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  1. Can SI seriously consider selling the game in Hong Kong via Steam? It's torture seeing you guys playing/discussing about the beta and I have no access to it !
  2. the only foul I saw before is handball outside the box...in a rather silly situation...
  3. I've been playing FM for a few years. I don't know if I missed it before, but I never see a GK got red card for his reckless challenge in one-on-one situations. The match engine should be twisted to make this happen. Any thoughts on this?
  4. I'm actually thinking to help SI to make more money...how about beside the main game / FMC, you guys also offer different kind of patches? by patches, I mean something like back to season 2000, Liverpool all stars, MU all stars... etc.. downloadable maybe @USD10... or, as unlockables in FMC... how about that?
  5. I read a very good read in Guardian about youth development in Germany. the link can be found below: http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2013/may/23/germany-bust-boom-talent I just wounder if FM can reflect this into the game...
  6. i posted a separate thread in the forum. THanks RowRow78 redirect me here. I hope this will come back in the next update!!
  7. I can replace the regen face with my own pics in FM 2012, but I can't do this in 2013.Can anybody tell me how I can do that in 2013? Many thanks!!
  8. in terms of competitions, it reset the teams in the leagues as in 2001, e.g. ipswich, leeds will be in premier league, while man city is in championship.
  9. basically i used a 01/02 database downloaded somewhere else. It was designed for FM12. But in fact i face the same problem in both FM 12 and 13. I've also checked that there was no change made to the Carling cup.
  10. I'm using a custom database. In the editor it said there is 36 failure for competitions...but of coz, it didn't tell me which are the failures... and when I start the game, the Carling Cup competition is there, and when I start the game it says on 19 July the fixtures will be drawn. Only that it didn't. And so therefore the is no Carling Cup fixture. There is also no board expectation on me for the Carling Cup. So my question is, does anybody know what elements/changes will affect that the fixture of Carling cup cannot be loaded? So that I can try to twist them in the editor. For your info, the FA Cup works just perfectly fine. Thanks in advance for the help, or just for reading my post~~
  11. I've added another league cup type competition, but it does not appear in the game. I'm using a costumed data basis, which the oriignal league cup (carling cup) was deleted. anything in the database is fine, except this new competition. Can anyone give me advice on this?? thanks very much!!
  12. This post - which aims as diverting responsibility to us - the consumer - is totally unacceptable and irresponsible. As consumers, and hard core fans of the FM series, I firmly believe everyone here is entitled to comment on the product which we spend money to buy - no matter how we phrase our comment. I couldn't careless how the others word their post - no matter how they maybe, and I quote, "snipes, insults, deliberate falsehoods, prejudiced misinterpretations and destructive attacks". The sheer amount of frustrations here means how poor the quality of the game is this year. I myself even haven't started the game because there is fundamental error with the editor, with all the newly added players cannot be load. Because of this I don't even need to spend time around to read all the other posts, but can simply conclude: whatever the criticisms are, SI, and staffs of SI, deserve this. Poor developer who did not even test some basic function of the game before launching it, deserve to be criticized like this. And now, while they are supposed to spending time to improve the CANNOT BE PLAYED product, taking the criticisms on board , and explaining to us what a fix can be expected, Mr. Neil Brock spent time to post a msg here, to defend the indefensible. This is totally unacceptable. I myself has not been as critical as some of the other users here, but this post must be responded to, to reflect the deep frustration of the even "nicest" group of users. Mr. Neil Brock, if you want to stop, and I quote AGAIN, "snipes, insults, deliberate falsehoods, prejudiced misinterpretations and destructive attacks", the ONLY you should do is, stop defending, and do your job by providing a fix ASAP. The post you have sticked, will do nth to help, but simply trigger more anger from us.
  13. I"m not sure if this is the correct place to post. I just wanna ask when a new fix will be out. I just won't start a game without having the created players to be appeared in the game. I appreciate if anyone from the SI can answer me. Thanks a lot.
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