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  1. Hi there Ruci, I can't seem to make myself as the England manager & there's a crash dump when i tried to switch the England staffs as well....
  2. Woohoo.... Thanx Ruci... Can't wait for it.... Very interested to find out all the new stuff we can edit with the new version....
  3. If i'm not mistaken all u have to do is change one of the other value (eg. Fav Team) to other nationality and select a nation
  4. Darn.... but thanks for the info
  5. Can't wait for the release... Downloading the latest patch so i can use the latest FMRTE.. But does anyone know if the patch will update the pre-game editor too?? Wanna change some stuff that FMRTE can't do (Yet...) LOL
  6. Will there be an option to add the "prefered moves", to edit human manager's stats, change club name and maybe future transfers?
  7. Hi Ruci.... Just wanna thank you for a wonderful editor.... Best in the business now.... Can't wait for the new one!! Cheers mate!!
  8. Hi Ruci, Tried launching the FMRTE v2.0.0088 but everytime it says "a problem caused the program to stop working correctly" and it doesn't launch.... Help........
  9. Ruci, Is there another link to download FMRTE?? Can't seem to download from the rapidshare link.... Thanks
  10. Hi does anyone have another link besides rapidshare?? can't seem to download it.... Thanks a million
  11. Ruci... You're the man!!! Wat a waste i won't be able to download it tomorrow coz i'll be leaving for a 4day cruise.... 4 days away from FM09 that i just got yesterday..... Aaarrgh.....
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