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  1. Tottenham U18 update Aaron Skinner is missing https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/teams/under-18/players/aaron-skinner/ Luis Binks moved to Montreal Impact https://www.impactmontreal.com/en/players/luis-binks Thanks.
  2. Hi Guys I got this idea from Instat software. I think It will be useful if we can separate zones into our analysis pitch. something like these photo. Thanks
  3. Hi. I found this problem which is small one but it's annoying. When I created my custom schedule for the match on Sunday, I couldn't add match review on Monday since it will be on different week. b I need to edit the schedule manually on the calendar page for every week. It's a small problem but it is a little bit annoying. Thanks
  4. @Pete Sottrel It's very low profile signing. So I'll put it here just in case Tottenham just signed Aaron Skinner (CB) ex Bury, Bolton for their U18 https://www.transfermarkt.com/aaron-skinner/profil/spieler/567656 OS match report: https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/news/2019/november/under-18s-pay-for-first-half-errors-against-chelsea/ thank
  5. I've raised this issue since the beta but Nobody pick it up. So I'll post it again Spurs U18 is missing Yago Santiago. Source: https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/teams/under-18/players/yago-santiago/ Thanks
  6. Hi My thought on Tottenham Youth Team ***Missing player*** U18 team: Yago Santiago, ex Celta Vigo U16. He was not in the first initial intake list due to his work permit. https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/teams/under-18/players/yago-santiago/ Abilitywise I know it's difficult to rate youth players So I will just talk about players who I think they are massive underrated. U18: Luis Binks => CA wise he should be better than any CB in the youth team except Eyoma and Tanganga (he's also a little bit underrated since he's now good enough to train with the first team). The reason is he is now starting for U23 team and he's regular for England squad since U16 https://www.transfermarkt.com/luis-binks/profil/spieler/471004 U18: J'neill Bennett => He already played for U23 at the end of last season and should be rated higher than Rayan Clarke since Clarke is second choice behind him. This season Bennetts got injured at the beginning. So he didn't play. Now he starts to come back. https://www.transfermarkt.com/jneil-bennett/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/554174 Here the list players who I think underrated or overrated but not as much as two players I mention above Underrated U18: Robson, Walcott, Cirkin, Whittaker U23: Hinds, Bowden, Lyons-Foster, Shashoua, Tanganga Overrated U18: Mundle, Cooper, Asante U23: Oakley-boothe, Tainio, Statham Thanks
  7. I face the same problem with Serie A. I already report in Training thread. I think they will look into it now.
  8. Thank @Seb Wassell. I made a short clip for you to show the problem. Jus in case. https://streamable.com/3pfcp
  9. Yes, I do. I can choose Match Review on Sunday for Saturday match but not on Monday for Sunday match.
  10. @Seb Wassell is it a bug? I'm managing Roma now and Match review is unavailable on Monday(My match is on Sunday). Also, Match Preview is also available for manually choose on Saturday. (for Sunday match).
  11. It's similar to Spurs setup now. U23 is for players who are not good enough for first team + some best players from U18. While players like Kyle Walker-Peters, Foyth, Georgiou, Amos and sometimes Skipps are exclusively to First team squad and not allowed to play for U23 anymore.
  12. I've compared every roles and duty to FM18 to see what is changed in term of PI. Here is the list FBs FB(s)= Cross From Deep removed WB(d) = Run Wide With Ball added WB(s) = Run Wide With Ball added CWB(s) = Cross More Often, Cross From Byline removed IWB(d) = Roam From Position removed CBs Libero(a) = Dribble More added DMs DM(d) = Close Down More removed/ Shoot Less Often added DLP(d) = Dribble Less added DLP(s) = Take More Risk added BWM(d) = Close Down Much More removed/ Shoot Less Often added BWM(s) = Close Down Much more removed Regista(s) = Take More Risk added RPM(s) = Dribble More removed / Take More Risk added Segundo Volante(a) = Shoot More Often removed CMs/AMCs CM(d) = Close Down More removed DLP(d) = Dribble Less added DLP(s) = Take More Risk added BWM(d) = Close Down Much More removed/ Shoot Less Often added BWM(s) = Close Down Much more removed RPM(s) = Dribble More removed / Take More Risk added Mezzala(s) = Stay Wider added Mezzala(a) = Stay Wider added Carrilero(s) = Stay Wider added AP(s) (AMC) = Hold Position removed Treq(a) = Close Down Much Less removed Enganche(s) (Changed to Support) = Close Down Much Less removed / Hold Position added MRLs/AMRLs WM(d) = Close Down More removed/ Dribble Less added DW(d) = Dribble More removed/ Run Wide With Ball, Take Fewer Risks, Cross From Deep added DW(s) = Run Wide With Ball, Cross More Often, Stay Wider added WP(s) = Take More Risks added IF(a) = Take More Risks added Treq(a) = Close Down Much Less removed STs DLF(s) = Move Into Channels added DLF(a) = Get Further Forward removed/ Take More Risks added AF(a) = Dribble More removed Poacher(a) = Dribble Less added CF(s) = Move Into Channels added PF vs DF PF(d) = Shoot Less Often added PF(s) = Fewer Risky Passes removed Treq(a) = Close Down Much Less removed F9(s) = Dribble More added
  13. Might be a stupid question. Since now defensive line is in the out possession section. How can I set the defensive line when I'm in possession?
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