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  1. Hello Guys from SI, any news regarding this? Thanks
  2. Hello guys, Please check and improve Depor's U19 players, as they are the best in Spain so far, winning the league this season. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.marca.com/futbol/cantera/2021/06/27/60d8727eca4741737a8b45ff.html Thanks and regards.
  3. Hello there, https://www.riazor.org/claves-primera-rfef-fichas-mercado-sustituciones-playoff-ascenso/ Crystal clear! Hope to have that working for FM22. It's June yet. No excuses for a company of the size and quality of SI. PS.: We need also to be allowed to use our B team players, like in real life. This is a bug from years with no solution until now from your side. Thanks.
  4. It is really disappointing to see SI indifference to all these major bugs in the Spanish league. It is still unplayable and they simply ignore us. Customer Experience? Below zero. The registration bug for B Teams is there for more than three years in a row. Sad to see SI acting this way. Never buying the game again, after more than 20 years playing.
  5. Hello @Freddie Sands, any news about this serious bug, present for at least 4 years, since you changed the B teams to independent, but not following real life rules? I am not lying. Please check mine and other messages in the league specific forums for FM20, 19, 18 etc. I've just got a in game message reply from Valeron, my B team manager, who recently joined Depor and is one of our icons, that he is not interested in renewing with Depor B, as is it not a favorite team for him. That's why we are saying that B team's system in Spain is completely broken and the game is not playable. He is
  6. Fantastic example, Vinicius and Oihan Sancet. This is real life. And within the game, you should be able to call up a registered B team player, under 23, even without moving him to A team, and just filtering B team players under the main squad selection screen. As I told you before, sometimes, in real life, you do not really "move" a player to A or B squad, you just call him up for a match, alongside other 20 players, for instance, if you are in need of him or short of effectives in some positions. Please, @Stephen Glennon, check this point and return to us, with a due date. You can
  7. Hello there! Please @Stephen Glennon, @FrazT, @Ed Hewison, etc. When will we be able to use our B players, according to the real life rules, in FM? We have been raising this issue for at least 4 years / editions of the game, including here ate the forums, and you do not pay attention or take care of it. It affects the game experience in Spain too hard to be forgotten. I would like please to have a proper answer, as I am a huge fan of you from SI and buy the game since CM series. Myself and my colleagues @aboudiaby and @noincophydr are also eagerly waiting for a decen
  8. Guys, Please check. After last update, in my tactic of high pressing, the two forwards go press the opposition goalkeeper at the same time, and before not. Only one shall press the keeper. Thanks.
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