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  1. On the Finances page, it would be nice to see "Income from Loans" or something similar instead of just players sold because it would allow for better financial planning over the course of the season
  2. Just thought I'd pop in and say I'm surprised Thomas Glover hasn't been mentioned more in this thread, he's been great for me in the Portuguese Leagues and now I'm hoping in the Prem too Some pics of his stats-
  3. Football Manager Online MMORPG

    Yes but in this everyone started up a club from scratch then had to build slowely. This meant as time went on clubs automatically got established as a "Big Club" because they were good managers, it also however meant that for new players joining, the amount of time and effort to catch up would be very high and all along they'd have to pay monthly for the privilege, the game works well in theory and on paper but things like this is why it didn't work so well in practice
  4. Football Manager Online MMORPG

    It only ended 3 years ago and the main reason was that no one wanted to be the bottom team... and there obviously always has to be with football meaning people got bored and quit
  5. Football Manager Online MMORPG

    This was a thing but it failed sadly Link here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_Manager_Live
  6. Is there anyway to keep my hall of fame from FM14 when I go over to 15? Just wondering because I'd love to try and beat myself on it haha
  7. Josh Harrop?

    Does anyone have a screenshot of him at a later age than 21? I've signed him for my Bury side and he's apparently gonna be 'a decent premier league right midfielder' on his potential which I'm unsure about haha
  8. FM13 Free Agents Database?

    I've been looking but can't find one for FM13, can anyone direct me to one please?
  9. You can buy it for only £5.99 here http://www.gamersgate.co.uk/DD-FM2012/football-manager-2012 Registers on steam (obviously )
  10. New PC - Budget £600

    I would definitly recommend doing it yourself (most pre built machines cost about 10-30% more just to have their name put on it and loads of crappy software which slows it right down) Also they're very easy to build, I built my first one about 3 months ago with SSD, graphics card and all that very easily - just use youtube and online guides and you'll be fine
  11. FM 13 for 64bit. Is it possible?

    Well according to the Steam website, 53.10% of Steam users are on 64 bit Windows 7 in March so there is definitly enough users (more 64 bit than 32 infact ) (Info taken from http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey)
  12. I Will Score More Goals Than You

    Robin Switzman - English
  13. Idea for spin off game

    SI definitely do have the license because the cost of the license (over £1m iirc) was the reason for Football Manager Live closing
  14. Messi-Like Regens?

    There are hundreds of players in real life with the potential to be a world beater but many don't due to injuries, attitude problems, ect. The problem imo is that the AI isn't aggressive enough in buying the top regens so as a human player it is very easy to collect them and mould them into a perfect player
  15. What Nationailty Dominates Your Squad?

    In my second season with Hereford- 7 Dutch 6 English 3 French 3 German 1 Northern Irish 1 Irish 1 Curacao-ian