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  1. Yeah, all 3 keepers should be available. Like bracletwinner says, they aren't in the squad list and probably wont be needing them in my real squad, but would still like to see messages that they win rather than lose lol
  2. Think the preferred formations only really matter for coaches or managers you let control a team Then if you prefer them to play with your 1st team formation they become purely cosmetic anyways, far as I can tell
  3. Does anybody know how to make my youth team manager select the youth players instead of greyed out ones? He seems to pick a weird selection of the two. Only realised towards the end of the season, and it has carried on into the new one. Also I have stopped getting the match reports for these games. I have just started my 5th season, and I just cant figure out why it has suddenly changed Cheers for any replies
  4. yes, they will learn knowledge of whatever country they work in, same as there knowledge of your club will increase
  5. its in the club responsibilities. you get your secretary to set them to never
  6. on the Belgian loan, you just have to send hime the next season. there is a time period he must return to the club in, should say on his nationality page thing but I haven't played for a while so not sure you can try negotiating but I usually find it doesn't work to. put what you want and lower it if no one comes in for him is usually easier in my experience. you might have better luck, never know
  7. did you check how much of the transfer would be made available before hand? if it is low you can request to raise it with the board. should always do that before a big sale, just to make sure
  8. A lot of its reputation I believe On a off topic note, I am just across the road from the ground and didn't realise it had its own post code!
  9. Next season the winner of Europa league does go into champions league, does that mean you can get 5 places or that you have it in previous seasons where the 4th place can lose out? So you could finish 3rd and not get in maybe?
  10. its weird, some players play a lot better than there stats. Im a Liverpool supporter myself, he seems to do it on every save I have had with them
  11. To add to plainlayzee, winning the league comfortably doesn't mean they change that quickly. If your rep or money doesn't increase sufficiently you could still find yourself only being expected for mid table for instance What are you predicted for, how many seasons have you been up etc?
  12. I think I will pass on that, I have enough trouble with staff doing what they want as it is lol Hope you get it sorted out anyways mate
  13. Sorry for having to ask, but what is the joe Kinnear challenge? For the problem in a general situation if your staff aren't doing as they are asked check the bugs page, see if it has been reported or any fixes given?
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