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  1. A club that needs little introduction, but one that I'll give anyway. Hamburger SV, founded in 1887, are a professional football club based in Hamburg, Germany. Considered the biggest team in the north of Germany by many, they boasted the distinction of being the only club to have played in every season of the Bundesliga, until their somewhat inevitable relegation in 2018. Having flirted with the idea of relegation in the years prior, the mess behind the scenes at HSV would eventually take hold of the club and see the unthinkable happen. Now in the 2.Bundesliga for the first time in their history, the culture at Hamburg needs to change. Someone needs to come in and manage the club back to where it belongs at the top of the pile. With six top flight titles to their name, Hamburg are the 5th most successful team in Germany. They are also one of few teams within the nation to have a European Cup to their name, having achieved so in 1983. European success is in the club's blood, as they also won the European Cup Winner's Cup in 1977. Without a doubt, HSV are one of the biggest clubs football has ever seen historically, and yet they languish down in the second tier due to mismanagement at all levels over many years. Time to rebuild the giant. Introducing... Jürgen Dressler I've gone with my real DOB and based experience and coaching level on the game's suggestion (early retirement at 25 ). I post this thread at the end of August (wanted the TW finished before I started this thread). Here's a quick catch up. Transfers - Hamburg are in serious debt. There's little money around and that's been the case for a while. They are a wealthy club but they need consistent income in order to live with the debts. What I'm basically saying is, they've given me nothing. No extra wages, no extra budget. Unlike my brief beta save with Hamburg, I did get immediate interest in my players. Well, two. Douglas Santos and Gotoku Sakai. The first went to Marseille for 7M, plus some future fees based on appearances and then a nice 20% of future profits coming to us too. We can potentially make 9.5M from this deal, plus whatever profits we may get too. Good deal. I didn't get any offers for Sakai, despite interest from Burnley and Newcastle. Pleased not to let him go, as he is versatile if not first choice material for me. To replace Douglas Santos I brought in Birger Meling from Rosenborg for 2M, saving us 30k wages at the same time. Good business all round. Tactics - I originally started with an idea that would see us play a form of Gegenpressing - I have managed the last few FMs by building a side focussed on a high press and just getting the ball in the net by whatever means. Possession is secondary to me. So there's a lot of familiarities between my ideas and the Gegenpress, so that would be my starting point. The tactic has gone through a few iterations now (in its 4th, based on the beta - I've just taken the same tactics and applied them from the start), but I'm very happy with where the tactic is at for this level. I have to be honest - the new tactics presets kind of put me off so I started with a Custom Clean Slate but after a month or so I felt I wasn't really getting the Out of Possession part right, so I switched to the Gegenpress (keeping my own roles and formation etc) and ended up with what you see. It works for me... Not sure how much the roles actually represent the Gegenpress But like I say, I don't want to play that anyway. I just share the same idea of winning the ball back as quickly as possible. I don't want us counter attacking when we win the ball, I like to be a bit more considered going forward. But this represents what we want to do as the top team in the division. When we get promoted, I will no doubt have to change the tactics slightly to cope with the better opposition. Results - As I said before I am at the end of August so I've only a few games to report on. The great news is, we're undefeated! The bad news is... well, there's really nothing bad right now. Only team yet to concede, not exactly banging goals in for fun yet but it's early days and we've scored in every game. Nothing bad to report, other than Matti Steinmann doing himself for 4 months with a torn harmstring. Only blip of the season so far. Bit early to be talking of title races but I figure we will do well - my beta team was unbeaten in 20 games at the start of January, top of the league and in the Pokal Quarters. This team should be doing just about the same hopefully. Early signs are good. I suspect/hope we will remain at the top end of the table for much of the season. I usually update my FMCU threads on a month-to-month basis, but I may go with every couple of months just for the sake of getting bigger updates out and not having to stop in-game every month to update. Thanks for reading if you made it this far, and I hope you stick around for the journey I'll round the post off with my personal targets for the save/thread, which I always like to have: - Defeat St. Pauli in the Hamburger Derby - - Defeat Werder Bremen in the Nord-Derby - - Defeat Bayern Munchen in the Nord-Sud Derby - - Gain Promotion from the 2.Bundesliga - - Earn European Football through Bundesliga finish - - Win the DFB-Pokal - - Win the Bundesliga - - Win a European Trophy - - Establish Hamburg as a major force in Germany - - Establish Hamburg as a major force in Europe -
  2. Great idea! Queens Park and Wrexham alone would take me all of FM19...good luck with this, could be a classic
  3. Apologies for the delay. So I suspect this bug occurred for the first time around my 14th undefeated game. I'm now on 18, but I've had it (for definite) on the 14th, 15th and 17th games (the 16th game did not prompt this - not sure why, it was a win like the others around it). Unfortunately I had continued far enough (I did not think the save data would be useful) that my weekly overwrites have gone too far. I can provide a save for my latest game - I beat Sandhausen 2-0 and it gave me the same message about Fortuna Dusseldorf. I deliberately saved prior to KO in expectation of this situation, so I hope this is still somewhat useful. I have just now uploaded my save file, titled "Hamburger SV.fm", to the ownCloud. I hope it helps e: Also if you are going to play the game against Sandhausen, if/when you take a comfortable lead, the game text at the bottom stated for me "This will make it 17 games unbeaten for Hamburger SV!!" - it would (and did) make me 18 games unbeaten. I didn't think to screenshot it.
  4. JDownie

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    So on FM18 I had a pretty epic Hamburg save and my plan with FM19 is to do so the same but have an FMCU (didn't do one for 18 cos it was meant to be short term and I ended up sticking with it for 6 seasons). I've noticed one or two others Hamburg FMCUs - seems to be a popular choice. I'm already into January. Not sure if I should restart once the full game is released or just catch up to January in the OP of the new thread...
  5. Just about to start work, I'll do it when I get home tonight. However it happens every time I maintain this record, it doesn't stop telling me. I've had it for the last 4 games at least. I'll definitely upload it tonight
  6. The third paragraph tells me that Fortuna Dusseldorf will struggle to claim back to back titles. Impossible, given they got promoted last season, of course. Not sure if this is a bug that will be experienced in all lower divisions, but it does happen in Germany which is my logic behind posting here. Not sure this is the correct place but I'm honestly not sure where is, so apologies if this is way off.
  7. Re: Vertical tiki-taka discussion/speculation: @noikeee suggested Pep's Barca was VTT (cba typing it in full multiple times ) while Spain was TT. I'd suggest that they're both TT, but Pep's City team utilises VTT often. Sometimes City are quite direct once into the opposition half, especially with Sané and Sterling running the channels. Obviously they are much more associated with hogging possession but they don't wait for an opening; blunt force direct football is often used (only reason we managed to get so many wins, we adapted against opposition teams defending deeper by being more direct and incisive). I believe Barcelona probably played like this a lot too (I have a shocking memory so I'm not gonna know without google). I think Sarri is probably a fairer representation (as someone whose teams play this way for the majority of the time) but then I think quite a lot of similarities can be drawn between the way Pep and Sarri think in terms of attacking and possession football (with them skewed oppositely in terms of the direct/patient approach).
  8. I guess it depends on the player themselves. If they are good at everything but have poor Flair (Kevin Strootman) they can still be quality playmakers. However I tend to prefer a low Flair player to not be a playmaker, or if he is, a DLP. If it's an AP, especially an AP/A, Flair is a must imo. Arguably more important than Anticipation - usually an AP is the heart and soul of your midfield and having someone who can produce something out of nothing can be the difference in most games. Flair is very important to me, especially as I have my side playing a patient game. Someone needs to be able to take the initiative and try something different every now and again, especially in those tough boring 0-0s.
  9. JDownie

    Okay. Would Big Sam have brought it home?

    They weren't frequently playing top sides no, but Martinez has done a good job all the same. They beat Brazil and England twice, deserves credit for that if nothing else.
  10. JDownie

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    I think it is hilarious personally. But you know there are folk out there screaming sacrilege and blasphemy at Pogba daring to have fun with an important piece of football history etc
  11. JDownie

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Dabbing with the trophy probably people seeing that saying he should be put to the chair for that.
  12. JDownie

    Okay. Would Big Sam have brought it home?

    Martinez has done a fantastic job with Belgium. He's lost two games in his entire run as Belgium manager, his very first match in a loss to Spain, and the WC SF Vs. France.
  13. I don't think this tournament lacked moments you'll never forget @westy8chimp. We'll all remember Germany losing to Mexico and South Korea, I'd like to think Ronaldo's hattrick Vs. Spain in the Group B opener would be well remembered as it was an elite performance. Belgium coming back from 2 down to beat Japan and then win with an amazing counter attack (and great dummy from Big Rom) to win it in injury time. France Vs Argentina in the L16 was an amazing game and featured for me the most unforgettable moment - Pavard volleying it into the side netting. One of the best goals I've ever seen. Truly. Plenty of memorable moments in this WC. I think if you embraced the fact that the general level wasn't great then you'd have enjoyed it more, especially when it did actually hit exciting levels.
  14. JDownie

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    100% agreed.
  15. JDownie

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Varane deserves to be mentioned in the Golden Ball discussion imo.