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  1. yes fa trophy final, thanks for reply! it was a good help on my finances winning was even better
  2. Quick question, I am Bromley and I have an average attendance of 400, I am playing Newport County who have an average attendance of 2200, the cup final has 22,000, How will this money be distributed? and will i receive much of the ticket money? Any help greatly appreciated
  3. A very tall 14 year old

    at 14 years of age both these stats are highly unrealistic.
  4. A very tall 14 year old

    15stones? is he morbidly obese at 14?
  5. as soon as you comment your team ends up being beat lol
  6. same tactics you go from dominating every game to being dominated... is that what happend to chelsea?
  7. tactici work for around ten games then boom, you lose every game absolute nonsense
  8. has anyone had a problem with injuries ?
  9. how realistic would that be?
  10. its a joke this is because SI do not check for bugs before they release patches, this is a major bug IMO but they make us wait until february till they release the final patch, hey what do they care they have our money already!
  11. if you played that without cheating thats impressive but it does look a bit suspect hmm? lol
  12. yes it is a bit strange and only 7 long shots weird one.
  13. I don't think the picture is loading so here is a link http://img812.imageshack.us/i/rangersvdundeeutdstatsm.png/
  14. In my current save i have a Rangers side who are Champions League contenders as i have alot of great players, the SPL is getting kinda boring though as I am the only team who wants to improve Celtic are nearly the same squad as they had when i started my save and are kinda crap. lol But this is my best ever result in the League, What is your best result in a competitive match?