreed." The American has tried his hardest to turn the Beavers into a winning outfit. As it stands right now, Hampton and Richmond have been punching above the weight and are still in contention for a spot in the playoffs. Key signing Flávio Paixão has brought a creative flair to H&R that has not been seen before at the non-league side. Though the team has struggled, they have looked like a force when they are playing at their top potential. "The players who are now at this club have shown that they are capable of being a contender in this league, they just need to be more consistent and focused. We go from beating one team 7-1, to drawing 1-1 with a team we should easily beat. It is frustrating to concede in the last moments of a match because the team lost focus and thought the points were theirs." With the season winding down, their is still a chance H&R could sneak into the playoffs, but it will take some work. They clearly are much better off then they were last season, and despite the low payroll, the future looks bright for the Beavers and manager Ed Kelley.
  3. European Union Clan FM12 online game

    Wrexham leading the way It has been a great start to the season for the Red Dragons. As of September they are only trailing Fleetwood by 2 points, as they remain one of two unbeaten teams in the BSP. The signing of Stern John, a flop everywhere but the Columbus Crewe, has inspired the side to fight for league football. The American Ed Kelley has inspired his side to fight against all opposition. The Racecourse ground has become a fortress, as Wrexham have only conceded 3 goals all season. The lowly Braintree fell hard to Wrexham. The American manager was doubted by his peers, and a potential takeover almost saw him out. Kelley survived after the takeover blew up, and has thrived in Wales. Wrexham have become a favorite for the playoffs, and maybe even an outside chance at winning the league. They have yet to trail in any game and have dictated games with their strong passing. It looks to be a bright future for Kelley and his mighty Red Dragons.
  4. EUC Anglo-Scots 2011

    TOP FLIGHT FOOTBALL Airdrie United have achieved the dream of every Scottish Club, making it to the top flight of Scottish football for the first time since their reformation. Lead by many great young players Airdrie were able to win the Scottish First Division and earn promotion to the Scottish Premier League. The fans have been packing New Broomfield to support their side in the SPL. The team currently sits near the bottom, but thankfully are ahead of a terrible Falkirk side. Mananger Ed Kelley has been at the club for more than a decade and has seen the ups and downs of Scottish football. The season started off rough for the Diamonds. They opened up against Hearts and Celtic, both heavy loses for the side. Since then however the team has been playing better and getting important results, including a 1-1 draw with against heated rivals Motherwell. Going into this season Kelley expected to struggle, and at this point in the season he sees his side three points from bottom with a big match coming up against 12th place Falkirk who are expected to be Airdrie's main rivals to stay in the top flight. With the recent addition of 36 year old James Milner, Kelley looks to add some experience to his young side. Though slower than he was back in his Villa days, Kelley still thinks Milner can contribute to his side. "Finding players with his type of skill are hard for this league," Kelley remarked, "I think that James can still make a difference when he is out on the pitch despite his advanced age. We need guys like him to lead the team and set an example for our young players like Tena and Ross. The future is bright for Airdire if we can manage to hold onto the young talent we have. Last season teams where poaching our players because we could not match anything they had offered, but now if we stay up maybe that will change. I want Airdire to be the biggest club in Scotland and I will stay here until I achieve that goal, whether I want to or not!" The focus going forward according to Kelley is to stay the course and continue to try and earn points wherever possible. Without the resources of the other clubs in the SPL, Kelley will have to look elsewhere to get the players he needs to achieve the goal of staying in the Premier League. The club is in the black and the board has recently agreed to increase the wage budget after Kelley had told them it will help the team to achieve the dream of being more than a one season wonder in the top flight.
  5. EUC Anglo-Scots 2011

    Airdrie United: Giant Killers The start of Ed Kelley's second year of his second reign at Airdrie could not have started any better. In their final friendly of the preseason, Airdrie hammered SPL side Kilmarnock 4-0! The win made confidence sky high at New Broomfield. The first round of the challenge and league cup were also very kind to the diamonds, with wins against division two side Berwick. The 4-2 win rocked manager Steve Gold who was at a loss for words after the incredible match that saw Kelley's side win 4-2. Even the debut of a certain dutch superstar, who missed an opening minute penalty, could not swing the favor for Berwick. The Diamonds are also off to a tremendous start in the third division of Scotland, unbeaten in 8 games. They have won 6 and drawn only 2. New French goalkeeper Martini has been receiving many compliments from his manager and teammates having only conceded a total of 4 goals all season! The keeper, who was deemed surplus by Queens Park Rangers manager Davie Orr, has shined down in the third division. We would have interviewed him for this piece but we do not speak French, and they tell us he does not speak English. They did however grant us an interview with manager Ed Kelley Mr. Kelley, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. No problem, it is always a pleasure to discuss the team when we have has this much success. About that success, what do you attribute it to? I believe that this team is built perfectly for the third division. We have some good veteran players, along with many great young ones. The signing of our new keeper, Martini, has been better than anyone could have of expected. He has been incredible for us to start the season, making no mistakes and saving almost everything that has come at him. Our new strikers have also stepped up their game, as you can see we now lead the league in goals scored, a feet unheard of by a club that I have managed. What has been your approach this season that could account for these dramatic increases in offensive out put? I have decided to keep my tactics simple this season, no last minute tweaking, no advice from the forums, and definitely no panicking when going down in the match. I found that the simpler you keep it in the division, the easier it is for your players to adapt and succeed. You must be pleased with your teams early performance in the cups? I am, but i never expected us to do as well as we have. Defeating opponents from higher division has given this team a huge rush of confidence. I think it has helped out league performance, without the early success in the cups i do not see our league record the way it is. After your team's great start, you must be thinking about promotion? Now now, lets not get ahead of ourselves. This is a long season, and there is still a long way to go. We are only up by 3 points at the moment and as you are certainly aware, things can change every week. Promotion is the last thing on my mind, I am just worried about our next opponent. Your loyalty to teams has always been a question, so how are you feeling right now about staying at Airdrie? My long term plan is to stay at Airdrie as long as they will have me. I am loving it here right now and have no plans on looking elsewhere. I am 100% committed to the diamonds. So now what are your hopes for the rest of the season? First, we have to keep winning games. The only way to ensure promotion is to win, and not have to worry about what your opposition is doing. I feel that this club has what it takes to win the league. I have out together a great squad with great players who are capable of doing great things. My only fear is injuries, which are bound to happen, so I have tried to sign back up players who can step right in and fill the void if any of the first 11 go down. I am confident in every player on this squad, or else they would not be here. If we stick to our tactics and continue to play the way we are playing, great things are in store for the Aridrie United Football Club.
  6. EUC Anglo-Scots 2011

    BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN [video=youtube;bDKxUt9UkmU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDKxUt9UkmU In what can only be deemed a shocking event, Edward Kelley has been reincarnated and reinstated (despite taking the easy way out) as the Airdrie United manager! We have the exclusive interview with the resurrected manager How does it feel to be back at the club you helped destroy and brought down to the depths of Scottish Football? It feels good to be managing again, if thats what you are asking. I was going insane sitting and waiting for my chance, I needed to seize the moment and retake my dream to lead the diamonds to promise land of Scottish soccer, i mean Scottish football! This is a GREAT club and they deserve a great manager such as myself. I plan to reverse any wrong I have done in my previous life, and thank the high voodoo priest who was able to bring me back from the dead and allow me to once again take the reigns for the diamonds. Your first job will be trying to get lowly Airdrie back into the second division where they belong, how do you plan on doing that? Considering most of the players that I signed at still at the club, it should not be as difficult as you have described. I plan on instilling my work ethic and discipline on the team, I believe in this team and they must believe in me if we are to succeed. This team needs to take it one game at a time, we can not look forward more than our next opponent, the only team worse than us, Montrose. Now there is a manager I do NOT envy, he is the only guy in a worse position than I am! Geez I know I suck, but at least i am not "Montrose" bad. Other managers have called you inexperienced and terrible, what do you have to say to them? I try to ignore what others say, they should be more concerned with their own teams and let me deal with my problems, because I have many of them. I think that with this group of players and the right tactics we can achieve great things! I do not mean to cut you off, but I have a game to manage!
  7. EUC Anglo-Scots 2011

    CLASSIFIEDS WANTED: One club to manage One manager looking for one club to manage, preferably in England or Scotland, will take anything. Contact Ed in the unemployment line if interested.
  8. BACK TO SQUARE ONE After being forced out of Oldham, Edward Kelley's name meant nothing. With no reputation to speak of Kelley has taken at job at the non-league side Margate. Despite the initial depression, Kelley has seen the brighter side and is looking to have succes with his new team.
  9. It is a bright new day in Oldham as legendary American Manager Ed Kelley has taken over the league 1 side. Oldham currently sit 2 points from safety and Kelley has made it his top priority to keep them in League 1. The Lactics fans are happy to have such a dedicated and determined manager try and save their club from embarrassing relegation.
  10. BREAKING NEWS FROM SOUTHPORT Today manager Ed Kelley has resigned his post at the club to take the job at League 1 side Oldham Athletic, more details to follow as they come in................
  11. The GREAT American Manager Ed Kelley takes over Southport After the sacking of scouser Neil Davis, The Southport FC board have named Ed Kelley as manager. After spending close to 2 seasons with AFC Hornchurch Kelley will try and lead the Sandgrounders to the Blue Square Premier. Kelley almost lead Southport to promotion, but fell short after losing in the playoff finals against Fergus Martin's AFC Telford. Though disappointed by the result, the future looks bright for Southport as one of the clear favorites to win the league. One competitor is fellow American manager Joe Guthrie of FC United, who Kelley does not see as much of a challenge.