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  1. can confirm , 16 year old player moaning not being in the champions league squad ( plays sub 19 squad) save called crybaby.fm
  2. is this pre season by any chance? is your game updated?
  3. Competitions and Rule Groups* - Various rule updates for Croatia, Serbia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brazil, Uruguay, Romania, Russia and Scotland - Spanish and Portuguese B-Team promotion fixes - Fix for B teams incorrectly appearing in the Italian Cup Hope the this is a mistake and they fixed in Portugal aswell
  4. save uploaded Eduardo- Benfica keep in mind that the save is already one season ahead
  5. yeah lacking timeline or a way too see previous advices from staff . lack of widgets is also a terrible decision
  6. another example off not arranging fixtures properly
  7. Has tittle says Players not happy with time played but their playing a lot , this ain't normal
  8. yup reported it too on the bugs section not even acknowledged by SI
  9. i am lucky i have a big capable squad but managing rotation is a mess
  10. No one from SI? Look at this some teams with 15 games others with 8
  11. any idea if the patch fixed the b teams issue and if it needs save restart you can only stop the game for subs 3 times . so if you stopped 3 times but still have subs left you cant sub
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