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  1. This is the thread to come to if you are looking for the new Zidane, Nistelrooy or anyone else you can think of, just ask here. Find the New: Age at most: Price at most:
  2. can anyone find me ...

    somebody to love does anyone know chris ?
  3. just farted

    its got CA 170 with a PA -10 smells like its gonna be around a while, possibly world wide
  4. found a bug

    it has 6 legs, wings and is blue any ideas what it is ?
  5. guess whos back

    back again michells back, tell a friend yegshemesh itsa me fm is aawwwwweeeesssssoooommmmmeeeeee dudes holla back
  6. players that you always sign

    i no there being so immature
  7. players that you always sign

    her guys ill let you in on a secret arthur is a great player sign him
  8. did anyone see...

    peter your causin more trouble than me why are you including ahmufcwafc and TomHAFC in this what does the evo stand for ? and i bet you dont even own fm
  9. did anyone see...

    so does anyone know chris ? and im 8 and a half but ill be 9 in january
  10. did anyone see...

    sorry about that lads i was only messing we are friends chris who is on this forum does anyone know them ?
  11. did anyone see...

    oh by the way can anyone smell that ?
  12. did anyone see...

    were the michells we dont need friends just ask peggy
  13. did anyone see...

    u shut up juno123 u think your so cool with all your buddies here at fm forums so just go away !!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. did anyone see...

    thanks peter-evo but ive just came back from there and i must say the weather is awful i much prefer these forums
  15. did anyone see...

    crimewatch isnt as good as it used to be