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  1. Restored my pc and now playing my save again! Thanks again mate.
  2. just saved it as normal! no save game back ups sadly!!! Was 4 years into my Dundee save gutted!!
  3. game was going great until this happened! Just get the message about fm low on memory then crashes!! anyone any ideas?
  4. can I link it to the game I start now or will I have to start again?
  5. Why cant I link my facebook/twitter account to my beta game?
  6. Why cant I link twitter/facebook to my game in the beta?
  7. yeah no it don't do it automatic! yeah im playing classic! Very odd!
  8. anyone know how to make your assistant take control of your reserve team?
  9. yep im playing classic mate.
  10. is that on the classic mode?
  11. Can someone please tell me how to make my assistant manager take control of my reserve team on fm14?