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  1. Heroes Clan Re-born: Blue Square Premier

    After FM 2007 there was cautious optimism amongst the players within the tightly knit Heroes Clan. The aim of a long term game became a reality; FM 2008 was seen as a chance to build upon these firm foundations established by committed members. However, it never materialised. Time and again new games were started but they simply failed as players didn't forfill the commitment required. Finally it was time to get serious again; Heroes Clan was re-born, back in Blue Square Premier where it began... Rules: 1) Must start with an automatic reputation. 2) Must have 9.0.3 update. 3) Must have Hamachi. 4) Generally commited (if you dont turn up to 3 sessions in a row with no notice to the host, James Morris, you will be kicked). 5) Would like you to update this thread every 3 months played in the game. James Morris - York City Shaun Weatherby - Kidderminster Harriers Eddie Weaver - Rushden and Diamonds We are looking for an additional 3/5 players to join if you are interested my msn is in my profile and i will give you more details.
  2. Scotland the Brave (for those that don't have much time on their hands)

    Sharko is munted - 1: Dundee Utd 2: Hibs
  3. Stayin intrested?

    i lose my interest all the time go months withouth even thinking about FM so wouldnt mind knowing how to keep interested too.
  4. FM2009 Official Shrewsbury Town Thread

    nice thread pround Shrewsbury town season ticket holder! Have to update how i do.
  5. Which Team?

    Looking for a long term game which team do you believe will keep me occupied? Hull Fulham Derby Birmingham Sunderland Reading Athletico Madrid Villareal Valencia Sevilla
  6. Tri-Nation Saturday Clan FM09

    Shaun Weatherby - Chesterfield A team at the beginning of the season predicted a very optimistic 5th place. When I took over the club shortly after the season had started I could see I had my work cut out as they were lying in 18th place but looking at their prediction I thought they had the ability to finish within the top half. I made some quick loans from my parent club hoping this would see form change. I was wrong none of my loans seemed to pay off apart from a Brazilian midfielder. My star player was Jack Lester scoring 20 goals already. After my star Brazilians loan had finished my form got worse dropping me into 15th after 25 games played. Hoping for a comfortable top half finish if I did not meet my target would I still be with this club?
  7. Going to be starting my pompey game tonight will keep your guys up to date on how i get on!
  8. Heroes Clan FM 08 Clan Thread

    Hi if you are interested in joining this clan can you please visit are website http://www.freewebs.com/heroes-clan-/index.htm and read the rules and fill in the want to join? form and i will get back to you thank you.
  9. Heroes Clan FM 08 Clan Thread

    Hello i am the host of this exciting new clan! Just to let you know the game will be starting at 8:30 pm tonight so get ready!
  10. Heroes Clan FM 08 Clan Thread

    After a very successful game on the 07 version i as host have decided to create a new game using fm08. The players who will be particpating are:
  11. Super Six Clan FM2008 Game Thread

    Hi i am the host of this game. If you would like to join please post within in this thread and i will get back to you. I like committed members who turn up to all sessions or if they cant make one tell me in advance. The days we play are tuesday, wednesday, saturday and sunday. I will post match reports when we begin the season.
  12. Super Six Clan FM2008 Game Thread

    A newly formed clan hopes to bring much competition. We started with 6 members:
  13. The HSBC Premier League 8.0.2 Clan Thread

    August August 08 (H) Won 4-0 against Coventry (A) Drew 0-0 to Fulham (H) Won 2-0 against Aston Villa (A) Won 3-1 against Leeds (League Cup 2nd round) (A) Lost 3-2 to Portsmouth September (H) Won 1-0 against Reading (H) Drew 1-1 to Bolton (A) Lost 2-1 to Liverpool (A) Lost 4-2 to Portsmouth (League Cup 3rd round) (H) Lost 3-2 to Man City October (H) Won 1-0 against Tottenham (A) Lost 2-1 to Man Utd (A) Won 1-0 against Wigan (A) Drew 1-1 to Leicester November (H) Lost 2-1 to Chelsea (A) Won 3-1 against Derby (H) Won 3-1 against Preston (A) Won 1-0 against West Ham December (A) Lost 3-0 to Arsenal (A) Lost 3-2 to Newcastle (H) Drew 1-1 to Everton (A) Lost 2-0 to Bolton January (H) Won 4-2 against Preston ( FA cup 3rd round) (H) Lost 4-2 to Man Utd (A) Won 2-1 against Coventry (H) Lost 3-1 to Fulham (H) Lost 2-1 to Birmingham (FA cup 4th round) (H) Drew 3-3 to Portsmouth (A) Won 1-0 against Aston Villa
  14. The HSBC Premier League 8.0.2 Clan Thread

    Good luck tinght lads! Hopefully it will be quicker with just the 6.
  15. The HSBC Premier League 8.0.2 Clan Thread

    http://img223.imageshack.us/img223/4047/shaun20smallul6.jpg Hi does anyone know how i got on in my first 2 games?