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    Yes, Conan is my real name. Born and raised in Leamington, UK now living with my Kiwi wife in NZ. Played FM/CM since 01/02. More of a casual player now as I have amid which takes up my FM time :(

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    Dunedin, NZ


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    Love anything football; FM, books etc. Futsal too. Xbox; no FIFA though- Forza, BF, Destiny.

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  1. Good to see another Boreham Wood manager. I've done a youth only with them. About 12 seasons in and I've made it to the premier league just. Very good team to use, based around London so large player pool to get newgens from and facilities early in are good too! KUTGW
  2. I always do a Watford save each year. I made a 41221 with high press and a lot of runs from midfield and having fullbacks overlapping and we did well, finishing in 5th I think. I brought in De Ligt on big wages and Tonali to develop and take over from Capoue/Cleverley. Really should have invested more in the back line. Masina did fairly well, Kabasele was wanted by Chelsea and PSG for a while and Doucoure was immense all season long. Provided he stays fit, Deulofeu will be a £60m player within a season playing either a winger or IF down the right. Always good fun to do a Watford save!
  3. I will be chucking this in next time I boot up the old computer. Your 4141 has dragged my Leamington team all the way up from Van South to 7th in BPL within 8/9 years. I have no doubt the performance and football will be excellent!
  4. Rosler and JD, great progress so far! I felt that after getting from Van National to EPL in 7 seasons I had done something dodgy but obviously this isn't the case. The tactic isn't exploitive in anyway, plays good football and just works. In my 1st season in EPL with Leamington in mid-Jan were 8th!
  5. My word this tactic is incredible! I'm 7 seasons I've gone from National League South to the Premier League. Twice getting promoted through Playoffs but I've just rounded out my inaugural Championship season as winners with 92 points! I haven't tweaked anything and rarely change mentality. I've found that well rounded wide midfielders can make this tactic really work. Great work Mr U
  6. I'm about to start second season in League 2 with Leamington with a team which is at best mid table Vanarama National. Used other versions up to this point and they've worked well!!
  7. A lot of assists coming from the right hand side. What influenced that?
  8. Great work as always Rosler. Just turned Pro in the Vanarama National and this tactic combined with your training schedules is seeing so good results and improvements across the board!
  9. I hope your daughter recovers Cleon, FM and forums are hugely irrelavant in comparison to your family and their health.
  10. Amazing work so far Marc!! Out of curiosity, do you instant result your games? You fly though the seasons!! 😁
  11. Firstly, Smurf I have been following this thread for a few months and the amount of effort you put in here is incredible! Secondly, I'm hoping to get your thoughts on the following laptop: https://www.noelleeming.co.nz/shop/computers-tablets/laptops/laptop/hp-15-cx0031tx-15-6-pavilion-power-laptop/prod163363.html I work at this retailer in NZ and can pick this up for $2142. Converted to GBP its roughly £1102. I need the laptop for FM19 and my wife needs it for Genetic analysis work which requires a beasty processor. Any guidance would be hugely appreciated!
  12. What I had to do was use a VPN to change my location to UK. Then I was able to buy the game (after calling my bank to unblock my card for fraud - Voidu may not be a big enough reseller yet) and change my Steam store location to the UK. As this is the only game I play on Steam this won't affect overly affect me.
  13. Steevo, what region was it originally showing as, and where did you change your location to? I have contacted their customer support, but they haven't been overly helpful yet!
  14. It's showing within the site as US version, so maybe not global. I'll try and find a way to change it to non US
  15. Does anyone know if the Voidu key is global or just US? I'm based in NZ
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