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  1. Thanks for the screenshot of team instructions but my question is for each individual player and do they have instructions ?
  2. Going to try this tactic on my ipad so can't download the tactic but will copy from the screenshot you posted. Are there any individual player instructions ?
  3. :applause:I've been following this thread for some weeks now and have found it as interesting as the game itself! I started life managing Volendam in the Dutch Jupiler League and using my own tactics won promotion to the top division. Subsequently finished 7th and but during the second season I was struggling until I changed to Silk and Steel V2 and ended up 6th. For the third season in the top division, I managed to sign a few better players either permanent or on season long loans and was top of the league using V2 and V4 but with the MEupdate and the change to S&S 14.2 the results initially were poor and I ended the season runners up to PSV and also beaten in the Cup Final by PSV. I've now resigned and am applying for jobs in the lower English divisions but as of November, I am still unemployed! Anyway, I hope this discussion thread keeps going and I take my hat off to Uwe for his research, development and continued feed back to my fellow posters.
  4. Open Steam and at the top left hand side of the page click on 'Games', the drop down menu will have 'activate a product on steam'. You will be asked for the product activation code from the back of the booklet that came with your disc. Once added you'll have been updated to 14.1.2 and, I presume you should be all set to continue your beta game.
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