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  1. constantly press install the % go up 2-4% each time! I was just clicking away wondering if i should have a nap first and then, out of desperation, i kept on clicking to see what would happen and it loaded!!!! This is not a lie
  2. It looks like you don't know the rest of the lines to that Boyzone song. so let me fill you in "You say it best ... WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL!!!!!!!":D
  3. No offence was meant - I just thought if you knew where this information was you could link it for me - Thanks for you replies; they were appreciated. Lyrical:)
  4. Cheers Mr Pompey appreciate your post Meanwhile Braenn you make me think of the good old Boyzone song "you say it best...." Fat boy Nolan back on normal midfield schedule.
  5. Okay will do. Thanks for your slightly more pointless post:thdn:
  6. please link to end this debate and so I can put Nolan back on the normal training sessions PLEASE
  7. it must be think about cahill, cannanvaro
  8. I left for a few hours to return to a full blown debate. I really didn't think anyone would care instead now I am really interested. I still am not convinced SCIAG.
  9. Height clearly plays a part for instance in headers then what is the point in weight then?
  10. ME? do you mean Match Engine? it must. ADMIN, could you give us some insight.
  11. Not much cash and I like to have as many English players as possible. Would you have done that if you had either Paul Merson/Gascoigne when they were still really good?
  12. is that an option on interaction? ;-)
  13. Kevin Nolan is far to fat - shall I put him on an an intense aerobic training to loose weight? will this work?
  14. i personally tell them that i have high expectations of them. bring them back to earth usually works.
  15. Give instruction to players (not only at beggining/half-time/end of game) have an option to select favourite player (to improve relationships - AI managers can) better youth players coming through the ranks of all teams.