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  1. i got into the shouts system pretty quickly and is a valuable tool (thank you si), you guys have assured me that my thinking of the system is correct. great guide guys and cant wait to read the full write up
  2. im sorry but from what i see of the crowds none if any are wearing team colours all i see are people (probably si staff wearing different coloured normal clothing proof1 proof 2
  3. i won my matches with huddersfield by first off having a system that suited my playing style which is a very fluid system, watching the full match, shouting stuff from touchline, every 15 minutes checking what my ass man wanted to tell me also understanding the half time team talk strategy. this has got me where i am in the league. i am not a 1st time user ive played fm since the very beginning and understand si tactical systems, i have also lost and drawn matches stupidly. i am also impressed with the way they have coded the players, as i have noticed that Jordan Rhodes loves heading more than shooting as he does in real life. i also look at their stats and am impressed by the stats layout where you can see their passing fazes in 3d which gives you a good idea of how they like to pass where they shoot from more successfully, what makes this version easier is the nice flowing menu's, ease of use which warms you into play it like 9-12 hours a day.
  4. how impressed am i on the demo- well i was upset 10 minutes ago when after beating west ham in the cup, 1st in division 1 after 24 games, and realising that my success has come from quickly understanding the tactics system, which i did after about 7 games, and suddenly realising that wow the feedback from my staff is amazing, with advice like playing a 4231 asometric and being told that leighton orient struggle against teams that play 442, play deep and other good info, i change the formation but keep my match tactics and see huddersfield town pull off a 6-0 demoliting, suddenly stopped and saved, oh no that means that the demo has finished. oh i also love watching from touchline in 3d, so my feedback is that im buying it for definately. and to show you how good ive done
  5. good to see you still at this Loversleaper, sorry i wasnt around to help, got a internet radio show that takes up my spare time, but im liking the fm10 tactics and may find time to do my premier manager set of tactics for 10
  6. so a good way to impliment the current system while still keeping it as is, is this_ if you make for example the width to your preference then why not have the go wider or narrower part of the sideline instructions greyed out or not there to be chosen.
  7. stvndysn

    wanted converter for 3d model format .sia

    thanks for that ? but as a modeller i have a pro converter, but still its no good because .sia is SI's own format and isnt released as public usage.............yet so SI please release the format converter so we modellers can create our own content, whether it be stadia, dugouts, nets or anything else in .sia format
  8. stvndysn

    wanted converter for 3d model format .sia

    not if we can make our own stadiums radestock dude, so like with the galpharm you would see the blue overhangs around the stadium and the general look of the stadium as well. then im sure it would be popular, i only need a converter to change it to .obj format and back to .sia
  9. stvndysn

    FM10 County Championship (EDITOR)

    the true name we in west yorkshire call ourselves are tykes
  10. will si be providing a converter so us 3d modellers can create more 3d stadiums in the 2010 version, i hope so then we can watch our matches with a more truer feel with the stadia that our team play in.
  11. stvndysn

    your dream for FM2011

    i would like to see a coach report after a training day telling me how the player did during training for example coach x-attacking coach player y put 15 balls out of 30 into net giving him 50/50 chance of scoring in next match, his one touch was excellent with 7-9 successful etc etc
  12. stvndysn

    A Player Interaction Idea

    not sure if it works but try training him in a left sided position, and ask him to run down left wing
  13. if you look at a managers stats in fmrte, you will notice some stats like playmaker, offside, and marking these are the tickable ones on the tactics screen. generally when i set up a managers tactic if their playmaker stat is below 14 i dont tick the box same with the others hope that helps