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  1. I am/was. Sorry for the lack of reply. There have been no other crashes for me since this one.
  2. I was tabbed out at the time and probably doing too much at once on my laptop, but it seems FM crashed after finishing my weekly autosave - or once I pressed continue immediately after (it didn't respond so I don't know which it is). I was on the new pre-match tactical briefing page when it occurred and have provided the crash dump file below. Any more info you need I'll provide. Noobleton_FM 2018 v18.0.1.1030019 (2017.10.27 10.07.39).dmp Edit: I haven't replicated this yet, I'm about to try to continue my save. Edit 2: I have successfully continued my game.
  3. Gillingham to start with, and then when the first decent English lower leagues pack is released I'll be taking Chatham Town or Rochester (or any team from Southern Counties East) from step 9 as far as I can. If there's a team from the Kent Invicta League that's local to me and the pack does a good job that far down, I might try that as well.
  4. I'm not particularly diligent with how I play so I'm not going into so much depth as you for example, but I have found recently that it's easier for me personally to react to my own tactics if I use the 2D mode rather than 3D. I do quite like the 3D mode but sometimes the animations don't feel like they are accurate to the simulation, whereas I can use my imagination more with 2D to fill in the blanks, so to speak. Also because it's more top-down the defensive shape is easier to look at, e.g. I can see if my full backs are playing too aggressively whereas in 3D I find I watch like a spectator more than a manager. Seems silly as I write it as the managers in real life don't have this 2D view either!
  5. You've got a more powerful laptop than me and I can run large database saves with multiple leagues/nations with no issue. I have no issue using the 3D match engine but just through preference I have 2D on these days.
  6. Text isn't too difficult to read in my experience, the main drawback is the lower resolution meaning fewer boxes of data on the same screen. I have a standard laptop-sized screen and I usually have the UI zoomed to 90% or whatever the lower option is (75%?) and that is still readable for me as well.
  7. I quite like the absurdly negative social feed comments that make no sense. It's just like reading a club's actual Facebook/Twitter feed. The issue with the social feed is the fact that everything is spelled correctly and decent grammar is used. That's not at all simulating social media accurately!
  8. I've been playing as Gillingham, using basically the same formations and XIs they've been using in real life, and doing about as well. Made it to the 4th round of the League Cup and am in 5th after 15 or so games. I'm not a great player generally so my input here isn't all too helpful. I feel like tactically your decisions as manager seem to play out more in tune compared to previous versions. Oh, and I hate how the stadium televisions play your screen, so that the screen is broadcasting the FM commentary bar at the bottom. This is the most immersion-breaking thing in the world!
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