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  1. It doesn't look like there are any highlights. Guess it'll be down to a 30 second thing on Sky Sports News tomorrow morning:(
  2. It wouldn't improve the game. Not only could the players sue (and some would) but I'm sure if a 9 year old was playing and someone died, the parents would find a way to sue SI. Also it would leave that child distraught I would think. Finally, it wouldn't be fun for the majority of people, if their best player died and they went off form because the team was not dealing with it well. With regards to the retirement issue, I think that players have the option to retire for a reason, and if you take the age of your manager seriously and find it unrealistic, it is there. Others don't really care about the age, they just want to control teams. And age doesn't really make a difference in the game really:thup:
  3. Too much controversy

    Have you not seen the highlights of Fulham vs Blackpool yet?
  4. This is the best answer you'll get:thup: It's all to do with the shaping of the player.
  5. Didn't all the Chelsea players say the same under Mourinho?
  6. When you duplicate your save game with your invincible team and give it to your friend, go round their house, urging them to lose, and they go 1-0 down. 2 minutes added on, and on 95 minutes they get a dubious equaliser. Damn!
  7. He tackles the ball into the net. It's a well known tactic, where you kindly ask a member of the opposition team to stand over the ball and take a run up and tackle them. Such is the accuracy of the tackle, it goes in:thup:
  8. I think it is possible, beacause in last years version Patrick Vieira managed Arsenal (Very successfully) with a 3-5-2. This became the most popular formation around, so I believe it happens:thup:
  9. A goal that never was

    Screenshots / Video?
  10. What! You deleted it because of that. Ok, it may well be unfair to you, but put up with the losses until the next transfer window. Deleting the game because you are losing... Now that is cheating:rolleyes:
  11. I think everyone missed the in my comment:thup:
  12. The reason you can't buy good german players is simple... There are none;)
  13. lol at this game

    I don't really think you can blame this on FM. You may have become complacent after winning easily, and FM didn't crash your computer:rolleyes:
  14. World Cup Disasters

    I just finished my world cup. My team were hopeless and I nearly brought on a potato for my CB. Anyway, I've got to get a plane home now. Fabio
  15. What's the name of that game? If it has doping in it, I fancy a play:D