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    Yes, Conan is my real name.
    Born and raised in Leamington, UK now living with my Kiwi wife in NZ.
    Played FM/CM since 01/02. More of a casual player now as I have 3 kids which take up my FM time :(

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  1. Amazing work Ben. I've been following your threads for a long time. Sorrentino looks like a potential world beater, and surely will be in your hands. In FM I've always been a fan of we'll balanced midfielders similar to Austin. Over the last few years I've really enjoyed utilising players like Capoue and Doucoure (usually runs Watford save to learn new features) as they were nicely balanced and could contribute across the whole pitch.
  2. Hey @bluestillidie00, amazing skin as always. Is there a way to adjust background opacity if we have a background pack installed?
  3. Gee, I think you should just enjoy your save buddy. I know you have your OCD thing with tactics so I would hope this edit wouldn't then have you doubting a new save a month down the line. Just enjoy yourself mate
  4. I see that Leamington aren't on any of your lists of local sides?
  5. Is this the kind of save where you'd be tempted to do club and Intl management to raise the standard of the league/players? I agree with how much of a bore Intl management is though
  6. Looks awesome! Happy to wait until its all finished. Top work as usual!!
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