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  1. ok at least I know I'm in the right area, thanks for the info, seeing as you've done it says its obviously possible and sounds a little simpler than yours since you had '3'! making up one slot. Thanks again!
  2. I've got an issue I'm hoping can be resolved with the advanced panel. I'm trying to fix the issue with promotiing 3 teams from 7 regional divisions into one higher level division for the Welsh pyramid. North Wales has its own promotion set-up but south wales has a speicific format requring play offs across some of its leagues. The South Wales Senior and South Wales Amateur leagues playoff for one promotion slot, the Gewnt league automatically prmotes one team and the west wales divisions (Swansea, Neath, Pemprokeshire and Carmarthenshire) play-off for the third and final promotion slot. Does anyone know how to set this up?
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