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  1. Yes that is what worries me. It has been possible up until last year to modify your game to make it as close to real life as you can get. This year you can see various sites have been threatened by what I assume is the player organizations who have the rights to player pictures, from the leagues who have the rights to logos etc. You can also see in FIFA where Juventus is now called Piemonte, while the players are still there due to the license agreement with FIFPRO. If FM series would have to call clubs by fake names and it would be impossible to change those names, that would be the downfall. Hopefully SEGA would consider paying for the licenses needed to obtain the rights to use real logos, names, pictures etc. Maybe even make some more money via selling it as an add-on, or a monthly recurring license you pay to use these things. I may be the only one out there, but ever since it was possible to use packs to make your game better, I have always felt it adding a lot of value.
  2. Hi there, As we can see across the community, more and more restrictions are put into getting logos, kits, pictures etc. More or less any pack is now prohibited for download. For SI / SEGA: - What does the future bring in relation to this topic. Will SEGA acquire the rights for player pictures, club logos and shirts across lets say the top 5-10 leagues. - Will you be forced to make it technically impossible for the above items to be installed? For sure if you have to play the game with fake data, then half of the games value goes down, no matter how much dept and realism you can put into the game. Br
  3. Yep still miss it a lot. As flawed as it where in certain aspect, just as much fun and exiting it generally was. And community and social was it was brilliant. I miss the chats with the other players, organising events for the players, even the boring promotion/relegation work after each season as well as the discussions with mods and admins (Steve Horner, Kriss, Duffy etc just to blame a few:D) Two big problems that could not be adressed properly: - How to retain players that where not in the top of their tier.. - What to do when time passes and the real players retire.. Despite that, I really envy Korea for being able to play a game that to some tiny little bit seems like FML..
  4. I have the same problem. 4231. My DC (phil jones) two reds - DMC (Fellaini) two reds. I use hassle opponents, but I do NOT use Get stuck in. Two direct reds and two times double yellow. It seems just like moments of madness, and while I do accept there is a risk for Fellaini doing that, I dont think Phil Jones - now a 25 year old club captain should be chopping off heads this way. Will try to change tactical approach to see if it changes, but definately seems to be a change compared to the last patch. Will try another tactical approach.
  5. By standard or by special setup? Playing a network game with a friend on FM13, where he host the game, and we are both on 50/50 mbit lines, and have powerfull computers, some things are dreadfully slow for me. Searching for players because of the amount of players i presume, but in general there is a little delay on everything compared to solo play.
  6. I havent seen anything about it yet, may have missed it. But have there been optimizations made to the network play? Meaning the slow speed for the client. Maybe having steam host the games etc.
  7. Without any problems. It could run faster and more fluent if you have lots of leagues, but a few leagues, no problems at all. Just dont install Windows 8 - that applies for all games though
  8. I have the same problem.. Playing wwfans barca tactic with utd. Usually it is my Inside forwards that takes the long shots, even though I have set them manually to rare, and using shouts to work ball into box etc etc... Relly dont know what to do.
  9. I can easily follow your frustration. It cannot be right, that you have to find the magical setting for a tactic to work. Even though newcastle is not an intimidating side, then your players should be more than capeable of playing a decent type of football.
  10. And the same to you and the entire team. Wish for next years FMH: if man utd play city then utd shall win.. always..
  11. Additional question, I am trying to adopt the same formation and tactic to Chelsea. But my main problem for a start is my defence. No matter if I play two dmc balanced counter, or two mcs and control. I conceed 75% of my goals where the opposition plays a through ball between my two DC's, or simply a cross into space behind the two dc's.. How do I stop that? Another related problem, versus atl. madrid and man utd, I am utterly outplayed. Both in the exact same formation as me. I have really no idea what to do revert the situation, so that it is me who have 10+ chances and scores 3-4 goals. I have signed di natale as treq, as torres is just a pain.. - I have tried the drop deeper shout. Did not really do any good. - Should I manually adjust the d-line ? - Should I replace defence, or is it really in the midfield my problem is?
  12. Why have you chosen the target man for both strikers? Why not DLF and AF, or TM and P?
  13. Also from the very beginning here. Remember the days where there were only a few abroad players to buy. One of the best players to buy was Roy Keane, out of Nottingham Forrest... And Gazza was probably the best player you could buy from abroad. One thing I hated very much was the security system.. Entering scores to get in.. remember always trying 2-1 as that was the most common
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