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  1. Playing as Luton against West Brom away and there's two different kits on the pitch for West Brom, screenshots attached. Seemed to correct itself at half-time so very odd to see them in two different kits then not. Let me know if you need anything else.
  2. Having made the jump now to FM17 I just wanted to thank you and everyone involved with EEE for the FM16 version, spent some happy times manager Scarborough Athletic that wouldn't have been possible without your efforts. All the best for the FM17 version and look forward to playing it when it's released.
  3. Been a wee while, is this now a known issue or do you need anything else from me?
  4. Can you post some details? Crash report, specs of your Mac etc?
  5. Just following up to check to see whether you needed any more info?
  6. It does but the skin at sub-retina displays still looks pretty good.
  7. Hey Lobaeux4, had the issue myself and if you're using the skin with Retina enabled and a zoom level above 100% you'll get this issue. The only way to use this skin and not have this problem is turn Retina off and set the resolution to one you can use with the zoom left at normal; HTH.
  8. Could you post your machines specs (OS, Graphics Card, RAM etc)?
  9. Eerily similar to a thread posted in the PC section (found here) I'm having problems with the game "forgetting" my logins for social media. I first entered them as part of the manager profile I created (nifty wee feature) and things seemed fine however when after closing the game (which saved fine) and re-opening at a future time these credentials were no longer present. I then started a new game, just in case, and the same thing occurred only this time I noticed that despite the credentials still being present and saved as part of my manager profile, these logins did not propogate in to the newly created game. I've probably re-entered the logins a handful of times now and they stay for the current session but then once the game is closed and re-opened they're once again absent. OS: OSX 10.11.2 (El Capitan) Computer: rMBP 2015 13" Posting this from work so if you need more info on machine specs etc I can do that tonight.
  10. Sure can, appreciate you want to keep things separate since the OS is different but thought I'd raise the flag first.
  11. Just wanted to add myself to this issue albeit on Mac. Added it as part of my manager profile however it doesn't seem to carry over in to any of my saves. I've even re-added the details and confirmed, they stay for that session but upon closing and re-opening FM2016 and my save they're lost. Interestingly, when I recently started a new game after this issues first reared its head my manager profile had the details saved but once the game was finished creating they weren't there.
  12. Had the same issue, only way to sort it is to turn off retina graphics (under preferences -> interface), set zoom back to 100% and adjust resolution till you get one that suits. Think mine is set to the one just below the max 2560 x 1600.
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