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  1. Hi. I am still on FM2017, but what I want to know is, is there a view whereby I can see the total squad value of my team? Just interested to see how I compare to other teams.
  2. If you upload the image to the link of the jpg it works, ie: http://i.imgur.com/yJ6Cn85.jpg?1
  3. Is there a way to add a column under the squad screen to show the media description, and so easily tell which players are labelled wonderkids?
  4. I have just had the most entertaining match ever in all the years I have been playing CM/FM. Down 6-1 at half time, thought all was lost. Switched to direct passing, made some subs, and I end up winning 7-6! What are your most entertaining matches?
  5. So if I sign him in July 2019 on a three year deal, he becomes an EU player in 2020. Would I need to offer a new contract in 2020?
  6. Hi, Does anyone know when Serbia join the EU in FM 2016? I'm in 2019 and I've agreed to sign a great player, but he has been denied a work permit, as he is Serbian and has not played enough games for his national team. I can still sign him now, but don't want to waste money on him if Serbia won't join the EU for a while. Does anyone know when it has been coded for Serbia to join the EU in FM 2016?
  7. Thanks all for your input. What made me think of a MAC is the getting sick of the constant windows updates, the fact that everyone has a windows PC (and therefore a greater target for malware etc), and also the fact I have always had windows PC's / laptops - but never had a MAC. I guess it is more of curiosity than anything, but I do also have iphone / tablet which is why I was thinking of maybe taking the MAC route, but based on comments here, it seems better to spend the money on a higher spec laptop than pay for the apple name.
  8. Cool. Is an Macbook ok for Football manager or is the windows laptops better? Anyone with Macbook experience?
  9. I have had windows laptops for yonks now and it is time to upgrade. I am tinkering with the idea of moving to a macbook, but if I did - would I need to buy another version of FM, or can I simply install Steam and install from there?
  10. Can I set my tactics up so that my forwards have lots of creative freedom, with my defence having none?
  11. The thing that annoys me is the fact that if I acted like the AI did to me, I would never buy or sell any players. The AI will only ever bid at least 20% less than his "value" and will refuse to negotiate. With me, despite scouting, analysing and bidding on numerous players, I will always get a straight reject from the AI until the bid is at least 20% more than his value. It should be an equal balance between buying and selling between me and AI and I can't say that it is at the moment.
  12. I agree the value is only what someone would pay for him and that value shown is an estimate. Why can't have a range of what your assistant / coaches think he will sell for in the current climate, should the right buyer come along, much in the same way as your scouts would tell you about a range in value of players you scout. The could even say thing like "the players value is relatively low due to his short contract" (or something similar). This would help a player understand why the bids are so low, rather than just accepting "thats the way it is".
  13. But this is where you are selling the player. When the game tells you this is his value, a lot of people assume that is his value - what you would sell him for. The problem is your range is vastly different from the AI's. If the game stated a range for the players you own it would make things easier to understand.
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