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  1. On FM18 I started a save in which I decided to never renew a contract, it lead to manage Olympiacos, Roma, Wolfsburg, Sporting Lisbon, Juventus and finally Real Madrid. I never spent more than 4 years at any of those clubs. I've done the same thing ever since and I really enjoy it.
  2. For what it's worth, I load every top division in Europe, start unemployed and holiday the first season until the beginning of June and then look to take over a club whose manager has left. My latest attempt at this method has seen me take over AEK Athens on FM20 and I'm really enjoying it. It's actually quite a good way to experience new leagues, although I have managed in Greece before on FM18.
  3. Appreciate your reply, but not on Touch.. At least not on FM20 anyway lol
  4. Seriously, can we PLEASE have the function to stop friendlies being arranged for us? I am sick and tired of cancelling friendly after friendly arranged 2 days before European qualifiers!!!
  5. Came on to ask the exact same question. Strange that Steam don't have it really. @GavinG thanks for the link!
  6. You sir, are my new hero! I tip my hat to you 👌
  7. So I'm in a place with no Internet so boot up Steam to play FM in offline mode only to get a message telling me to go online to go offline? Any suggestions? I played offline every day here a couple of weeks ago and never had this!
  8. After a lot of thinking about whether I wanted to continue my stay in France, I decided to keep it going and see what, if anything I can do with Ajaccio. Now that I've had a preseason under my belt and have been able to ship out some players and improve on the squad, I'm hopeful that we can stay up - although I'd rather not let it go down to the final game this season! This season's squad: It's a trimmed down squad from last year with either players being sold or moved to the 2nd team if I couldn't find a buyer. Speaking of transfers: I'm particularly exci
  9. That's a fine season there. PSG looked ridiculous though! We're you responsible for either of their defeats?
  10. Hopefully we'll see you back! I must admit that I have struggled to get into ACA, I've literally just finished the season and avoided relegation on the final day. I'm trying to decide whether to stick with it at the moment.
  11. I'm only halfway through season 2 in my current save but they came 2nd in the league, Arsenal won it - yes you read that right! They did win the Champions League and the Super Cup though. They currently sit 3rd after 21 games.
  12. I think the kit men forgot to speak to each other before the game...
  13. Thanks @Jogo Bonito, I'm looking forward to the challenge! Naturally, the football gods saw fit to arrange my first match as manager of AC Ajaccio against the club that recently sacked me, it went OK I guess:
  14. OK so I know I said "tomorrow" on Wednesday but I like to keep the tension up lol. My manager applied for jobs in Belgium, Spain and Italy but was unsuccessful in all of them. Offers from Paris FC and Troyes were rejected, not because I didn't want to drop down but because I was waiting on other jobs. Then, an offer out of the blue. Or Red and White.... The next destination for my manger will be somewhat further south on the Island of Corsica: Cruelly denied promotion in the real world, AC Ajaccio finished 2nd in Ligue 2 in my first game season to earn promot
  15. There is movement on the job front, tune in tomorrow to find out....
  16. Well it's all over. Our form was awful as yet again we simply couldn't win away from home and it finally bit me. I am now looking for a new job. The poor results saw us languishing in 16th place which was enough for the Chairman to pull the trigger. I will continue this save, whether I get another role in France though remains to be seen...
  17. @Jogo Bonito as requested, this is my current squad...
  18. Guess who's back, back again So I haven't played FM for ages but have picked up with my ASSE save from where I last posted. Preseason has come to an end and we are now ready to take on the season ahead. We had some mixed results but I haven't really read too much into them. This summer also saw the inaugural ASSE Trophy which is basically a rip off of the Amsterdam/Emirates Cup format. We invited Dortmund, Arsenal and Santander (They're a feeder club). Somewhat to my surprise we overcame Dortmund in the semi, Diony hitting a hat-trick in a 3-2 win. In the final, Arsenal and Lacazett
  19. In more transfer news, Bayern wouldn't sanction a loan move for Zirkzee, so I managed to grab this guy instead
  20. I think FM has got itself confused lol Apparently I've had him on loan twice?
  21. Transfer window has opened... I agreed a deal for Kane back in January and actually forgot about it! I decided to make Kolodziejczak's loan permanent, he was a solid performer last season and for £3.9m it was a no-brainer. Koch has come in as Saliba's replacement and I'm really pleased with this one. I expect Koch and Kolo to be my first choice pairing. I tried to bring in a transfer listed Seferovic from SLB but he was demanding ridiculous wages so that fell through. The search for a striker continues, I tried to get Zirkzee in on loan but for some reason I was only all
  22. In case anyone is interested, this is how things finished around some of the European leagues. No major surprises, except one perhaps..
  23. @Ronaldo Beckham solid season overall My first season has finally come to an end, a 7th place finish was about right as that's basically where we sat for the majority of it. I will be having a good look at the squad and seeing which of the younger B Team players could come through. My biggest priority is to land a new striker, even if only on loan. I was surprised that Aholou won the PotY to be honest, don't get me wrong, he's definitely been a consistent performer but still surprising nonetheless. I'm going to have a long hard look at my tactics over the summ
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