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  1. That's what we like! Liking the Kanoute signing - Loved him and Negredo at Sevilla together (With Navas and Perotti on the flanks!) - Keep us posted!!
  2. Hey EvertonFanCam - Good to hear! Keep us posted! I have my Etienne save fired up - Hoping to get first season knocked out the way next couple evenings. I like your policy on French Only. You should see some gems come through the academy to help you out!
  3. Every time I am asked to comment on transfer speculation I chose to respond by selecting No Comment. 3 Years as Manager of Club Brugge the Belgian press still ask me about my potential signings and whether my star striker is off to Anderlecht? Would be nice to see the Media react and mould their approach around your responses. Maybe even alter the wording on the question.. "Mr Whittington, I know you are hesitant to comment on transfer speculation but can you confirm for us this evening if you've received bids for Lestienne from Anderlecht?" It's not a perfect solution but after 3 years of not commenting on transfer speculation, its getting a bit ...Irritating. With Peace. Xx
  4. England Manager Roy Hodgson confirms Southampton midfielder Adam Lallana will start against Germany
  5. You can discuss philosophies you will be judged on by discussing them with the board. One option which took advantage of was " I do not wish to be judged on these types of signings" - The board complied.
  6. Wow, what a great find - He looks solid and for the price you paid I salute you. I'll be interested to know how you rotate with Ghoulam as i rate him quite highly in the left back position! Solid pre-season as well and you've hit the ground running in Europe <!> Keep us posted Allez Les Verts
  7. Evening Fellow Addicts. Rumour has it some of you are looking for some motivation to fire up that FM save you'll never forget. The St. Etienne thread is up and running so jump on over and lets get it moving. Are You Good Enough?
  8. Great Stuff! Keep us posted. Really keen to see how people fair with Les Verts this time round - I've hit the final leg of my season so a season review going up next day or two!
  9. Agreed. Its an exciting year for French football with Monaco back in the top flight. I'm really interested to see how Lyon and Marseille do this season. Lyon are certainly struggling atm and dropping points most games. Whilst you are waiting why not fire up an Etienne game - you may get the bug ?
  10. Ligue 1 - Matches Biggest Win: 9-1 (vs Stad Reims 25th August 1971) - Historic Biggest Away Win: 4-1 (Vs Tolousse 19th August 2012) - RvN#17 [FM13] Biggest Win in a Cup Final: 3-0 (Vs Bordeaux 2014) - GrZeeZoo [FM13] Biggest Win in Champions League: Most Possession in a Match: 77% (Vs RC Lens) - GrZeeZoo [FM13] Most Shots in a Match: (15) Aubameyang (Vs Nancy Lorraine 2013/14 - BradleyBrax [FM13] Most Games Won in Row:10 Games (22nd February : 21st April 2013) - RvN#17 [FM13] Most Matches Without Losing: 23 (21st December 2012 : 12th May 2013) - RvN#17 [FM13] Most League Goals Scored in a Season: 78 (Season 2012/13) - RvN#17 [FM13] Least League Goals Conceded in a Season: 27 (Season 2012/13) - Saint_Lane [FM13] PLAYERS - Ligue 1 Most Goals in a Match: (5) Pierre Aubameyang Vs Tours FC (2012/13)- RvN#17 [FM13] Most Goals in a Season (26) Pierre Aubameyang (2012/13 Season) - RvN#17 [FM13] Most League Goals in a Season: (25) Pierre Aubameyang - Season 2012/13 - Saint_Lane [FM13] Most Assists in a Match: (3) Renaud Cohade - Season 2013/14 - DasBloo99 [FM13] Most League Assists in a Season: (19) Romain Hamouma - Season 2012/13 - Saint_Lane [FM13] Youngest Player in a Match: 15 years 307 Days - Laurent Paganelli Vs PSG 1978 - Historic Oldest Player in a Match: 33 Years 44 Days - Florent Malouda Vs Tolousse 27th July 2013 - RvN#17 [FM13] Youngest Goalscorer in a Match: 16 Years 115 Days - Laurent Roussey Vs AS Monaco 1978 - Historic Oldest Goalscorer in a Match: 32 Years 227 Days - Brandao Vs AJ Ajaccio 2013 - RvN#17 [FM13] Most Passes in a Match: Most Yellow Cards in a Season: 10 Yellows (Brandao) - RvN#17 [FM13] Most Red Cards in a Season: 2 Reds (Brandao) - RvN#17 [FM13] Highest Transfer Fee Received: £3.5m - Francois Clerc to Valenciennes 2013 - RvN#17 [FM13] Highest Transfer Fee Spent: £10m - Javior Pastore from Paris St.Germain 2013 - RvN#17 [FM13] In order to have your record here, please PM with link to screenshot and detail of what record is being set or broken. Alternatively post in the forum and share your glory with us all
  11. The Transfer Market The transfer market and dealings are big business in football. Whilst Ligue 1 is viewed as a feeder league for the major European clubs there is a sense in France that with the uprising of Paris and now AS Monaco more clubs and owners will be digging in and ensuring that not only are their best players kept hold of to remain competitive in a league where the power of balance has shifted greatly, but also to invest in new talent from overseas to ensure the longevity of their clubs in the top tier of French football. St.Etienne - The New Boys 2014 Potential Transfers Now this bit is up to you! But here is a run through of the players that have caught my eye and one or two that have had been linked with Les Verts during the close season: Also bare in mind Ligue 1 registration rules only allows for a maximum of 4 Non-EU Players. Dont get stung by this. However it does allow players from African nation to NOT count towards your limit of 4 Non-EU players.
  12. Tactics Here's a summary of a few options available to you. I like to to take note of the strenghts within the squad and look at how i can build a formation and play style around those strength. Firstly you need to note that your midfielders are all very hard working, with high teamwork and work rate stats - this is opitimised by Clement, Lemoine, Cohade & Diomande to name a few. Those of you that participated in last years thread will be familiar with the style of football i adopt here. With this in mind i chose to set up a compact midfield with high closing down and instructions to pressure the ball and get in the faces of the opponents to stop them playing. Now unfortuanatley at the start of the game Etienne do not posses that creative playmaker that other top Ligue 1 team have such as a Pastore, Valbuena or Martin so i would question a tactic revolving around a central playmaker in this respect. Etienne do have pace on the with Mollo / Hamouma / Tabanou & Gradel and a big target man in Brandao. With this in mind i opted for a 4-3-2-1 strategy with the aim of winning the ball from the midfield position and launching quick counters exploiting the flanks: Formations 4-3-2-1: As i've described above this my preferred formation. So far this season Etienne have adopted for the AMC in (Usually Corgnet) in favour of the more defensive approach. I feel this gives the team just a bit more balance in defence and as a unit the midfield are able to absorb a little more pressure before launching counter attacks. Alot of focus is placed on winning the ball back quickly in the midfield and laying it off the wider players. Many of the players - certainly in the central midfield have player instructions to close down more & tackle harder. You will note the team insructions: More Direct Passing - When we win the ball back i want ensure its played forward quickly to a front man, possession football is not so important to me here as gaining territory when we do have it. Exploit The Flanks - Get the ball wide to the players with flair a more techincal ability. They will be the creators of goals and able to drive forward in space. Hassle Opponents - This is the other side. The players have such high work rate and this will drive the ability to shut down the opposition and prevent them from playing their game. Get Stuck In - Again as above, This is to really drive the point home to the players that this is a style of football and work ethic required. Be More Disciplined - There are few flair players in Etienne squad, so this isn't a major concern. But for the tactic to work the team need to stay united and operate their roles effectively.
  13. The Club Goalkeepers Ruffier: It is surely only a matter of time before Ruffier becomes a regular in the France squad. The former Monaco captain has emerged as a leader in the St Etienne dressing room, an imposing presence, very hard to beat in one-on-ones and brilliant on his line. A gritty, determined character. He's your number 1 guy for this spot. Valette: The young keeper brought in from Montepellier to provide extra cover has no Ligue 1 experience and a long way to go to ever challenge Ruffier for a first team spot. Will provide cover where needed but will require significant development to ever establish himself. Moulin Is a reserve team keeper, his comparatively low wages and level headed personality make him a suitable squad player and backup if needed. Defenders Kurt Zouma (DC): This talented 18yr old is a product of the Etienne academy and is highly rated. Very promising young starlet that will attract alot of attention from European outfits. A first team regular in Ligue 1 all last season and again this season, the club has alot of confidence in this young lad and so should you. Formed a essential role in guiding to club to the second best defensive record in the league, behind only PSG. Jean-Pascal Mignot (DC): Having recently joined from relegated Auxerre, Mignot is a solid and consistent centre back. Although approaching his twilight years he has a role to play in your back 4 and is dependable when callled upon. Faouzi Ghoulam (DL): Is your go to LB. Solid for the first season, lacks key defensive stats but has been present for Etienne in their campaign and will be an solid player for a season or two depending on his development. Product of Academy. Loic Perrin (DRC/WBR/DM): Is St.Etienne's captain and another product of the youth system. Very versatile in his roles being able to cover DR/DC/DM/MC he is a wonderfull all round player with good stats that enable him to contribute effectively in all phases of play. Starts consistently alongside Zouma in the centre back roll for ASSE this season round. Moustapha Bayal (DC/DM): This 96Kg man mountain from Senegal is a good centre back that will put pressure on Zouma and Perrin for a first team spot and may warrant it. With good physical attributes and a commanding aerial presence he will give you a selection headache when it comes to picking your two centre halfs. His physicallity also makes him a real threat from set peices. François Clerc (DR): Despite a striking resemblance to Lazio front man and German international Miroslav Klose this French fly back is quite the opposite. A solid veteran of the French league winning 3 Ligue 1 titles, 2 Champions Trophies and French Cup with Lyon. Clerc will provide your young squad with that vital experience and know how. One of those players that you love to have in the dressing room. Florentin Pogba (DLC): Joining from Ligue 2 outfit Sedan Ardennes, Pogba is a capable squad player with strong physical attributes. With a busy European and domestic calender he is capable of providing cover where it is needed. Paul Baysse (DRC): Having only made a dozen or so appearences for fellow Ligue 1 club Stade Brestois last season Baysse has his first season for Les Verts. He certainly boasts some impressive skills in the right areas though his lack of playing time and competition for the central spot will mean it will be very difficult for him to break into the first team. A team player, with bravery and a good head, suited to to limited defender role to compensate for a lack of technical prowess. Midfield Jeremy Clement (DM/MC): This baby faced boy is a hard working defensive orientated midfielder with a good eye for a pass. He fits perfectly into the Etienne midfield with his high Work Rate and Teamwork attributes. Something you'll notice as being quite common across the squad. Renaud Cohade (MC): Cohade is one of my favourite players in French football. Having recently signed from Ligue 1 outfit Valenciennes, he's another of your 16+ players for Team Work and Work Rate. Being utilised as a hard grafter in Etienne's squad this season - he'll give you 110% on the virtual pitch as well. Will nail down that MC position all season long. Fabien Lemoine (DM/MC): Lemoine recently joined from Rennes for a trickle over £1m. I hate to harp on but he's another 16+ on Work Rate and Teamwork and will give you hearty performances in the centre midfield or sat deeper in the 'makelele' role. Will warrant a first team place but will face strong competition for the midfield spot. Romain Hamouma (AMR): This pacey winger joined from Caen for over £3.5m and possess's real pace and dribbling ability. Not technically gifted but is capable of those magic moments that leave you speechless. Ismaël Diomande (DM): From the Ivory Coast, Diomande completed only 1 full 90 minutes for Etienne last season. However with a solid platform of mental and physical attributes he certainly shows promise and has already accumulated 404 minutes of playing time for Etienne this season. Is developing well so show him some patience and playing time and you may be rewarded. Franck Tabanou: Will be well known to followers of French football, the under 21 international moved to Etienne from Toulose this season for £4.5m - His pace and technical competance on the ball makes him a real threat in the opponents third. He also posses all the defensive abilities of a full back and really is a complete player down the left hand side. Ben Corgnet: Another of Etienne's new signings, joining from Lorient where he played consistently all season chipping in with goals in the process. Posses a great turn of pace and is currently St.Etienne's second highest scorer behind Hamouma in Ligue 1 this season. Defenders Yohan Mollo: #YOLO - A pacey inside forward currently on his second season on loan from Nancy. Does lack certain a technical buzz with some of his execution but does have that spark and air of confidence and is certainly effective and flexible driving inside from either wing. Ibrahim Sissoko: Another loanee, this time from Wolfsburg in Germany. Certainly a similar mould to Mollo possesing great pace and dribbling ability. Has a lot of work in developing his mental side of the game but may be one to work with and watch for the future. Brandao: The Brazilian and veteran has a proven record of goals after 3 seasons with Marseille in Ligue 1 and a number of seasons in Ukraine scoring goals for Shakhtar. Is a powerful target man with a great work ethic. Certainly has another season of goals in him though it will be up to you to ensure he gets the service he needs to work with the strengths he has. Mevlut Erdinc: The Ligue 1 journeyman joined Etienne from Rennes having played for Sochaux and PSG in previously. Has a track record of goals in domestic competitions and provides the little man to the big man / little man partnership with Brandao. Has a good range of pace though composure and decision making are low for a centre forward. Idriss Saadi: Academy product returned from a loan spell at GFC Ajaccio where he notched 7 goals in 36 appearances for the club. The young lad requires work to be a first team striker but posses great determination that could drive him to get there. Max Gradel: The aggressive winger starts his 3rd season for Les Verts having joined from Leeds Utd in 2010. Very quick with the ball though though his finishing product is questionable. Suited to driving at defenders and charging counter attacks forward from the flanks. Summary The expectation you decided upon with the board will ultimately stipulate whether the existing squad is strong enough. I believe for a top half finish, no investment would be required to achieve - Now that's not to say I don't think it would be wise to strengthen certain potions but I believe it would be achievable as it is. If you are one for ambition and are pushing for Europe then I would say almost certainly there are areas of the team that will require bolstering. Remember Les Verts only qualified for Europe last season through the domestic cup and not league position. If you are attempting to challenge a top spot then I would recommend looking firstly and acquiring a proven goalscorer. Whilst Brandao has a record of goals he is ageing and his finishing prowess is not as it was 5 years ago. Defensively and through Midfield the squad are strong and there is depth, though the team does lack that truly gifted creative midfield player.
  14. Welcome To The St.Etienne Football Manager Thread - 2014 Introduction The St. Etienne thread returns for its second year. With a fresh installment of Football Manager we are bought another chance to manage Les Verts, the most successful club in France. This thread will shed some light on one of the most exciting and historical clubs in Ligue 1. Please join in and share your success's and near misses! This thread will act as the go to hub on anything involing St.Etienne so get get inspired and get involved. Why St.Etienne? St.Etienne are the proverbial sleeping giant of French football. With such an illustrious past the fans have become accustomed to the roller-coaster ride of relegations, promotions and near misses in recent years. With continued stability in Ligue 1 in the last decade the ship has steadied itself, but league positions have been somewhat mediocre. The exit of big players to other Ligue 1 teams have left Les Verts titled 'Acadamy' to top teams in France. The most painful was in 2009 with the exit of Bafatembis Gomis to bitter rivals Lyon who are fast approaching Etiennes record of 10 titles - Selling him to Lyon with a number of European teams outside of France interested was a tough pill to swallow. This was just the start of a trend. Dimitri Payet - a great prospect whose goals held Etienne in competitive European spots was sold - To Lille. Followed up with U21 French international Emanuel Riviere’s transfer to Toulouse who evenutally moved on to a resurgeant Monaco. Riviere had attracted interest from clubs like Arsenal, common sense failed again and he was sold to another Ligue 1 mid-table club who were challenging for the same spots as Etienne. Blaise Matuidi's transfer to PSG is another in recent years that have stung the potential of this great club and with star striker Aubemeyang's recent depature to Borussia yet another blow to les verts. However with the abundance of up and coming youth raised through the Etienne acadamy and some flamyboyant counter attacking play, St.Etienne lifted their first major domestic trophy in over 30 years winning the French League Cup propelling them back into Viva Europa. With a solid group of young and exciting players there is a great opportunity to play creative, attacking football and gain momentum in an attempt to reclaim a glimpse of Les Verts former glory. History Founded in 1919 and currently plays in the top division of French football. Saint-Étienne plays its home matches at the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard located within the city. Saint-Étienne are the most successful club in French football history having won ten Ligue 1 titles, six Coupe de France titles, and five Trophée des champions. The club's ten league titles is the most professional league titles won by a French club, while the six cup victories places the club third among most Coupe de France title. ASSE was once the top team in France and a European powerhouse during the 70's with greats such as Platini & Santini, winnng 10 ligue 1 titles. However recent years have been less than kind to Les Verts. The last Ligue trophy was lifted under Platini's guidance in 1981 and since then Etienne have been relegated a number of times, most recently in 2001 during the clubs involvement in the European passport scandal. Stadium Stade Geoffroy-Guichard. The stadium opened on September 13, 1931. The stadium was named after Geoffroy Guichard, founder of the Casino retail group, who purchased the site on which it was built. Nicknamed "le Chaudron" (the Cauldron), or "l'enfer vert" (the Green Hell) given during the team's heyday when it drew particularly large crowds (the record being set in 1985, with more than 47,000 spectators). More recently, its current capacity was 35,616 before the current renovations, which began in 2011 and have temporarily reduced this figure to 26,747. When the renovations are finished, the stadium will hold 40,830 seated spectators. Boardroom Minimum expectation again is that we finish top half of the league. After reviewing last season's performance this is just about fair. The impact due to the loss of key striker Aubameyang cannot be overstated though a top half finish is certainly achievable. European competition will alure you with and extra £1.75m and some more manouvrability in the wage structure - Qualifying for the Europa league may be seen as daunting, particularly for the first season but with the extra budget it offer this may be a tempting offer for the ambitious.
  15. Haha, Love the title! Nice thread! We all love an underdog. A new screenshot for every player may be a bit of screenshot overload mind. Best of luck pal!
  16. Ha, Yeah that fixed it. Feel slightly awkward now. Thanks
  17. Morning All, Hoping you guys with a bit more of a clue can shed some light on this for me; whenever i use a custom skin the processing time of my game literally goes up 10 fold. On the default skin its pretty slick, but using Steklo, OPZ Beam for example will make just opening the next bit of a mail a 10 second waiting job, completley unplayable. I literally hate the default UI - So if you guys have any tips on something i've possibly ticked, or not ticked in the setting's or if something has possibly gotten outdated? I've posted my specs below, but im doubtful they'll be an issue as it runs v.smooth on the default skin. Processor: Intel® Core i5 CPU @ 2.67GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.3GHz Memory: 16384MB RAM Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti Drive: 295GB Free Appreciate any suggestions. Many Thanks
  18. Yeah give it another go for sure! May have just not got the rub of the green on a couple things, and then with low morale it can all snowball pretty quickly... Keep us posted
  19. Thats what we like to hear! Be sure to keep us posted Hmm thats shame. I was fortunate with bookings, just the one red all season. Are you clamping down on it when someone does get sent off? I guess that's an inherent risk of players in playing in that capacity.
  20. Marseille certainly don't have the squad they did last year i agree [i did the FM12 thread for them last season check it out ] - That being said I've had some fair success with them this year. They're still very competent in attack with Remy/Valbuena/Ayew and I managed to win the league as comfortably with them, but that's just my experience. They also have an Un-rivalled finance structure compared to Ligue 1 teams (Bar PSG) and if you manage to secure a good position on your first season you'll have a very pretty transfer kitty come season 2. This is the St.Etienne thread so lets get back to business. This little jewel popped into the youth academy in the tail end of last season and looks like he was made to be a Kurt Zouma's partner for years to come. Very pleased and high hopes for this young lad! 6ft 2" at the age of 15 is borderline freaky. Check the tactics section of the starter thread, that is what I'm running with - The Deep 4-3-2-1 - Counter attacking style. Aggressive and in the face of the opposition trying to stop them playing. Players with high work rate/stamina and determination are what your after in this style of play. As i write that i note the Stamina/Work Rate and Determination of that New-Gen Deschamps gave Zouma his first cap for France early June 2013. Very excited to see Zouma reach his full potential.
  21. End of Season 1 Review (2012/13) So the close of the May brings the end of a very exciting Ligue 1 season. Big spenders PSG missing out on Champions League spots, holders Montpellier held to 3rd place & French giants Lyon and Marseille left languishing in mid-table obscurity, but at least St.Etienne were crowned champions for the first time in over 30 years. League Standing Heroes A great season that surpassed expectations. Special mentions have to go the Kurt Zouma who was solid at the back all season earning an AVG rating of 7.46 - very impressive for an 18yr old. He helped the club go on to a 20 game unbeaten streak, 10 games in a row without conceding and proved an essential part of the toughest defence in the league, conceding the least goals. At the other end Pierre Aubame lead the attack all season and netted 25 goals in the Ligue 1 and grabbing the top scorer award in the process. He performed supremely as a Poacher, running at defences with pace that was too much for most opposition. Despite his 2 month absence for Gabon in the African Cup he was an integral part of the team. Managers Player of the Season Josh Guilavogui Not losing 1 game this lad started all season. Josh was an absolute rock from the first game to the last, playing as an Anchor man in front of the back four he was responsible for so many hard fought midfield battles and was largely unsung all season, certainly not getting the recognition he deserved in the media! He also racked up 5 goals and 6 assists from the DMC position - enough to put greats such as Makelele and Toulalon to the sword. Game of the Season This was a tough one - a toss up between beating Lyon at their own gaff and the very last game of the season away to Lille in a 5 goal thriller. Well the Lille game was sensational, Lille 2 goals up deep into the second half before a fantastic come-back that opitimised the spirit of the squad throughout the season, cracking game and a fitting way to end the season! Summary Little to no movement in the transfer window, i liked the squad and I am very reluctant to make marquee-merry go round transfers. I've got my eye on some African & French players and I like to keep a core of domestic home grown players in my first 11. Transfers IN None Transfers Out Mass Youth A.Alonso - £1.2m Next season will be even more of a test, as second season syndrome (SSS) kicks in. I hope to keep the bulk of the first team together though I have a couple of interests for a new Left Winger as a replacement for a largely disappointing Gradel and a new DC for an ageing Mignot Allez Les Verts
  22. I think its time you sought some vindication and proved yourself in FM13!! Come join us...
  23. The funniest part of playing FM as St.Etienne is getting the chance to watch Max Gradel shoot. That boy cannot shoot, I mean he is horrendous. Normally I get excited on one on ones but this guy is a different level. ITs brilliant
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