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  1. Okay so the geforce experience thing didn't work for me. However.. I have found something that does seem to solve the issue for me. I run a dual monitor setup (laptop open next to monitor) and i often run youtube videos while i'm playing. I've just noticed that if I have a youtube video running the game will run smoothly at 60fps. As soon as I close youtube the game frame rate drops to 54fps and goes choppy. Maybe a few of you could try this and see what happens for you? Even if you don't have dual monitors just run a video in the background and see what happens?
  2. You just go onto Geforce Experience and select the game (and whatever graphics settings) and hit play in the top right. I'll give this a go today and give feedback.
  3. Worth noting as well that mine has been going from good to bad - game to game. For example I can play one match and it was run at a constant 60fps and will run really nice and smooth but then the next game will run at 54fps and will be really choppy. I don't know if this helps but i'm just trying to give as much info as possible.
  4. Tried everything mentioned on this thread and no luck. Still choppy no matter what graphics quality I use. Display - Full Screen Mode Graphics - Recommended (High) Anti Virus - McAfee Live Safe (Disable it but no difference) Power Settings - High Performance (when plugged in). DxDiag.txt
  5. Hello, I installed the new update tonight but since i resumed my game, the fonts have changed to a bright colour on the news inbox and on the player attribute screen. They are white/grey colours. I've gone into the files on my laptop and deleted the cache folder as recommended on a different section to this forum but i've had no luck. Any ideas?
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