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  1. FM15: HSV - Reviving the Dinosaur

    Hi guys, I was reading some threads here and I've got 2 questions. How come VdV performs better (can we say this?) as TQ? Shouldn't he be more suitable and perform better as Enganche or Advanced Playmaker? What's the matter with Rajkovic contract situation? I mean, in game you can't renew him at all? He will never renew even if you play him? What happened in real life that caused this? Thanks.
  2. It was 230 vs 230. Had to vote, couldn't resist. Anyhow it's not simply SI's decision to decide when the game has to be released. They're the developers, not the publishers, and it's not that they have full control of deadlines, they have investors they have to answer to.
  3. Let's name some players: Gervinho, Villa maybe? So basically it's just a wide forward that "moves into channels" without strict defensive tasks? Like many african forwards?
  4. Italy & Co-Ownership

    It's not needed, but I was going to post here the same info, and I'd like to confirm 100% as this is the only post in this thread, just to avoid people going to search for confirmation or sources. I think at SI they're going to have a party because of this.
  5. Not necessary. A 4411 can be better than a 4141 or worse than a 433 with 3 strikers. It's not an absolute.
  6. W-M Revisited for FM14

    The "corner spot" was just to be understood what I was talking about ;p It's not about having a striker as a winger, it's about having a striker in a wide position. That "corner spot" is a spot at the same line of a striker, so someone might logically think that a striker is natural in that spot. In previous FM it wasn't clear which position was the correct one, now we know it's winger. Just wanted some clear info on what the system feedback is when using some players (strikers and wingers) in that position. Seems like SI fixed it.
  7. W-M Revisited for FM14

    Ok so that corner spot is 100% a winger spot, not a striker spot, you can't even give a striker role I suppose? Thanks.
  8. W-M Revisited for FM14

    Hi just a question regarding the very first screenshot and the wide forwards. You use Chamberlain and Walcott, if you put a "striker only" player (like Giroud?) which colour line does appear? A green one? Does he fit? Moreover in match what does the assman says to you with those players in that wide position? Are they out of position or not? Because I remember a problem in previous FM versions: in the tactic screen a striker appears to fit there, in match the assman says he doesn't.
  9. In a GK player screen, are Technique and another attribute missing?
  10. You don't need (or should not need) to know the CA cost because as a simple user, as a mere FM player those are not transparent info you have access to. You NEVER see or have a single reference to CA while playing the game, have you ever notice that? ;p Those are "behind-the-scene" info you discover if you use the editor or other not-official software.
  11. Experienced myself in many FM years, that's why I confirmed that Cleon gave you the correct info. That's how it works. It simply works this way. The players with "both feet" have a drop (or better say limit) to the max attributes they can reach in order to balance the thing. You'll never get a 2 footed player with the same monstrous attributes of a wonder player with "1 foot" or "only 1 foot". 2 footed players are limited this way. If he's 20 yrs old you can still expect some attribute improvement just don't expect that much in the medium/long term. Of course FM14 is out since not much, so we still need to check any changes regarding this topic.
  12. 124 - 118 = 6 In Campbell screenshots it's 5. Of course there's not any official documentation since this kind of information is part of the game code and is under copyright and trademark and everything. SI will never say something about it officially. Researchers should know those infos but they can't give it to you, the weight of every attribute (how much CA they "eat") can't be officially disclose. You can get this kind of info with reverse engineering and real time editors, which means a lot of testing. Note: I can be wrong with what I'm writing, don't take it 100% for sure.
  13. I need to correct myself, if you click with the left button the dropdown menu shows different name roles for the player. Why is that?
  14. The exploit thing is what OP is debating, and it's more than simply the "far post" setting, anyhow. Regarding the rest, it's harder to cross at far post than at near post, that's why most corners result in a clearance there or before halfway. About the "near post is more strongly defended"... I'm not so sure of this, at least I'm referring in FM. We simply set "mark tall players" or "come back", so we are not truly defining zonal positions to our defenders, it's a reflection of how opposition moves. Moreover if a user sets his stronger players on the far posts we can logically assume that the best defenders are positioned in the far post zone, because of the 1:1 corner settings we can set (and it's the same as AI). And we still have to remember that SI locked the available offensive options to prevent such exploits, so we can set only one player to every specific offensive corner setting (apart "go forward" and "stay back" of course) OP has cited something like "1 goal every 5 corner", if he can confirm those stats somehow a review is not a nonsense. Of course we need an analysis if what needs a review is the offensive or the defensive side.
  15. It's like Cleon says, being 2 footed uses CA at a cost of attributes drop. In your case it uses 6 CA if you've reported correctly. edit: I know see the Campbell example. It's correct that both CA and Foot ratings are raising. It's like when a player is increasing his attributes, the attributes are raising and they occupy some CA and CA can raise as much as PA. With Foot it's the same, when that value raises it occupies some CA, so CA raises too.