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    Im a blade

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    Sport and booze

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    sheffield united/killie

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  1. always play with killie. good save
  2. i know what you mean mate. got to be a bug?
  3. since the update there are no transfer rumours on the game. I'm playing on fm touch. is this a bug??
  4. I got same message! any advice? FMT 2018 v18.1.3.1045048 (2017.11.23 23.18.14).dmp
  5. why do you always lose your 1st game after loading your game up? 9 times out of 10 this is the case?? anyone else noticed this?
  6. 6th in the prem now in my 6th season with blades! on a roll!
  7. ive played 5 seasons now! got to prem but got relegated! now on my way back in playoffs in championship! UTB
  8. Restored my pc and now playing my save again! Thanks again mate.
  9. just saved it as normal! no save game back ups sadly!!! Was 4 years into my Dundee save gutted!!
  10. game was going great until this happened! Just get the message about fm low on memory then crashes!! anyone any ideas?
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