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  1. Aim_Less

    Team Selection 18.0.3

    so far manage to pass by going on holiday , still this needs to be adressed
  2. Aim_Less

    Team Selection 18.0.3

    same problem here with the registration on champions league uploaded save has stk champions
  3. I cant seem to be able to change things this is the feature in question https://twitter.com/milesSI/status/653173040566640640
  4. Disappointed so far aswell has i stated here http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/432927-Football-Manager-2016-Announcement-Release-Date-and-New-Features-FM16?p=10463279&viewfull=1#post10463279
  5. Disappointed to be honest Like the new game modes , Prozone looks good and some changes in the UI however The new set piece system is just a UI revamp by the looks of it , is still inferior to last CM incarnation New injuries, i really hope i am wrong and its not just an addition to existent ones ( witch we already could have in previous versions via database editing) We have this setence every year with small changes , yet transfer system is still horrible for example amateur clubs asking 80M for young players , wen in real life they hardly recognize their own youth value and for SI so far considers this realistic ? seriously ? So far none of the known features strikes me revolutionary or ground breaking , is just a small increase of features from previous versions and that is disappointing
  6. 2 months latter problem remains , stopped playing the beta until this gets fixed
  7. i reduced it didnt seem to help . unless i am just getting extreme unlucky yeah i am considering it
  8. Its started wen the season started first game for the league a broken arm and broken ribs :/ . its way too much no matter how much squad depth you have its impossible with this much in juries
  9. I am getting several long term injuries broken foots , arms etc getting this every week is not realistic Old list New list
  10. Sorry but constant broken arms and foots is not realistic in any way
  11. Speaking of injuries . am i the only one getting tons of injuries ? this cant be right: Silvio and Sulejmani are already injured wen we start the game