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  1. During the interviews i found the word estoria witch is not spelled properly its Historia
  2. I cant seem to be able to change things this is the feature in question
  3. Disappointed so far aswell has i stated here
  4. Disappointed to be honest Like the new game modes , Prozone looks good and some changes in the UI however The new set piece system is just a UI revamp by the looks of it , is still inferior to last CM incarnation New injuries, i really hope i am wrong and its not just an addition to existent ones ( witch we already could have in previous versions via database editing) We have this setence every year with small changes , yet transfer system is still horrible for example amateur clubs asking 80M for young players , wen in real life they hardly recognize their own youth value and for SI so far considers this realistic ? seriously ? So far none of the known features strikes me revolutionary or ground breaking , is just a small increase of features from previous versions and that is disappointing