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  1. Hello, Hugo Novoa is missing at RB Leipzig. He is 16 at season's start, but there is a 15 year old, and two other 16 year old players at Leipzip U19. He is a spanish guy who currently plays for U17 national team. Deportivo La Coruña has some money to receive if he plays for the senior team, and also a percentage of any future fee on him. https://www.transfermarkt.com.br/hugo-novoa/profil/spieler/668276 https://www.laopinioncoruna.es/deportivo/2019/09/28/nueva-vida-leipzig-joyas-abegondo/1439090.html https://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/torremarathon/2020/01/28/mimbres-deportivo-2025/00031580233931961741534.htm Please create and add him. Thanks
  2. Hello @Freddie Sands and @Christopher Lewis, Any news about topic 2? Thanks and regards
  3. Hi @Christopher Lewis I've just uploaded the file "B players x spanish cup.fm". It is from August, as I did not have any closer save to December. Thanks. And what about B team players registration bug? Kind regards
  4. Hello guys, could you please check? Playing with Deportivo, in second division. 1) B players were in holiday in mid December, so could not be selected for Copa del Rey first round. In real life they were. Maybe it is related only to b teams not in active leagues (third division in this case). 2) I could register B team players only during the first transfer window. Some months later or even now during January window, the option is gone, and it not seems related to any staff responsibility change. 3) I've been reporting this for two years and not corrected till now. Under 25 goalkeepers, registered for B teams shall be able to play for A team. All other positions U23, ok. Waiting for your thoughts on this. Many thanks and kind regards.
  5. Guys, Please check. After last update, in my tactic of high pressing, the two forwards go press the opposition goalkeeper at the same time, and before not. Only one shall press the keeper. Thanks.
  6. Please, regarding staff, we need the following adjustments for Deportivo: CT A: Remove Hernando: https://www.laopinioncoruna.es/deportivo/2019/07/17/nueva-etapa-preparacion-fisica-hernando/1420204.html https://twitter.com/juliogolazo https://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/torremarathon/2019/10/08/alejandro-esteve-sera-segundo-entrenador-luis-cesar/00031570523933178104139.htm MT A: Remove Dieguez and Alvarino, add Carbó: https://www.rcdeportivo.es/osnosos/plantilla/rc-deportivo/3 Scouting A: Please remove Tito, Belo and Devesa, and add the ones below as possible: https://www.laopinioncoruna.es/deportivo/2019/05/16/tito-ramallo-sofia-toro-candidatura/1402435.html https://www.rcdeportivo.es/noticia/configuracion-del-departamento-de-captacion-del-deportivo-para-esta-temporada https://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/torremarathon/2019/09/23/deportivo-organigrama-futbol-base-captacion/00031569259070127807105.htm For B, there is a bug posted, so I can't see the members to comment... U19: All 5 members, from Manager to Physio shall be adjusted: https://www.rcdeportivo.es/anosacanteira/juvenil-a/plantilla-juvenil-a/juvenil-a/3 Regarding the Sponsorship table for spanish second division, there is also a problem, as most of teams does not have money from sponsor, and Depor is 1st, where shall not, at least considering the new rich Almeria. @Zoiberg, are these points regarding transfers, players in and out and staff being checked? I've got no answer from you since August 14th. Many thanks. Kind regards,
  7. Hello! I have also checked B & U19 teams: Please insert in (missing players): 1) Adri (on loan at Ourense): http://www.ourensecf.es/articulo/futbol-11/adri-castro-llega-ourense-cf/20190820182609080637.html 2) Youssouf Yalike (recent signing): https://www.rcdeportivo.es/anosacanteira/fabril/plantilla-fabril/fabril https://www.rcdeportivo.es/noticia/los-penaltis-sonrien-al-fabril-en-astorga https://twitter.com/ivanantelo/status/1165338380466565129 Please move out: 1) Sito https://www.elprogreso.es/articulo/deporte-local-lugo/racing-vilalbes-refuerza-centrocampista-javier-sanda/201907201338181388223.html https://www.transfermarkt.es/alex-pais/profil/spieler/520398 2) Iago Lopez https://www.transfermarkt.com/iago-lopez/profil/spieler/572299 3) Javi Sanda https://www.elprogreso.es/articulo/deporte-local-lugo/racing-vilalbes-refuerza-centrocampista-javier-sanda/201907201338181388223.html 4) Oscar Lorenzo https://www.rcdeportivo.es/anosacanteira/juvenil-a/plantilla-juvenil-a/juvenil-a https://www.transfermarkt.pt/oscar-lorenzo/profil/spieler/561643 Thanks!
  8. Hello There! There is a problem with Diego Rolan in the beta DB, as he is on loan at Juarez from Depor, and not from Tigres: https://www.rcdeportivo.es/noticia/rolan-jugara-la-temporada-2019-2020-cedido-en-el-fc-juarez https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/diego-rolan/profil/spieler/193938 https://www.marca.com/claro-mx/futbol/liga-mx/2019/09/03/5d6e7f4ce2704ec4368b45e3.html https://www.facebook.com/BravoFanFTV/photos/a.1732330770334604/2447795185454822/?type=3&theater There is also a problem with Salva Ruiz, as he has a definitive contract with Depor, but in the game he is on loan from Valencia. https://www.rcdeportivo.es/noticia/salva-ruiz-nuevo-jugador-del-depor-2019-2020 https://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/torremarathon/2019/09/01/salva-ruiz-firma-tres-temporadas-deportivo/00031567350471947849740.htm https://www.transfermarkt.com.br/salva-ruiz/profil/spieler/162063 https://www.valenciacf.com/en/article/en-official-statement-i-salva-ruiz-2019-09-02. Thanks & Regards
  9. Suggestions: 1) Option to allow or not "B team" manager to contract / buy new players; 2) Another player search option similar to "EU nationality", but called "Do not count as foreign". As in Spain African players are not considered foreigners, this option would help a lot; Regards
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