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  1. Hi, I seem to be doing terribly with scouting. I have 18 of the best scouts at Man United but if I open a random team like Bayern there players with no star rating from the scout. I am scouting the top nations and the top competitions but there is a certain confusion and too many gaps for my liking. 1) Why are top players at top clubs unscouted? How on earth is Cristiano Ronaldo unscouted (no stars) even though I am scouting that part of Europe (Spain, as a nation) and La Liga? 2) If I have a scout from Italy and he has knowledge in Italy, and my chief scout assigns him to go roaming in Sou
  2. They still let the fullbacks and wingers of the opposition have fun in our area. I specifically watch the match when the AI plays with inside forwards and they track back all the time. How on earth can I do this?
  3. United didn't employ shorter passing, they never did. This is a common misconception. Fergie's teams played direct football with high tempo.
  4. I've been trying to play inside forwards in this game but they don't ever track back and leave us heavily outnumbered in dangerous areas on the side of the pitch. So I decided to employ man-marking to solve this problem. But it also seems to destroy the shape going forwards. Yet when I occasionally watch a full match, I notice the AI's Inside Forward sprint back and double up on my wingers with their fullbacks and play like a real strike when they have the ball but at the same time they don't seem to be man-marking anybody. They recognize dangerous spaces and cover them. How does the AI do t
  5. Not really, I watched most of the games and from what I saw it looked like a proper United side playing proper United football. That's why I shared the tactic. It's interesting for United fans. This also doesn't explain reaching CL semi's the next year and losing to Barca due to 3 stupid set-pieces (having scored 4).
  6. *Note: It is absolutely vital to setup defensive marking when applying this tactic otherwise you will leave your back-line heavily exposed. Read on for more. [********************GENERAL INFORMATION********************] First of all let me explain why I named this tactic "United DNA": * It features two strikers. * It heavily emphasizes wing-play and overlapping fullbacks. * The team operates at a high-tempo and often produces breathtaking direct football. * It is the closest thing to a typical Sir Alex 4-4-2 without sacrificing stability and operating at an inferior tactical shape compar
  7. I am after a good, thorough discussion. You seem to have missed my point entirely. This was just an example to open with, it is entirely unimportant.
  8. Hello, long time no see. I have played probably every FM released to date, including Football Manager 2014, which I have played only a bit compared to previous iterations at 18 hours of gameplay. The major complaints I have about this game are very simple. A couple of days ago we saw the Netherlands man-mark Messi and doubling on him and I was impressed by their general tactical approach to the game (just an example). How can I translate this following real-life team talk into instructions in the game engine? "Lads, do not give Messi any space what so ever, I don't care where he is or what h
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