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  1. Thanks would this be able to handle fm and more graphic based titles such as cod?
  2. Hi, I am looking for a new computer with a budget at around 1200 quid. I'd like it to play fm well but also manage different games with higher graphics functioning. It can be a laptop or desktop whichever offers better value for money in terms of performance. I have little experience in this area so any help would be much appreciated.
  3. I'm 22 and been playing since fm 07 (feels a lot longer than it probably is) with luck i'll have plenty more years ahead of me (certainly next year as am a student and completing my Masters degree) still on fm 15 as i've got a 15 year save going which i want to keep on with
  4. I made York City premiership champions for 3 years running, had an FA cup, a League cup and a Uefa cup as well, it took about 8 years to get into the prem following back to back promotions i was stuck in the championship for 5 years:) Unfortunately i never won the champions league, i got to the quarter final before being battered by the holders Juventus who went on to win it again.
  5. The best example i can give of a relatively late bloomer is paul corry for my york city team. I picked him up on a free in league 1 after he was released from sheffield wednesday when he was 24, he went on to make over 350 appearances for my team of which 84 were in the premiership. He was part of my fa cup and community shield winning team and went on to appear for the republic of Ireland 45 times and played in the European Championships, he was made their captain and inducted into their overall best eleven as well.
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem with fm 16, on my game the circles which represent player suitability for the role have disappeared except for my goalkeeper and striker? Is there any way to resolve this as it is really frustrating. It also seems to be the case that player suitability for a role in the player information screen no longer appears and just states no suitable role instead. I realise these issues aren't game breaking but they are annoying.
  7. I don't know if you just mean AI teams or if you also include people controlling their teams in this. If it's a broader person controlling team I'd have to disagree as my Annan Athletic team constantly hit the channels with a long ball
  8. I'm not sure if derby would sell at the moment even with 17 million on the table, as a derby fan I don't think derby would sell will for anything less than 20 tbh, he is under a long contract and is a valuable asset and we don't need the money. On playing the game each game is up to the individual player it's up to you I've found a few gems signed for a couple of million and sold for a lot more. I myself don't watch youth games but that's because my youth standards (york city) still aren't up to much. I'm not sure if it makes players want to come more, i just compliment them a lot and hopefully they come.
  9. I'm currently in my 12th year at york city. We're defending the premier league title (won it last year) , and have won the uefa cup (last year) and fa cup (2 seasons ago). I've just drawn with real madrid at the bernabeu, something I'm quite proud of. I'm hoping to get at least one more year in charge before fm 16 comes out.
  10. Personally i have found fm 15 to be the most rewarding fm I've ever played. I've only been playing since fm 07 (am now 21 so was 14 when i started), while previous football managers were really good fun and in their own way challenging, it is only this year I've really stuck with a club and experimented with various formations with different degrees of success. While I think I've done well in taking york city to the premiership winning an FA cup and entering europe in a decade of coming to the club I've also had to contend with some serious problems. I've lost automatic promotion 3 times on the last day of the season, and have only gone up through the playoffs once in those scenarios. I was stuck in the championship for 5 seasons, and lost automatic promotion on the last day twice in a row. While I have survived the premiership with ease, in my second season of the premiership we finished considerably lower than in my first year with a lower points total and that result warranted a major rethink of my play and rebuild of my squad. I've put around 1,000 hours into this, i've been fortunate with time after taking a year out of university on medical grounds so i have had plenty of time to invest in this particular game and save. It has filled my imagination and has been 10 times as magical as any of my previous football manager saves and games. It has took more time to really achieve something, the game is harder (still not hard enough in my view) and it requires more time especially if you start lower down the league system. However, I believe the rewards are ever greater if you can stick with it. I do think at the moment football manager seems to be at a point where it is split between players who don't quite have the time or don't want to play the full fat mode and those who either have the time and/or want everything loaded into the game. I think FMC will become an ever important and growing part of fm and that's great as it gives everyone the chance to play the game as they want to.
  11. My longest save is tied between one I have now and a previous one in fm 12. In fm 12 I started as Brighton, got to the playoffs, lost and was sacked the following season. I then managed yeovil and resigned due to no money being available and my players leaving one by one, then i signed for notts county got them up and left a mere 6 months after taking the job. I ended up back at brighton, took them up as champions and resigned 7 games into the new season, I applied for the chelsea job and got it. Finished 6th in my first season (took over mid season) but did manage a di matteo like champions league run, getting to the final before being dismantled. Built a team which won the league for 3 straight years, 2 league cups, 1 fa cup final, and another champions league final (lost both of the finals) I resigned, and left for AC Milan before my game crashed. My other save is with york city this year, am in my 11th season in the premiership and with an FA cup and community shield to my name. Lost in the champions league qualifying stage but lost to fenerbahce, an underserved defeat which has annoyed me. Am playing in a new ground which holds 25,000 seats and with luck will be challenging for the title again, and maybe some european silverware as well. My York city save is the one I am really attached to and will not walk away until I'm fired or have won everything several times.
  12. I don't think you can become addicted in the medical sense of the term. I don't think your body would have a negative reaction if you stopped playing football manager for a week, unlike with alcoholics and drug addicts. I think the game is magical, and you can form emotional attachments with your team which means it's intensely pleasurable to play, however i wouldn't class it as an addiction.
  13. I have great memories of my first fm game, which was fm 2007. However i have never gone back, and that's because while it seemed brilliant at the time, now i doubt it would. Nostalgia is the key in these games i find, without it you're just playing quite an old game.
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