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  1. Ive just got mine. Pre loading it with Steam and im gonna have to wait till 00:00 :'(
  2. Big name players to miss the WC

    Titus Bramble
  3. Provisional Squad Announcements

    6 Spurs players
  4. On Steam it downloads so much quicker than torrent download.
  5. Carlton Cole Stephen Ireland
  6. Real Madrid have offered £50m for Anderson after I negotiated... should I accept or is he worth keeping? :confused:
  7. Thank you very much guys. It was my firewall... too strict. :l
  8. My steam wasn't going online... it has been like that for a while.. This time I decided to uninstall and install it once again. Silly me It took away my FM2009 and after I installed it again I have a error message.. Steam.exe (main exception): Unable to load libarary Steam.dll it doesn't let me open steam. I've tryed running the FM2009 disc in both drives but, it doesn't load nor autoplay.
  9. Got taken over in pre-season, and I've recieved £55m for season 2. Just wondering, will the club ever end up in administration considering they are in £290m debt, in my game. + We won the Premier League and Champions League in season 1. EDIT: Just checked the rich list, and we sit in 5th place. Good signs...