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    12 years as a Head Researcher. Now working full time within football carrying out match, player and team analysis on a daily basis for a client in London. FM wise, head up the research for NI and ROI.

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    Lisburn, Northern Ireland


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    Twitter: @FM_Ireland Facebook: www.facebook.com/irish.footballmanager

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    Boro, Waterford, Glenavon

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    Waterford FC - FM19

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  1. Pretty disastrous. I've been hugely enjoying an online game and now can't after today's update. Really hope a fix is rolled out quickly.
  2. Irish Researcher

    [Northern Ireland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Believe me, I share your frustrations. They've been reported for a number of weeks now and no change in the bug tracking system. It seems a wider issue than just NI - a number of other countries have had phantom reserve levels/teams created and youth leagues/cups that were working are no longer working. Very frustrating.
  3. Irish Researcher

    [Ireland] Data Issues

    It's a tricky enough one. He already has a CA of 91 in the database which is a top player in the League. Could certainly look at bumping a couple of his attributes. I think his technical stats look OK generally on a world scale but perhaps some of his mental stats could be boosted more such as Composure. Will certainly take a look at where he can be boosted given his Player of the Year shortlisting. EDIT: Also 'Off the ball' is a misleading name for an attribute. This refers to how good his attacking movement in and around the box is rather than a general 'off the ball' rating.
  4. Irish Researcher

    [Northern Ireland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Will get this logged thanks. It looks like the issue is Warrenpoint Town and H & W Welders having the 'No Youth Fixtures' box ticked in the database. In the case of the Welders they also have No Reserve Fixtures ticked and no youth/youth coaching assigned.
  5. Irish Researcher

    [Ireland] Data Issues

    Sexton change now logged. Also requested Ian Morris is given a secondary role as Assistant Manager (U19 Team), Paul Flynn is added as GK Coach and Orla Doolin as Physio. Cheers.
  6. Irish Researcher

    [Ireland] Data Issues

    Thanks. This was picked up and corrected before the data lock. The correct coaching staff is in place for the game's release.
  7. Irish Researcher

    [Ireland] Data Issues

    Both of these have now been logged, cheers.
  8. Irish Researcher

    [Ireland] Data Issues

    Thanks, we've logged this to be changed - not quite sure how we've managed to get that one wrong as I used to live about 15 mins from Tramore! If you spot any others let us know. Thanks.
  9. Irish Researcher

    [Ireland] Data Issues

    Thanks. There was some confusion with Cavalcante initially when we were researching. When he was at Glentoran he was known as 'Pablo Andrade' - it wasn't until after the databases were sent back that we realised Andrade and Cavalcante were the same players so his stats weren't properly reviewed. We are still actively seeking someone to research and help test Dundalk in the future, drop me a message if this would be of interest. Cheers.
  10. Irish Researcher

    [Ireland] Data Issues

    agreed thanks, will get these amended. Re: Duff - he actually coaches in the teams below U19 level. In terms of FM we are only allowed to include U19 coaching staff as active in the game. We can't include the 17s and 15s unfortunately. I have been looking a Shamrock Rovers fan to join the testing team and help with research, if you'd like to get involved in the future drop me a message. Cheers.
  11. Irish Researcher

    [Ireland] Data Issues

    Just on the Bohs Professional/Semi-Professional point. Took a decision to make Bohs F/T in the game for gameplay and to make it more realistic. Bohs actually train as much as the full-time clubs in the LOI, albeit in the evenings as opposed to the likes of Cork, Waterford, Dundalk etc who train mornings/afternoons. Whilst Bohs outwardly project themselves as a part-time club, there is very little difference in the day to day running compared to the full-time outfits in the league. In terms of FM gameplay, it's much more realistic to make Bohs FT. With regards to Sexton, we've picked up on this thanks and will get it fixed. Unfortunately off field issues within Bohs' underage set-up meant we weren't provided a revised list of coaching staff despite asking for it several times.
  12. Irish Researcher

    [N. Ireland] Data Issues

    Cheers Schwoods, this has been picked up and logged in TT 08/10/2018 and actioned by Stephen Davidson on 15/10/2018. He'll be updated as follows in the game release version: 52071639 Ruairi Hassan Club Contracted: Newtowne Amateur. From 26/08/2015 History: 2014 Coleraine 0/0 from 01/07/2014 to 01/07/2015 fee 0 2015 (1) Limavady Utd from 01/07/2015 to 26/08/2015 fee 0 2015 (2) Newtowne from 26/08/2015 2016 Newtowne 2017 Newtowne
  13. Irish Researcher

    [Northern Ireland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Excellent feedback Pheelf thank you. Drop me a DM if you'd like to be involved in beta testing in the future for Northern Ireland as this is the kind of stuff we like to catch early and get worked on. With regards the Reserves/U20 teams merging in the game - this something we picked up in a few weeks back, it's been reported and worked on, fingers crossed it's fixed by release. I agree keeping a reserve level (but with U20 rules in place) is the logical approach, then remove the U20 structure from the game. Hopefully it's not too messy! Cheers, Mark
  14. Irish Researcher

    Steam Workshop - Updating existing file without publishing separately

    Thanks Dallan... I've followed those step by step, but at the final two stages (6 and 7), the "Publish to Steam Workshop" becomes greyed out.
  15. Hi guys, I've had a look on the forum guidelines, and used the search but can't find a concrete answer. Help! I have been working on a data file continuously since the game was released. I published version 1 of this on 26/11/2015. I'm now ready to publish an updated version. Is there a straightforward process that would overwrite (i.e. update) the existing file published to steam? In the past I've deleted the old file, and uploaded a new version - but then subscribers have to re-subscribe to new file. I can only see the publish option when I go to 'Save As' in the editor, but then it will post as a new, separate file as far as I can tell. Any step by step for doing this would be great. Thanks, Mark