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  1. Hi guys, Me and the missus fed up with our laptops being temperamental/faulty, so want to get a desktop but we're having to do it on a pretty tight budget so looking at refurbs. It will be used for internet, use of office programs, the sims 4 for her, and FM for me How would this do, and is it good value - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272056435820?_trksid=p2060353.m2763.l2648&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Alternatively any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Ideally full package, but should be able to access a monitor easily enough. Would attempt to build if easy enough, never tried to do it however, but assume it would make it much cheaper?
  3. Hi Guys, Looking for advice on a new desktop. Currently have a laptop, which is pretty powerful and runs FM well, however the area where the charger plugs in heats up excessively, so the battery has fried, and when the charger is knocked the laptop cuts out almost immediately. This has obviously made it into more of a desktop than a PC. However, me and my partner were thinking of selling both our laptops and buying a desktop. Would this be a good course of action? If so, can anyone recommend a good one, would mainly be used for running FM for me, and The Sims 4 for her. Don't know the budget dependant on what we might receive for selling ours, however I'd guess we may be restricted to around the £400 - £500 mark as we would need to buy it first to transfer any files across. Cheers in advance
  4. The update has ruined me, ditched my previous save with FC Halifax and just can't hit the same heights with the updated squad, so frustrating!
  5. Hi I downloaded the main megapack link, installed it to the editor data folder but only get the Gold Cup U20 and Oceania Cup U20 competitions as files to load when starting a new game, any idea what I may have done wrong?
  6. I'll give it a try, it's happening all the way up
  7. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to make my player take long throws? I have the taker set as a player with 19 long throws and the 'posseses long flat throw' PPM, also have the throw aim set as 'long' in the tactics creator yet every throw seems to be going short. It is frustrating as I set up to make the most of this and have been hit on the counter numerous times now, is there a problem because I still have someone set to come short?
  8. Hi, I'm looking to start an around the world journeyman career and want to download some extra leagues to have running within the game, mainly some extra african leagues, and the japanese league. However, I am happy to download leagues for all over the world so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for good expansion packs to download and their experiences with these downloaded leagues. Thanks in advance
  9. Never played one. Will be a bit peed off if it's an error in the game as I did a pretty good job dragging them away from the bottom. Games moved on now anyway and I'm still looking for another job!
  10. but if my points average meant I finished 17th out of 22 in the points average table how come I got relegated? That's the thing that's confusing me?
  11. Ok, so even though I finished 17th out of 22 teams on the 3 year avarage points table I was relegated due to my affiliation?
  12. Hi guys, can anybody shed any light on the rules for relegation from the Argentinian Primera B Nacional? I took over a team who were second bottom mid season and guided them into 17th place out of 22 teams. When I look at the average points table I also finished 17th on that as well. However, it turns out that I've actually been relegated and therefore been sacked? Can anyone explain why we were relegated because I'm really confused!
  13. Just started a new game unemployed and noticed that the Tottenham job is available. Searched for AVB and he's unemployed. Anyone else got this or is it a one off I've got?
  14. Thanks for the reply, below are some screenshots of the different formations I'm trying to decide from: Obviously player roles haven't been adjusted in these pictures but it gives you an idea of the shape of formations I'm considering!
  15. Hi guys, just wondering what formation people are using for Ajax so far. Having looked at the squad there is plenty of natural AMC's in there which leads me to wanting to use a 4-2-3-1 with 3 AMC's. However, I also want to try to keep close to the formation Ajax play in IRL which is a sort of 4-3-3. I've looked at my tactics screen and worked out there are 6 different variations of 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 that I could potentially use but am not 100% sure which one. If required I can post screenshots of the different formations I have looked at if you feel it would help with which one may be best to choose.
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