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  1. i just wandered what does co-owning a player actually mean. i know two clubs own the player but when do they play for each club
  2. hi iv only got the demo so far because i like to wait until all the bugs are fixed before i get the full game. so i wanted to know why when i save a game on the demo and i go back to load it, it doesn't work, it says invalid token. could someone help please. thanks
  3. 2 great regens

    when looking for regens, do your scouts find them or do you have to find them yourself. and if the scouts do, do they look in youth teams aswell or just senior teams
  4. i can't play the new fm09 beacause my computer isn't compatible and i thought of getting fmh09 never played it though, so here are a couple of questions. 1. is there a limit on how many seasons you can do 2. is the new 2d any good 3. can you download updates like the one on pc 4. is there a limit on how many saves you can have 5. how many playable countries can you have selected 6. can you manage international teams at the same time as clubs 7. what is the editor like 8. is it more than one player on one psp 9. can you scout players and if anyone could post some screenies of the match engine player ratings and the tactics screen, that would be great thanks in advance
  5. Whats the furthest you've gone?

    is there a limit to how many seasons you can do
  6. missing epl???

    hi i have this same problem, i can't see england. but i used the editor to create a new club. anyone got any ideas how to fix this
  7. hey im starting a new season with leeds and i only hav 100k has anyone got any players to recommened
  8. windowed mode make it any faster. bit of a stupid question but i saw somewere on this forum that it did and wanted to make sure
  9. can you update FMH09

    what happens after the 30 season limit, do you unlock anything or anything special happens
  10. by that i mean can you update things like after january download an update for the transfers or something like that. oh and is there a certain amount of seasons you can do or is it unlimited. also are the regens any good
  11. this is quite weird

    my computer turns on fast shuts down fast, i can run multiple apps at one time, all smoothly. nothing is wrong with it
  12. does anyone know if you can turn of the regens faces. if so how
  13. this is quite weird

    how do you post a screenie without a link
  14. this is quite weird

    on my dxdiag it says 112mb of ram, i don't know what else to say
  15. this is quite weird

    yeah i have windows xp