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  1. raymondafc

    City are awful on this game!!!!

    Might be worth researching as to whether the 2 are linked in any way
  2. raymondafc

    A career in England?! Fire and Blood!

    Just caught up with this, Basingstoke is only 20 minutes down the road so it perked my interest. I actually knew 4/5 of their squad many years ago (post FM days!) Keep it up, really interesting read!
  3. raymondafc

    City are awful on this game!!!!

    FWIW, in my current long term save they've done ok with 4/5 Premier League wins and 3 Champions League titles in a row. Throw in a couple of FA Cups, Club World Cups for good measure. Having said that, it all happened AFTER Guardiola left (sacked) in around season 2 if I recall. I'm now in 2027 & this happened in the last 7 years. I can't say who is in charge now as I'm playing a different save and don't want to exit it due to the well known "team collapse when you save and exit bug"
  4. I thought my exertions in Peru were good until I saw some of the countries in here!
  5. raymondafc

    What's your manager name?

    I use my real name but I used to have an alter ego called Helmut Polischer when I managed St Pauli
  6. raymondafc

    Out of contract players

    I always remove the unused sub clause plus any yearly pay increases with no issues. Will have to try the appearance fee one as well though!
  7. raymondafc

    FM19 Discussions Thread!

    The opportunity to transfer my FM earnings into my actual bank account would be a welcome addition..
  8. Historically I only manage 2 or 3 seasons but am currently in July 2024 and showing no signs of getting bored yet. I keep changing club once my contract expires(although I have been sacked once lol) and I think that's helping this time. I have 1 year left with my current team Sporting & I have already added the South American leagues as I plan to spend a few years there before returning to Europe. In fact this is shaping up to potentially be my longest ever FM save - my record is 16 seasons on FM09.
  9. I've just had one of those "up yours" moments on FM which brings a huge grin to my face! Currently playing a travelling man game which has so far taken in Olympiakos, Roma, Wolfsburg & currently Sporting Lisbon. I did OK in Greece, 1 cup & 1 title in 2 seasons. Italy saw no trophies but a cup runners up medal and 2 x 3rd place finishes before I foresaw a financial collapse and didn't renew my expiring contract. Then I went to Germany where I always fail miserably in the Bundesliga for some reason and this was no different as I was sacked in February 2023 with the club in the bottom half whilst the board expected Champions League (was never going to happen with that squad!) I rejected a few 2nd tier jobs in England and Germany before I was offered the role at Sporting who had finished 3rd in the previous season and sacked their manager. Having never attempted a Portuguese team I thought, why not? I cleared out a load of dead wood/players over 35 - they had loads! Brought in a handful of young & hungry lads with the promise of winning the title (that is to say that the board demanded it) and somehow, my team of youngsters & few older heads kept it together and we were crowned champions of Portugal with 2 games to spare and followed it up with a win in the cup final! Wolfsburg? Got relegated to 2. Liga...Up yours
  10. raymondafc

    Fans wearing some dodgy kit.

    I once managed Arsenal and we played Man City at home & either a bucket load of City fans had got in or 90% of the Arsenal fans were wearing the away kit lol
  11. Ah yes you could be right, the barefoot thing came from the 1948 Olympics, FIFA banned the practice before the 1950 WC.... I was pretty close though
  12. "Technically" India did qualify in 1950 but withdrew before the tournament. I may have dreamt this, but I'm sure it was because they wanted to play barefoot but FIFA wouldn't allow it!
  13. It was in Australia in my current save. Won by England too!
  14. raymondafc

    Arsenal Signings Help

    https://community.sigames.com/topic/417519-fm18-arsenal-victoria-concordia-crescit/ Ask these guys...