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  1. so far having trouble getting clean sheets maybe its my squad thought , but still wining games
  2. Didn't consider that but yeah can't place advert or renew contract But I can offer b team manager contract.
  3. Did so, disappointed with lack of support given to the switch
  4. I am managing Benfica I cannot hire or renew my b team manager not even advertise the position has the option is grey ( manager left because I couldn't renew the contract) This bug was already fixed on normal touch version but switch version is still here Loaded Portuguese Spanish and English leagues
  5. Any plans to actually update the game? Touch version is on 19.3.4 since March. And can't get a b team coach because of a bug, wich was fixed in other versions
  6. Click on the player name and then press L it's on the menu that shows up
  7. Sadly it's clear that SI has no interest on the switch costumers, no updates, no crossplay with our save. Less features for same money Others companies have no issues pushing updates. Next year not buying the switch version
  8. It seems their not interested in updating the switch version, seeing the lack of updates since release. Very disappointed
  9. I cant seem to be able to change things this is the feature in question https://twitter.com/milesSI/status/653173040566640640
  10. Disappointed so far aswell has i stated here http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/432927-Football-Manager-2016-Announcement-Release-Date-and-New-Features-FM16?p=10463279&viewfull=1#post10463279
  11. Disappointed to be honest Like the new game modes , Prozone looks good and some changes in the UI however The new set piece system is just a UI revamp by the looks of it , is still inferior to last CM incarnation New injuries, i really hope i am wrong and its not just an addition to existent ones ( witch we already could have in previous versions via database editing) We have this setence every year with small changes , yet transfer system is still horrible for example amateur clubs asking 80M for young players , wen in real life they hardly recognize their own youth value and for SI so far considers this realistic ? seriously ? So far none of the known features strikes me revolutionary or ground breaking , is just a small increase of features from previous versions and that is disappointing
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